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You have a date!

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To people so unlike yet perfect for each other, bones has a date and booth isnt happy! PLEASE REVIEW!

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My Man

Rated T- kissing, sort of swearing(ex. Hell)
Italics- thoughts
Normal- (duh!) Normal
Don't own them but Booth will be mine.....heheheh (evil laugh)....tied up in my basement

"You have a what?" Angela Montenegro asked completely shocked. She had been finishing a sketch of an unknown woman to help identify her, when Temperance Brennan, one of her closest friends had walked into her work area to give her some information on the victim.
"A date" Temperance replied easily before walking back out of the room.
Angela was shocked, jumping out of her chair she raced through the door. "Wait Bren! You just can't say something like that then leave." Reaching Temperance she grabbed her arm.
"Is he dreamy? Do I know him? Wait! Is it Booth? I knew it! You guys are perfect for each other. When did...."
"Angela" She tried to interrupt, "ANGELA!"
She stopped talking.
It's not Booth, and its no big deal," She answered quietly, trying to kill the stem of questions she was going to have to answer.
What! If it's not Booth then who the hell is she going out with? I've been trying to get them together forever, and now she's going out with someone else. Her mind raced, trying to figure out away to turn this around. A smile darted across her face. When Booth finds out about this he is going to be so jealous, then he'll have to ask her out.
"So sweetie who is this mystery man?" Ange asked, happy again.
"Well his name is Mark Neary, I met him at the last anthropology conference and he's in town so he gave me a call." Brennan answered.
"Honey I'm so happy for you."Booth and Brennan sitting in a tree K..I..S..S..I..N..G. This is going to be so easy.
Following Tempe, they walked back to the main room where the bones of the victim were laid on a metal table.
"Ange how's the sketch going? Have you got a face for me yet?" Tempe asked trying to change the subject.
"You're not getting off that easily. Do you like him? Have you two already kissed? Is he good in bed?" So many questions so little time.
"Ange" She screeched horrified.
"Oh come on sweetie give me something to go with." She pleaded.
Sigh. "Well, I find his company enjoyable and he seems like a perfect gentleman. We're both interested in the same things and I could easily have an intellectual conversation with him."
"Honey your describing a bank teller not a guy taking you out on a date." Poor thing, she doesn't even know the difference between a good lay and a rug (no offence to rug lovers). Shaking her head she continued. "Don't you want to meet someone who makes your body tingle in excitement.
If only, Sadness flashed over her features before a mask of calm replaced it. "Ange there's no such thing as love forever and why should I set myself up, Mark is comfortable and interesting.
"You know there is someone who cares for you, and I know that deep inside you care for that person to." Ange tried.
She watched Brennan as she said this.
"Ange, Booth and I just work together, there is nothing personal between us. We're partners, friends that's all." But is that all I want? She froze, where did that come from? Of course that's all I want, we work together, anything else would be unprofessional.
Smiling, "Honey I never said Booth," Gotcha
Reddening Brennan chose to ignore that comment. Walking up to the body she leaned over to inspect the work her understudy Zach Addy had done.
Hearing Angela start up again about Booth she interrupted. "Ange can we just drop it about Booth?"
"What about Booth?" A masculine voice asked.
Both women turned. Seeley Booth stood feet in front of them, a smile that melted all women ages 10 and up, on his face.
"We weren't talking about you," came Ange's reply. We so were, "We were discussing Bren's upcoming date."
His smile disappeared.
That's right, Ange thought. Take the bait.
"Whose the lucky man Bones?" the cocky smile now back on his face, trying to ignore the jealousy he suddenly felt.
"His name's Mark," she answered, to preoccupied to continue.
Mark! What kind of name is Mark? "So when is this date?" Forcing calmness he didn't feel.
"Tonight, he suggested we go somewhere I was comfortable so I suggested Sid's."
Sid's! Our restaurant, I don't want some guy you to our restaurant. "Hmmm."
Watching the conversation Angela couldn't help but smile. Booth you are so hooked. You've waited to long and now she's going out with someone else. What are you going to do now?
Temperance oblivious to her partner's inner battle turned to leave. "We'll have the name of the woman for you tonight. Was there anything else?
"Not right now Bones." Don't go out with him, "Have a good time on the date," he forced out. In truth he hoped the guy choked to death on his drink.
Without saying another word Tempe turned around to head to her office. For the next hour she stared at her computer screen, unable to write the next chapter of her novel. I wonder what Booth's doing. No I can't care about him, he's just a friend. I'm going out with Mark, I like Mark. She continued telling herself this the rest of the afternoon.
It was nearly five o'clock when she left the Jeffersonian to go home and get ready for her date.
Brennan rushed through the door, grabbing the phone on the third ring.
"Hey sweetie, just making sure you wear something that makes his head turn."
"Don't worry I have a very suitable outfit."
Right, "Okay, just make sure it shows skin."
"Right bye Ange," Not giving her a chance to continue.
Hanging up she proceeded to get ready. At six-thirty a horn signaled her date had arrived. When it became apparent that he wasn't coming up to get her she headed down the stairs. Booth would have come up to meet me to make sure nothing happened, she thought. Pushing the thought out of her head she pushed open the door. Reaching his car, she noticed right away that he had stayed in the car, not getting out to open the door or greet her. Something else Booth does for me. On the way to the restaurant the conversation was one sided, with Mark talking about himself and all the things he had done since they had last met. He hasn't stopped talking about himself for thirty minutes. If Booth were here he would be trying to make me laugh. Shaking her head she allowed herself to zone out. I've got to stop comparing everyone to Booth, he's just a friend.
Stepping out of the car she felt some of the tension disappear, Sid's always made her feel better. Is it the restaurant or is it the company? Ignoring the question that formed in her head she followed Mark inside, again noticing that he didn't hold the door for her. This is going to be fun, she thought sarcastically.


Seeley Booth was not having a good night, he had been siting alone for the last twenty minutes trying to concentrate on a TV movie. Why can't I be honest and just tell her how I feel? Now she's on a date with some guy who will never appreciate her, the way she deserves. I need her, I love her, when did this happen? When did I stop seeing her as the annoying leader of the squints and start seeing her as the beautiful woman she is? Frowning at this he had a sudden urge to kill the faceless Mark that she was out with. I have to go tell her how I feel, she has to know. Then if she doesn't feel the same way I won't have any regret. Truthfully the thought of Bone's rejection scared the hell out of him but the thought of another man touching his Bones scared him more. Standing up he header for the door; he had a doctor to go see.

Well theres the first half, if you like it so far please review! I'll post the last half of it in a couple days if I get enough reviews. (Oh and no offence to anyone named mark, that's my brothers name)
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