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Keep Quiet

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Lame title. a Pete chapter from me to you.

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You look really pretty, Sally

I blushed to myself and looked up from the crumpled note and through the mirror saw Pete sitting on the edge of his bed, hand holding the notebook loosely. I smiled and placed it back down, going back up to fluff my hair and add hair spray to keep it there.

"Well you look handsome, Peter," I spoke back, turning my upper half to see a small sheepish smile gracing his features.

He began scribbling again.

Tonight was the one month anniversary of us being together in this house. And because Pete was starting to show a little more signs of improvement, I decided to take him out to the Valentines Day boardwalk festival. I laughed as another note landed bunched up on my vanity.

Can you tie my tie?

I turned to see him sitting dressed, his jacket still off, the tie thrown over his neck, untied. I laughed and pushed myself off the chair, walking over to him.

"Your colors clash," I mumbled and he frowned. "But it's cute," the smile returned and he looked away, bashful and slightly blushing. More scribbling as I proceeded to loosely tie his simple black material.

Tonight will be normal, right?

I raised an eyebrow as I sat next to him, taking the notebook to see a little more.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Pete took a deep breath in and for a slight moment I thought he was going to speak. He shook his head and stole it back.

Meaning, you won't be watching me too much, right?

"Petey," I paused. "I always watch you, but we can have fun,"

Pete looked unsure but I smiled and pushed his unruly bangs to one side. Even though most of the time when Pete smiled, I always had to check his eyes to make sure he meant it. His hand moved again.

But I want you to have fun without worrying about me

I sighed and lowered my hand to wrap around him.

"I'll try as long as you'll try to be a little more outgoing, ok?"

Pete seemed hesitant as I stood up, slipping on my heels with one hand as I walked back to my vanity. I grabbed my purse and reached my arm out for him. His hand fell in mine and he stood up, grabbing his jacket and pushing the notebook into the pocket of it. It was just another step towards him being alright.


The lights that hung from the pier poles were shining, making the melting snow glisten in the night. I took a deep inhale of the air, smelling the sweet sent of the lake side. Pete had his hands in his pockets; head down as he kicked at random pebbles and lumps of snow.

Tonight had been rather uneventful.

Pete didn't want to do anything, rather just wanted to sit and 'people watch'. But the fact he had told me to have fun, confused me. Maybe he just lost his good mood as soon as he made contact with people he didn't know. My mind continued to run until I heard a voice and jumped at the thought it might have been Pete.

"Sally?" I whipped my head at him, finding that he had looked up as well; face contorting into confusion as he looked forward. I followed his eyes and simultaneously tightened my jacket around my fragile torso.

"Alex?" I called, widening my eyes as they landed on a very familiar figure. He laughed and moved forward, wrapping me up in a tight and promising hug.

"What are you doing in town?" I asked. Alex shook his head and kissed me first. I glanced over at Pete to see if he was alright. He frowned instantly and looked away, almost in a hurt way. I rubbed Alex's cheeks lovingly and he smiled.

"Well, you said you were working in Chicago, and I couldn't wait until you came back home to see you," I blushed to myself until he kissed me again and lowered his lips to my ear.

"Who's the freak?" he whispered. I frowned and pulled away slightly.

"Alex," I paused and turned out of his grip slightly to reach out and grab Pete's elbow. He gulped visibly as I pulled him to me, and reassuringly smiled so he would lift his head up. He flashed a small, sad excuse of a smile. Alex raised an eyebrow. "This is Pete, my friend," Alex looked at me suspiciously.

"You mean patient," Pete frowned again and looked away, actually hurt by that. I never considered him a patient. I shook my head, almost infuriated with my own boyfriend.

"No, Alex," I reprimanded. He scoffed. "He's my friend," Alex rolled his eyes. Bad side, he was caring, but only for me, not for my promising career or the feelings of others.

"What's wrong with this one," I frowned deeper before moving my hand to hold Pete's his hand cold against my warm one. Alex's fingers tightened into the spaces of mine. Pete still kept his head looking away.

"Alex, he has a name, and it's Peter," I spoke before rubbing a thumb over Pete's knuckles. "And...the real definition of his emotional imbalance is that he's mute...and..." I took a breath and glanced at Pete's sad eyes that seemed to be glazing over. "He's a bit unstable, he...cuts,"

"Woah, wait a minute," he paused and pulled me away from Pete and a few feet away so he could talk to me. Pete stood up and stared, probably frightened at how overpowering Alex was. "You mean to tell me, you're living with a suicidal freak who doesn't even talk?" he shook his head and his fingers pressed into my shoulders.

"Alex," I hissed and glanced over at Pete who clearly was hearing all of this. "You are hurting both of our feelings," he scoffed again.

"Sally, don't be stupid, you were a stay at home therapist. Patients come to you," he took a breath and looked around. "I mean, you're like thousands of miles away from your beach house," I looked away. "Don't you wanna come home with me, and settle down?" I widened my eyes.

"Alex, I'm only 22," I paused. "That and I have responsibilities," I looked over at Pete and lowered my voice into a whisper. "I care about Pete and his future of living a normal life," Alex glared slightly.

"Do you care for him, more than your own mental health," he paused and knitted his eyebrows together. "Do you care for him more than you care for me?" I gulped and looked away.

"I don't know the answer to that, Alex," he pushed me away and in an instant, I felt his hand smack me across the face.

"Your such a bitch, Sally," he started to walk away and I shuddered, the cold nipping at the back of my neck.

I held my hand against the stinging flesh and didn't even flinch when an arm wrapped around my waist, leading me towards the bench. The minute we sat down, I glanced up at his blotchy eyes and took a shaky breath.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled. Pete shook his head and took out his notebook and began to write.

His words don't hurt me; it's how he treats you that hurt me

I blinked and just stared at Pete for the longest time. Sometimes I wondered what went on in that mind of his, his thoughts and plans of what he going to write down next.

"Peter," I spoke. He nodded. "Why...why won't you talk to me?" I whispered. Pete sighed and wrote one simple answer.

When you write, you can control what you say


I stared up at the ceiling that night, finding myself not getting any sleep. I glanced over at Pete's bed to find him rolling over and breathing out, exasperated.

"Petey," I spoke. He flinched and looked over, yawning. I rolled over onto my side and pulled my comforter tighter around my chest. "I can't sleep," I whispered.

Pete sighed and nodded, shrugging once.

I assumed he couldn't either and sat up, taking one of my quilts and walking the space over towards his bed. Pete scooted over and as I snuggled into the small space, I remembered all those things his parents told me.

Don't let him get attached to you, don't let other guys around, and never mention anything about love.

But in order to get to know Pete without getting a word out of him was to ask these types of questions. What was easy was that Pete was a fast learner and I taught him sign language within the first week. I smiled as he pressed his back against the wall.

"Pete," I called. He lowered his eyes to me and raised his hands. "Have you ever been in love?" Pete skewed his mouth to one side and closed his eyes with a sigh before nodded before signing.

It hurt me

"How so?" I asked. Pete bit his lip for a moment. He signed again.

She cheated on me

"How old were you?"


"How long were you dating?"

Since 16

I nodded and looked away; almost scared at the fact that's how things were with Alex and me. I gulped.

"Was she your first girlfriend?" Pete took a deep breath before nodding. He reached behind me and grabbed his notebook. Pete seemed to like more than signing. He scribbled for a long time.

Does this have anything to do with Alex? Are you saying you feel like me?

I gulped.

"Pete, I feel weird about it," he rubbed at my cheek and I winced. He sighed and wrote some more in-between us.

He left a bruise

"In more places than that," I mumbled. Pete frowned and brought me into a hug. It was ironic to me that he was helping me just like I was helping him. We pulled away and I yawned.

"I'm getting sleepy again," I whispered and closed my eyes for a brief second. Pete smirked softly and I stared at the paper as he wrote.

X- a goodnight kiss

I laughed and sat back up, stretching once before standing up and pausing momentarily to lean back over and kiss Pete's cheek.

"We'll have fun tomorrow," I paused. "Pinky promise," Pete smiled once and linked his pinky in mine.

As I crawled into bed, I thought about how Pete was improving. It seemed like he was ok, but he also knew how to hide things well.

Better than anybody else could.
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