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One - Deriving

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And you hated them who made you see..

Category: Soul Calibur - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Ivy, Siegfried, Talim, Yunsung - Warnings: [?] [V] - Published: 2005-09-10 - Updated: 2005-09-11 - 1384 words

noisee: I warn you, this is an out of character fic. I tried to keep people in character in the later chapters, but, yeeeaa. Well. It was more related to current events than the game when I started writing, the end'll prolly be the same. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I do hope you enjoy the story. =)

Chapter One - Deriving (Cliques and Freaks)

In Regelus High there are many different groups of people. Some discriminate against others while the others discriminate back. This, of course, does no good for society. But what goes around comes around, right?

In the middle of the football field beside the school, a young, black haired girl with equally dark eyes is talking with two others- a brunette with hazel eyes and a white haired girl with dark green eyes. All three have pulled back some of their straight hair, leaving the rest to dust their shoulders. The black haired girl is wearing crimson lipstick, the brunette pink and the white-haired purple. They all wear the same style clothing- sleeveless, rose-coloured tees and tight, red leather mini skirts. Their feet are adorned with black heels. Each of them have black backpacks. They all look the age of 17.

"Xianghua, you numbskull!" the black haired girl yells at the brunette. "You were supposed to bring the essays! God, how can we enjoy our night out if we have to rely on someone like /you/?"

"I-I'm sorry Taki, I forgot. . . " whimpers Xianghua.

"Well 'sorry' isn't good enough!" Taki roars.

"Taki, calm down." says the white haired girl. "Xianghua does this all the time, I was prepared!"

Taki looked at the white haired girl wearily. "I should have known, Ivy, I should have known," she mutters. "This idiot is so unreliable!"

"Not as much as this kid." said a new voice. Another 17 year old had walked up to them, her blonde hair in the same style and her outfit matching theirs. Pink lipstick adorned her lips and she had piercing emerald eyes. She had brought along another girl with the same eyes, at least 15 years old. This girl had blonde hair as well, but it was too short to be put up in the others' style. She wore the same type of outfit, but instead of rose there was pink, instead of black there was navy and instead of red there was brown. She only had sheer lip gloss on and look greatly flustered.

"Sophitia. . ." started Taki. ". . . what is wrong with your sister?"

The older blonde, Sophitia, groaned. "Cassandra is always wrong! She doesn't choose the right colours, she doesn't fix her hair properly and she talks to people like. . . " she looked around and pointed to a young girl sitting in a tree at the side of the football field opposite the school, reading a book. ". . . /her/!"

The young girl sitting in a tree had green hair, so dark it was on the verge of being black. She had tied it into low pigtails that stopped just below her shoulders. She had a piece of hair framing the right side of her face and her bangs varied in length. She wore an emerald shirt, tied in the middle with a black belt so its end flared out. Black sleeves came out where the green sleeves ended and they stopped just past her knuckles. She had on black bell bottoms which could dust the ground, with slits from the end up to the middle of her shin. A silver vine curled up the left pant leg with a single rose adorning it. She had on black zip-up sneakers. She looked the age of 15. Her dark chocolate eyes studied the small book, darting from side to side. The sound of someone calling her name made her look down from her branch.

"Hoi! Talim!"

Two guys walked up to her tree. One had blazing red hair up in spikes and dark brown eyes and the other had terracotta hair reaching just past his ears and eyes that were brown as well. The redhead wore black shoes underneath black cargoes. He had on a black vest that was open, revealing the red sweater he wore underneath. The other guy had brown shoes with black laces. He wore black baggy pants and a navy overcoat over a blue sweater. The sleeves of his sweater went past those of his open overcoat, reaching his wrists. Both were the age of 17.

"'Lo, Yunsung, Kilik!" Talim said as she jumped down from her branch. She put her book in the green messenger back by the base of the tree and looked at the two. "And to what do I owe this visit?"

"Hey, can't a guy say hi to a friend?" laughed the guy with red hair, giving Talim a hug. The brown haired guy gave her a hug as well and smiled. "So you've skipped another grade now, haven't you?"

"Yep, Hitoshi's demanded I become a senior."

"Soon you'll be a year closer to really filling the part, right?" said Yunsung. He and Kilik exchanged bemused glances.

"What? What's with the secrecy?"

"Yunsung's bedwetting problem."

"Hey, shut up, kendo freak!"

They laughed, making their way to the school, watched by a group consisting of 4 guys from the other side of the field.

The guys each wore black dress shoes, black pants, black muscle shirts and open navy blazers with white trim. They leaned on the wall of the school, hands in their pockets with the exception of one of the blond guys, who was smoking a cigarette. This one had long hair pulled back into a ponytail, some strands framing his face. His narrowed red eyes surveyed the laughing trio.

"Siegfried?" asked one of the black haired guys. His long black hair was in a ponytail as well. He had eyes as dark as his hair.

"Hn?" answered the blond with the cigarette.

"What are you doing? Why are you staring off into space like that?"

"Mitsurugi, you dumbass, he's staring at the new girl!" scoffed the other blonde, whose wind blown hair only went just below his ears. This one had half-opened eyes that were somewhere between green and blue.

"Shut up, 'Phael." muttered Siegfried.

"Eh? You're telling him to shut up now? Why, because he is telling the truth?" the last guy chuckled. He had black hair that was slicked back with the exception of a thick bang in obscuring the view of his right eye. He had hazel eyes. His arms were crossed.

"Telling the truth? So old Siegfried has eyes for the new kid?" snickered Mitsurugi.

"Both of you had better shut up before I make you." Siegfried said darkly. Mitsurugi shut up fast, but the other continued to mock him.

"HA! You do fancy her! You are just too cowardly to admit that you like a 15 year old girl more'n your current /seven/teen year old girlfriend! I bet Ivy would like to hear this news!" this guy roared with laughter- that is, before Siegfried punched him to the ground.

"That was only a warning Maxi," Siegfried began, "because if you so much as hint on telling Ivy anything I tell you, you are going to be in a world of pain!" Siegfried glared at the fallen body before throwing his cigarette butt on him and spitting afterward. "You have never been farther from the truth."

The school bell rang and the students stepped into the huge building, some ready for the new school year, others not. Maxi trudged in holding his hand to his nose in an effort to stop the bleeding, behind the proudly marching Siegfried, Raphael and Mitsurugi. A few people behind them Taki, Ivy, Xianghua and Sophitia walked toward their respective lockers, heels clicking against the linoleum. A sullen Cassandra was behind them, head bowed in shame. A cluster of students behind her walked the happy trio of Kilik, Talim and Yunsung, they too toward their respective lockers.

And so started the next school year, as the halls slowly emptied and the classes slowly filled. So started another year of discrimination, violence, threats and laughter. Another year filled with cliques and another year filled with 'freaks.' Many hardships would arise, many friendships broken or reborn. But however this year would turn out, all were determined to turn the tables in their favour.
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