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Three - Art

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When faced with such disrupt..

Category: Soul Calibur - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Ivy, Siegfried, Talim, Yunsung - Published: 2005-09-10 - Updated: 2005-09-11 - 1586 words

noisee: Major OoC factor on Talim's part. But, you know, whatever.

Also had the urge to write a messenger/chat thing. You wanna fight about it?

Chapter Three - Art

"I never thought of it that way..."

Talim and Siegfried had been talking under her tree.

Talim had thought Siegfried was going to talk to her into doing his homework or errands or something, but she was far from the mark.

They had spoken about art.

He said he wanted to know about different techniques and styles, and he was particularly interested in her own. He had asked about the best media to use on bricks, for he was going to make a mural. Talim, being the nice person that she was, gave Siegfried advice as to what she would do, had it been her. In return, he had opened her eyes to the many plains of art.

"Not many people do, Talim," Siegfried replied, "but as I just explained, I think art is-"

The school bell rang, signalling the end of lunch break. "Oh... it was fun talking with you Siegfried, but I gotta go now..." Talim gave him a wave before heading off into class.


Minaley: u will NOT believe wat happened next!!!!!!11
Linkyfoo: -.-zZzZ
DaYunMan: i no it was so great XD
Rodboy: You two lie like ... THINGS THAT LIE D=
Linkyfoo: -.-zZzZ

Talim sighed. Her friends were telling her all about the lunch hour, but she was not really listening. All she could think about was her own lunch hour. Her conversation with Siegfried seemed slightly out of the ordinary. Like that it was not supposed to happen. Like it never happened. But of course, this was Siegfried- the head popular bad-ass jock of the school, talking to her, an ordinary person. So naturally she would think that, right? It would feel normal after a bit of getting used to, right? It was just art, after all...

But why did he ask so many questions? "What would you use?" "What is like your trademark sort of drawing?" "Do you buy those often? From where?" It felt like the third degree. Why did she not just leave?

Talim knew the answer to that- kind of. It was hard to explain. Like, the feeling you get when you are stuck in the house on a beautiful day but are free to leave at any moment. But you do not leave, because there is a helpless infant stuck inside as well. And you feel the need to care for it.

But Siegfried- a /helpless infant/? Hah! That was preposterous! Rather hard to picture, as well. Talim scolded herself for using such a metaphor. Such a one that described her feelings so... well? It was how she felt, but why? To a total stranger, no less!

Why did that question always pop up? It was so hard to answer.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Wh-

The messenger sent off a flurry of beeps and dings, reminding her about the conversation she had been oblivious to these last few minutes. Even more windows flooded the computer screen. All with the same message.

Linkyfoo: -.-zZzZ

Talim laughed softly and typed a reply.

taL: calm down man, i believe you, alright?
Rodboy: phew. good.
Linkyfoo: -.-zZzZ
Minaley: u can NOT believe him! it was tru!
DaYunMan: ya i got a date wit taki herself!!!!!!!1111


"Taki asked HIM out!"

"Crazy! She would have never, you know?"

"Lucky bastard, that guy..."

Talim walked down the halls, ignoring the gossiping commentors. Mina and Cassandra chatted on either side of her.

"I am so excited! We got to see it firsthand! Now EVERYBODY will be asking us what happened, Cassie! We will be so popular!" exclaimed Mina.

"It was actually kinda boring..." replied Cassandra.

"It was AWESOME you butthole!" declared Mina.

Cassandra and Talim laughed. Not that Mina's statement was funny, but her whole outlook. She was one of those people who try not to care about the in-crowd, but subconsciously, she always followed them. They knew her well, and could manipulate her without her even noticing. Exactly why she was friends with Talim and Cassandra, no one knew. They just kind of went together, like 3 puzzle pieces. At times, this was hard to believe. Mina would ditch Talim and Cassandra frequently for Taki, and then make up lame (but believable) excuses about it.

"Shut up, Mina, it is just a date!" scoffed Cassandra.

"Yes, a date. But it is THE date. THE date with THE-"

Talim interrupted Mina. "-Queen of the Bees!" she waved her hand as dramatically as she spoke, putting her other hand to her chest. Talim put emphasis on many words, drawing some out. "Oh yeeees, it is THEEE date of the QUEEN! We simply MUSSST fantasize about it, for IT is THEEE top priority to ALL the followers!"

Cassandra and Mina laughed and soon Cassandra left to her class, while Talim and Mina walked on to theirs.


Art was her next class.

Who else had it then?

Mina, Taki, Siegfried and others....

Today was a group of 4 project. Think of one thing to add to the scene, add it, and then wait until your next turn. Talim took out her sketchpad and pencil and was about to make a mark when she felt a light tap on her shoulder.

"Want to make a group?" It was Siegfried.

Talim looked over at Mina, who nodded vigorously, before replying. "Okay, but Mina has to be in it."


The trio barely reached a table when Mr. Saliste stopped everyone. "I am going to go down the list to make sure everyone has a group." He pushed his glasses up and ran his finger down a sheet of paper. "Talim, who are in your group?"

"Siegfried and Mina-" Talim was suddenly interrupted by a loud clicking heel and the door opening.

"Taki... Has arrived!" Taki placed a hand on her chest and threw her other one back, flashing a super-star smile.

"Okay, group one, Talim, Mina, Siegfried and Taki, you must make a scene that describes the feeling at this school." instructed Mr. Saliste.

Taki looked rather disgusted at hearing the names, but she immediately strutted over to their table and took a seat beside Siegfried.

"Sooo, Sieg', what do you plan to do?" she drawled, leaning on his shoulder.

He moved away, bringing the paper closer
to Talim. "What should we start with, the people or the backdrop?"

"The characters, of course!" Mina leaned across the table toward Siegfried and Talim. "That way we would not need to erase as much."

"Yes, the characters are more important to the feeling, though the backdrop can still be vital..." Talim hesitantly stated. She took her pencil and began drawing a woman, very scantily clad. Siegfried watched over her shoulder.

"Daring, Talim, very daring."

"How so?" she asked, still drawing.

"You are choosing the darker side of the school..."

"It is the more realistic side."

"Ha!" scoffed Taki. "It is only realistic from a loner's point of view!"

"No..." Mina whispered, shrinking back.

"Loner's?" inquired Siegfried.

"Loners," Taki stated, as-a-matter-of-factly, "are always jealous, so they turn the more beautiful, respectable women into sluts, unlike the loners themselves."

"Many of the in-crowd get their social status by sexual manipulation, and personally, I do not distort- I draw them as I sees them," Talim said, exasperatingly, "so, Taki, stop moving so I can draw this better!"

Mina clapped a hand to her mouth, Siegfried laughed and Taki stood up in a huff.

"You stupid little wretch!" Taki said, threateningly. "You dare to call ME a WHORE?"

"Yep. I dare, oh almighty, to state the obvious truth. Now hold still!" Talim rolled her eyes, still not taking her eyes off of her drawing.

"You are going to regret this, little miss-goody-two-shoes!" roared Taki.

"Yes, I am, because it is holding back my work," Talim replied, finally looking back at the enraged Taki, "and by the way, that comeback of yours was very original."

The brunette of higher social status lost it; She rose her right hand and flung it at Talim, who made no move to stop it. There was a loud clap as Taki's attack connected, and Talim was facing to the side, but her eyes were trained on her besieger. The orbs of dark, dark terra cotta were brimming with... /Nothing/.

The class had frozen, all staring in awe and waiting for Talim's next move- Even Siegfried had ceased all activity. The only sound was Taki's somewhat labored breathing, as the girls stood motionless. The classroom was filled with the subconscious murmurings of the other students; What happened? What's going to happen? How is Taki going to make her way out of this one? Will Talim hit her back?

Mina, mouth agape, slowly stepped backward into the wall, and brought her hand to her mouth. Her mind was throbbing with questions- Why didn't Talim apologize? Why didn't she say something? Why did the hit feel so satisfying?

The bell rang, piercing through the tense silence like a dagger through a pillow. The class looked startled, but it seemed like they had frozen in time; Nobody dared move without Taki's consent.

Except for Talim, who had dared to do many a thing without Taki's permission. She gathered up her books, picked up her art supplies, and walked out of the room without a backward glance or another word.
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