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[2 years later]

It's been two years, and Frank and me are still happily together. After he got out of the hospital we made up and settled everything. We've had a couple of fights then but it's still good. Our relationship isn't as perfect as anyone else's.

We had a baby girl in the summer of 2006 and we couldn't be happier. He name; Lisa Dee Iero. We don't know how we came up with the middle or first name, it was just there. She's the cutest thing in the world.

I looked over and saw my husband playing with our baby girl. He was swinging on the park swing smiling at our baby girl. I smiled, as I felt truly happy. Frank has been the best even through we go threw some bad things at times.

We got married shortly after the hospital visit. We wanted to get married quickly. Nothing big, just family and friends. We brought a home and that's when I told Frank I had gotten pregnant and boy was he excited.

Gerard and Mikey are still the best brothers ever and uncles too. They're so proud of Frank and me for staying together. Frank and me plan on having another child soon, that is, after he gets home from another tour.

I live the most perfect life, with Frank, Mikey, Alicia, Gerard, Ray and Bob. Oh yes and Lisa. We're a giant family waiting to expand. That is when Gerard decides to get married or date.

I looked over at Frank again. He was holding Lisa in his arms in the sandbox. The sun shined down, as it was beautiful out.

"Chrissy!" I heard Frank shout.

I looked over at him again.

"Come here!" he exclaimed.

I walked over to the sand box and sat down.

"What baby?" I asked.

"Look." He said.

Lisa was sitting in the sand with writing next to her that read; I love you. And then a little smiley.

"Oh she can write?" I asked smiling.

"Of course baby. She is our baby. She should be smart." He laughed.

"Of course." I said.

I leaned down and kissed him.

"Mommie?" Lisa asked.

I looked over at her.

"She-She said her first word." Frank said.

"OMGSOH! This is so awesome!" I exclaimed and picked her up.

I looked at Frank again.

"I love you forever." I said.

"I love you for eternity." He said.

I kissed him and smiled at the man I spent the rest of my life with.
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