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Two - Betrayals

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How fickle friends can be..

Category: Soul Calibur - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Ivy, Siegfried, Talim, Yunsung - Published: 2005-09-10 - Updated: 2005-09-11 - 906 words

noisee: Wow. You've made it to chapter two. I'm so friggin' flattered. Seriously. =')

Chapter Two - Betrayals

". . . and so it would make the outcome of the plot unaffected, regardless of a snag caused by paragraph 2a," ended Taki. She then walked back to her seat.

"Very nice Taki, good job!" The homeroom teacher smiled.

"Thank you Miss Carinore!" said Taki. On her left side sat an emotionless Sophitia and Xianghua who was trying to keep her face straight; Taki's explanation was so obvious, it was useless to state it. She wondered how in the world Taki was admitted to Regelus.

Behind them in the second row sat Talim, with Yunsung and Mina to her right, and Kilik to her left. Mina wore a green sleeveless tee, a tight black leather mini skirt and her brown hair was pulled up halfway, leaving the rest to dust her shoulders. She also wore black strap heels.

At the back of the class sat Siegfried, Raphael and Mitsurugi on his right side, a smirking Ivy and a very forlorn looking Maxi on his left.

A knock on the door interrupted any further thoughts about Taki, the assignment or anything else.

"Oh!" said Miss Carinore, breaking the silence. She opened the door and in walked a boy. He had on a pair of worn out jeans and a pale green sweater with a hood. His open sweater revealed a white muscle shirt underneath, showing off a well-built body. His hood was up covering most of his shiny blond hair and his piercing blue eyes slowly scanned the room.

There where two open seats- one beside Taki, and one beside Kilik.

Taki stared at the guy and smiled seductively, making sure the he noticed her.

Kilik was asleep.

The boy smiled.

He took his seat.

The rest of the class seemed to gasp, well, with the exception of the second row.

Talim gave a small smile and prodded the sleeping Kilik unseen. He opened his eyes and looked around, finally seeing the new student. "Hn?" Another poke. "Oh, yea, hi! I'm Kilik!" He grinned, now fully awake, extending his hand to the stranger.

The stranger shook his hand. "Link."

Then the two smiled, leaned back in their chairs and began to relax.


"So. . . we now have another sleeper eh?" Yunsung grinned. "Another lazy load to our already lazy burden."

Kilik moved to whack Yunsung, but Link beat him to it.

"I like this guy!" Kilik grinned.

Talim laughed, "That's a shock- you usually despise anyone who wakes you up!"

The group laughed as another came closer. "Hi! Yunsung, Kilik, Link, Talim."

The quartet turned to find Ivy, Cassandra, Sophitia, Xianghua and their ringleader, Taki. They moved closer to the boys, leaving Cassandra, and Talim on the edge of the crowd.

"Hi. . . " she muttered.

"So Yunsung, is the new guy cool?" Taki asked.

"Ask Kilik," Yunsung sighed, "he's the expert!"

Laughter rang out once again, though not much of it was genuine.

"Oh Yun, that was SO funny!" said Taki, through her 'laughter.' "Would you like to eat lunch with us later on? Kilik, you too?"

"Sure!" Yunsung replied.

"Ta-ta, see you then!" Taki winked and walked off, followed by the rest of her clan.

"You hear that? I get to eat lunch with Taki!" Yunsung proclaimed. "Beat that Kilik!"

"Ok, I am eating lunch with her too, so what's your problem?"

"Well, uh. . . I was asked first!"

Kilik and Link whacked Yunsung again at the same time before the bell rang, signaling them to go to their next class. Talim strayed a little, gazing down at her shoes. Kilik and Yunsung walked ahead, oblivious to her sudden change of mood. Only Link noticed, and he too, strayed.

"Hey, Talim, what's wrong?" he asked quietly.

"Nothing's wrong, but thanks for asking." Talim feigned a smile. Link looked a little worried, but he soon was called by Kilik to catch up. Glancing back at Talim, he rushed forward.



Talim walked again behind Yunsung, Kilik and Link. She solemnly listened to Yunsung's obnoxious remarks. Kilik's pointing out the obvious. Yunsung's stupid retaliation. Yes, they were strange, but these were her friends.

"Hey Tali!"

Talim swirled around to find Mina running to catch up, binder in arm.

"Hey Tal, you look sad. . . What's up?"

Talim hesitated a bit. "Oh. . . nothing."

"You heard, right? Yun and Kilik were invited by Taki to eat lunch," Mina grinned, "and I get to be at the same table and see all the action first-hand! Isn't that awesome?"

Talim nodded and looked back at her shoes- geez, a stranger would have have thought they would get boring after a few hours. But to Talim right now, they were not there. Just a dark blur against the tile floor. Mina looked at her, slightly worried. But soon they reached the fork in the hall to outside and to the commons.

"Well, bye Tali, I'll tell you ALL about it later, ok?" Without waiting for a response, Mina skipped away, into the sea of people in the cafeteria. Talim kept her eyes down and walked towards the door to the fields. Just as she was at the door, she saw it open and looked up, startled. Standing there was Siegfried.

"After you, madam."

Talim eyed him, and then continued to

He followed, and the door swung shut, giving a little thud as its doorstop leg scraped the ground.
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