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*Battle Of The Sexes!*

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It's a regular snow day. The girls want to build snowmen and the boys want to have a snowball fight. After having a bet, the boys are in a surprise once the girls show them that girl power is stron...

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Battle Of The Sexes!

-"OMG! THERESA! COME HERE!" yelled the red-head as she watched the snowy winter wonderland outside.

-" What! What's wrong!" asked the other red-head.

-" It's snowing outside!! And you know what that means?" said Atlanta as a wide smile grew on her face.

-" SNOWMAN!!" they both exclaimed at the same time. They ran to their rooms to get changed, almost knocking down a confused Archie with a bowl of hot soup in his hand.

-" Wow! Watch where you're going!" he yelled. Atlanta ran back down to his boyfriend and kissed him on the cheek.

-" Sorry Arch, we're just in a rush"

-" In a rush? For what? Did Brad Pitt pass by?" he said sarcastically.

-" No silly! We're just going outside to build some snowman! See ya!" she kissed him one last time and ran back upstairs. Archie walked into the living room where the other boys were all watching Mission Impossible 3.

-" Hey Arch. Where are the girls?" asked Jay, still not getting his eyes off the t.v screen.

-" Oh, they're just outside, building snowman! Can you believe them? Wasting good snow for some stupid snowman!" he answered and took a sip of his soup.

-" You said it! That snow should be used for a good reason, like building forts and having a snowball fight!" said Herry. Suddenly, an idea formed in Archie's head.

-" I GOT IT!" he exclaimed, almost knocking down his soup for the 2nd time today. Everyone looked at him as a wide grin appeared on his face.

-" How about we have some fun with the girls.." he made an evil smirk. The boys all got closer to hear his plan.


-" And......PERFECT!" exclaimed Theresa as she put the nose on their snowman.

-" Wow, this is the best snowman we made so far!" said Atlanta as she watched all 5 other snowman they had made.

-" We'll name!" said Theresa with a satisfied look on her face. Suddenly they both heard a sound coming from the bushes.

-" Did you hear that?" asked Atlanta. Theresa nodded her head. Suddenly they heard someone scream, a very familiar scream.

-" HELP!"

-" ARCHIE" exclaimed Atlanta as she recognized the voice. They both ran to where the sound was coming from and saw a limp form on the ground.

-" OMG! ARCHIE!" yelled Atlanta and ran next to her boyfriend.

-" ARCHIE! SPEAK TO ME!" she yelled and shook him. Archie couldn't help but laugh.

-" Archie?" but suddenly they both realized they'd been pranked.
-" Ugh! You're so immature Archie!" said Theresa.

-" You're faces! You should've seen them!" he continued laughing.

-" Ya,ya, come on Theresa, let's go continue building snowman!" said Atlanta and dragged her best friend back.

-" Oh, I'm so sorry girls, but your snowman have been, um.. how do I say this, massacred!" said Archie.

-" What do you mean-" Theresa was about to continue when she realized that they left their snowman unguarded. They both ran back to their spot to see all their snowman ruined, including Frosty. There was a terrified look on both their faces. The boys all came out of their hiding spots and started laughing.

-" You monsters!" yelled Atlanta, "Do you know how long it took us to make those snowman?"

-" Who cares! And plus, this proves once and for all, that girls can't defend themselves!" said Archie.

-" They can too!" yelled Atlanta.

-" They can not!" Archie yelled back.

-" Can too!"

-" Can not!"

-" Can too!"

-" Can not!"

-" Ok then, how about we settle this like men!" said Archie.

-" I'm fine with that!" yelled Atlanta and jumped on him.

-" Guys! Guys! There's only one way to settle this!" said Jay,"We have a snowball fight, Boys vs Girls. If the boys win, you girls have to do the dishes and the laundry, for a month!"

-" And if the girls win, we're going to torture you!" exclaimed Atlanta.

-" Torture us with what?" asked Archie as he raised an eyebrow," Making us wear make-up?"

-" You'll see! So deal?" Atlanta stretched her hand. The boys all looked at each other.

-" Deal!" said Archie and shook her hand.

-" This is going to be really easy!" said Herry and stretched his arms. The boys had already made a fort and they were making snow-balls.

-" So what should we name our fort?" asked Jay.

-" Fort Archie!" said Archie. Herry threw a snow-ball at him.

-" No way dude, Fort Herry!" but everyone shook their heads.

-" How about Fort Sexy?" said Neil. Everyone looked at each other and agreed.

-" I hear by name this Fort, Fort Sexy!" said Jay and put a flag.


-" Um.... Atlanta? I don't think this fort will protect us.." said Theresa as she looked at the small wall in front of her.

-" Ya, you're right.. But we can't let the boys win!" said Atlanta.

-" That's where you're wrong!" they heard Jay scream and they turned around to see all the boys aiming snowballs at them.

-" RUN!!" yelled Atlanta and both girls ran away from them, earning a few snowballs at their face, back, stomach, legs and arms.

-" Haha! Too easy!" laughed Archie as he saw the two girls run away.

-" I hear by name this fort, Fort Sexy #2!" exclaimed Jay.
A few minutes later, the two girls his in the small cabin outside.

-" Man...they're...too....stong!" said Theresa as she tried to breathe.

-" Ya you said it! I'm sorry to admit this but, I think we have no chance against them.." said Atlanta and bow her head down.

-" Hey! Don't say that! We ARE going to beat them, because I have a plan.." Theresa bit her lip and whispered her plan into Atlanta's ear. A wide grin appeared on Atlanta's face.


-" I wonder where the girls are, they've been gone for 10 minutes!" Jay was starting to get worried.

-" Maybe they surrendered! I mean, did you see their faces! It was hilarious!" laughed Archie. Suddenly a snowball hit Archie's head.

-" Hey! What the-" they turned around and saw the girls, on skidoos!(or in French, motoneige)

-" AHH! RUN!" yelled Jay and they all ran out of Fort Sexy #2. The girls ran over the fort and destroyed it. At the same time, they were both throwing snowballs at the boys. After 10 minutes, the boys were all on the ground, covered with snow.

-" We...surrender.." they all exclaimed. The girls helped them inside and made them all hot chocolate. They sat beside the fire, the boys watching the ground because they had gotten humiliated by the girls.

-" So? Who are the better ones now?" Atlanta broke the silence.

-" You girls..." the boys all mumbled.

-" Good! And now that we won the bet, we're going to torture you boys!" smiled Theresa.

-" But because we felt bad for you boys, we will only torture 2 of you." Atlanta smiled and looked at Archie. Theresa smiled also and looked at Jay.

-" Let's start with you, Mr.Trouble maker!" said Atlanta. Archie gulped. Atlanta took him by his hoodie and dragged him into a room. The boys were all scared. But finally, all they heard was the sound of Archie and Atlanta making out.

-" That's it? You're going to torture them by making out with them?" Neil asked.

-" Jealous?" said Theresa and took Jay by his shirt and dragged him into another room where they both started making out as well. The other 3 only looked at each other.

-" Man, this really is torture!" exclaimed Odie.

-" Why? They're not doing anything to us!" asked Neil, confused.

-" Well, it's torture because we don't have anyone to make out with!"

Hehe The End! R/R please!!
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