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Lara rides again.

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Three days later at school Lara opened her locker to put her books away. She saw a note stuck to her locker door and ripped it off to read it.

Rock’s Café. 8:00. Tonight.

She flipped it over hoping for something more, a signature or a clue or something, but there was nothing. She shrugged and stuffed it into her jeans pocket.

That night Lara walked into Rock’s Café and sat at an empty table. She looked around, slightly nervous, looking for the person that left the note but there was no sign of them anywhere.

Eight O’clock came and went without any sign of the person that had left the note. Lara got up to leave when a paper airplane hit her in the side of the head. “Ouch.” she grabbed it off the floor and unfolded it.

Meet me in the alley.

“Is this some sort of game or something?” she grumbled as she crumpled the note and dropped it onto the floor. She rolled her eyes and stomped out of the café into the alleyway. “This is stupid!” she looked around the dark alley and shivered in the wind.

A hand grabbed her arm and she gasped, swirling around and swinging at the tall figure standing in front of her.

“Whoa, whoa, Lara it’s me, Joe. Calm down,” he said dodging her swing.

“Don’t do that!” she said hitting Joe in his muscular chest. “What’s this all about? Couldn’t you have just talked to me?”

“Yeah, but what fun would that be? Just follow me.” he led her to his blue pick up truck and drove off into the country.

Lara started to ask where they were going but Joe held up his hand to silence her and the rest of the trip was silent. Joe turned onto a gravel road leading to a quaint little farm house.

Lara looked at him and asked, “Is this your house?”

Joe shook his head then, without looking at her said, “My gramma’s.”

He walked around to the back of the house. Lara followed him quite confused and a little frustrated by now. She hated not knowing what was going on. When she caught up to Joe she found him leading a beautiful Bay horse towards her.

“Joe you better not be expecting me to ride that. I don’t ride horses anymore, remember?” she said, holding up her hands and backing away. She backed up until she tripped over a rock.

Joe bent over and picked her up. “Here’s the deal, I’ll stop drinking if you get up on this horse. It’ll be ok. I promise nothing will happen. I’ll be with you the whole time,” Joe said into her ear as he placed her back on her feet.

“I don’t want you to stop drinking for me. I want you to stop drinking for you. It’s not healthy and it will never help you with your problems.”

“Right, I will. Will you ride with me then?” he asked hopefully.

Lara reluctantly walked towards the horse with Joe right beside her. She put her foot in the stirrup and Joe boosted her up onto the horse. She gasped and clenched her eyes shut. Suddenly she felt Joe behind her and his strong arms brushed her as they reached for the reins.

“It’s alright,” he whispered to her.

She slowly opened her eyes, feeling Joe’s warmth around her. She carefully looked around as the horse began to walk. It started into a trot and she shut her eyes again, leaning back into Joe.

He smiled down at her and put both the reins in one hand so he could hold on to her with the other. He gently squeezed and said, “It’s alright. I’ve got you.”

Lara slowly relaxed and a smile stretched across her face. Joe took off his hat and put it on her head with a small laugh.

“See it’s alright.”

Lara looked back at him then said, “Here, I think this fits you better.” She put his hat back over his messy hair. She sighed and leaned back into Joe’s comforting arms and softly closed her eyes, feeling the steady trot of the horse underneath her.

They rode off into the golden sunset, feeling safe in each other’s arms.
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