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Let's Talk Turkey

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IT SHORT. The readers of Golden are so amazing. You guys seem to love this, so as soon as Jenn sent me this, I posted it. And you know what? There's still like, 18 chapters to go! So keep on readi...

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I had just finished with my last patient, and I sat silently in my wheeled chair, mulling over today's events. It was Thursday again, which meant Pete. But this time Sally would be joining him, and I think that would make him more comfortable. Plus, I could speak with her on how much he had improved.

The clock on my paper-littered desk glowed a bright 2:29 and I expected my patients to be as precise as possible.

A knock sounded and I called out, "Come in, please." Some days, I wish I could just yell out "fuck off," but a possible loss of job would be in effect.

Sally came in first, flashed me a small smile, and Pete quickly followed behind her, head down. I noted their laced fingers and how Sally lead him in. How she took care of him like a fragile doll, careful not to break him.

They both sat down, the leather of the chairs squeaking, Pete's shoes shuffling on the carpet. Sally looked to me, the same smile on her face. That same "friendly but not so friendly" smile. Of course, we were both, more or less, in the same boat. We both liked each other, but there was a complicated barrier between us both when it came to our professions.

She was a caretaker, she helped people get better. Helped save people.

I was a destroyer.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I get satisfied when people come out better, more rejuvenated. Fixed.

But that's the thing.

When I see them, they looked perfectly whole. My patients are just like every other human being. They are just looked down upon by society. Sent by their friends and family who are too cursed to take care of them. To help them.

To love them.

"Hello," I said, smiling to both of them, clicking and un-clicking my pen. "How are you today, Pete? Sally?"

"I'm fine," Sally mumbled to me, while Pete quickly scribbled a "good" onto his notepad; the black sharpie shone death black onto the bright white paper.

"So, how have things been going at home?"

"Oh great," Sally started, rubbing her free palm against her jeans and chewing on her lip. She paused and opened her mouth, "It's been about a month now and we've really enjoyed each other so much. Pete's improved so much as well." She smiled to him.

"Have you done anything fun lately?" I doodled on my paper unprofessionally, trying to decide which notes to take, if any at all.

"Actually, we just went to the park the other day," Sally chirped, turning to Peter with a twisted smile. He looked up to her and shrugged, twitching the corner of his mouth. "And every time Pete can't sleep,"

I scribbled down: insomnia.

"...We play tic tac toe."

Pete scratched his thoughts onto his paper. /X's and O's/. And it made me smile in an almost amused way.

"That's great," I voiced, smiling to Pete who had finally looked up for an extended period of time. He stared back at me, thoughts still locked away in that mind of his. "X's and O's always remind me of...." I trailed off, too late to take it back and too early to predict his reaction, "Love."

The only visible sign of his discomfort was a small flinch that wracked at his torso. Sally placed her free hand on top of Pete's that was already held in her tight grasp. Smooth angelic silk against rough calloused leather. The perfect opposites. The perfect half to make a whole.

"So is Pete still having trouble sleeping?" I asked, flicking my eyes to the, so it seemed, always open window. A cool breeze filtered in, ruffling a few odd papers on my desk. Legal documents, files, and personal messages.

Sally nodded. "But it's getting better I think. As long as we spend a little time winding down, he seems to get to sleep okay."

I scribbled more words into Pete's file.

It's funny how I've written down more words on this paper than ever before. And all I needed was a little help from someone close by. Sure, it's not Pete who is talking.

But it's the next best thing.

Sally knows Pete best.

And it may always be that way.


AN[Jenn]: So we all know that we each have our own chapters, and if anyone has any problems with the way I write your character, then just tell me and I have an idea that we can work out.
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