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The Xonars arrive home much to the relief of their parents.

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When they sat back down Lara brought up something that was bound to come up some time or later.

“You know we aren’t going to be here much longer. We finished what we came to do and now we can go home.”

“What if we don’t want to go home? It’s nice here and I’m not exactly excited to go back to detention,” Alex whined.

“This isn’t Narnia. We haven’t been gone for only a couple of minutes. It’s been over a week since we left. People are going to be worried.”

“Let them worry it’s nice here,” he replied.

They finished off their breakfast then walked outside where the whole city was gathered to say goodbye. Joe walked up to the bartender and shook his hand thanking him for all his help.

“Hey I heard you and Lara’s discussion. She’s right though, you should kick the habit. It must sound weird coming from a bartender but it’s really not good for you and it doesn’t help a bit. Trust me I see people come in with drinking problems everyday, it’s not a pretty site. I just wish I cut you off when I could. Have a good trip home. Oh and she’s a good one. Hold on to her,” the bartender said with a wink.

The crowd waved as the Xonars gathered in a circle. Joe pressed the green button and Jerry popped out of his POD.

“Jerry we need to get home, how do we do that?”

“Well, I’m not exactly sure,” he replied.

“What? You’re the information manual. You have to know these things,” Lara yelled at him.

“I’m just the beginners manual. I don’t do trifle things like this,” Jerry explained calmly.

Lara groaned as Jerry disappeared into Joe’s POD. “Well what do we do now?” she wondered.

“Hey, what do you think this button does?” Cal wondered aloud as he examined his POD.

A silver button had appeared on their PODs. They stood close together and pressed the buttons simultaneously. When they looked up they were back in Owyhee.

The flashing lights of a cop car were seen passing by. They looked around at their surrounding noting that they were in the middle of a deserted alley.

“I wonder where that car’s going,” Alex thoughtfully said.

“Is it just me or does the ground seem harder here than it did in Kxzron?” Cal asked testing out the ground by jumping up and down.

“Cal, focus,” Joe said placing a hand on his shoulder to stop him from jumping.

“Over there! I think that’s them,” A deep voice called out as a police officer ran down the alley towards the group.

“Run!” Joe shouted.

The four teenagers sprinted out of the alley and down the road with the officer on their heels. They turned the corner quickly and encountered a second cop. They turned around to run the other way but they were surrounded. Lara reached for her nunchucks but Joe stopped her signaling that she shouldn’t do anything. She couldn’t have anyways since they were back in their normal clothes and their weapons were gone.

Joe stepped toward the nearest cop with his hands in front of him. “Careful there. We’ll come quietly, just tell us what we did.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong but I think it’s time we get you home,” the cop replied carefully and slowly approaching the teens. The teens looked at each other with puzzled looks and followed the man to his cop car. As they climbed into the car the officer informed them, “We’ve been searching for you kids for days. Your parents are going to be relieved when they see you.”

The group finally realized what was happening. They had been gone so long that they had sent out a search party.

“So where have you been this whole time? We looked everywhere for you, or at least we thought we did.” The officer said, looking at the group through the rearview mirror.

The group was silent wondering what to do until Cal spoke up. “Here and there, drifting around a bit.”

“Well you sure did some sneaky drifting. Why didn’t you tell your parents where you were?” The group shrugged then, arriving at the police station, the cop said, “Here we are.”

The four teens walked in the door and were instantly bombarded with hugs and kisses. The cop had radioed ahead that they had found the teens so their parents were already at the station.

Lara’s mom held Lara at arms length. “I lost your dad; I couldn’t stand if I lost you too. How could you do this to me?” Lara knew that her mom was relieved and let herself be pulled into a tight hug.

Finally the teens went their separate ways with their parents.
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