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Second Greetings

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Two people so perfect for each other they didnt even notice, PLEASE REVIEW

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Right thanks for the review, here's the next part to the story, sorry its kinda short!


Brennan was not enjoying dinner at all. For starters when Sid had come over to see what Mark wanted, he had not only ordered for himself but also for her. She always let Sid choose, so why did he think he could order for her. Intolerable ass. Secondly it seemed like the only thing they talked about was work, okay the only thing he talked about was work. All she did was nod her head and make a sound of agreement every couple of minutes. If Booth were here he would be trying to get me to talk about my book, or myself, definitely not about work. Why is it I can't have any fun unless I'm with him? The answer had the same effect as a bucket of cold water. Oh god I love him. I love Seeley Booth, the arrogant FBI agent whose always holding doors for me and protecting me when we're on a case. As the shock faded she was suddenly feeling vulnerable. I can't love him it's unethical. That's what she told herself, but in reality she feared loving him. What would I do if something happened to him? I wouldn't be able to go on. At least with Mark I don't have to worry about falling apart if he ever left. Should I ....."
Mark's voice broke through her train of thought.
"Sorry what were you saying?" I do not want to be here.
"I was just asking what you thought about me trying my hand at writing a book, I mean if you can do it I should have no problem."
She shot him a look, saying nothing.
Noticing the glare he asked. "Are you okay? You've seemed quiet all night? He asked clueless.
No I am not alright, I'm stuck here with you and now I've just realized how much I've allowed myself to care. What am I going to do? Angela! She'll know what to do. I need to get out of here.
"I'm sorry I just don't feel up to this, I'm going to have to take a raincheque." Standing up she started to put her coat on, not caring what he thought.
"Um that's okay," Taken back. "Maybe next time?"
I don't think so. "Maybe"
Not wanting to have to get a ride back with him, she left quickly, flagging down a cab. After giving her address to the driver, she dialed in Angela's number.
RING, Come on Ange pick up, RING
"Hello?" Ange's voice filtering through.
"Ange.." Brennan tried.
"What's up sweetie?"
"I need your help," she whispered, afraid to say it too loud.
"Are you still with what's his name, mmmm.. need some advice on what to do later with him?" A sly smile on her face.
"Ange" a warning in her tone. "I left him at the restaurant, I just wasn't interested."
Yes! I knew it! She can't be with anyone except Booth. "Okay hun what do ya need?"
"I love him" she muttered.
Obviously startled by her friends confession she couldn't help but be a little confused.
"You love Mark?" Please no!
"Not Mark Ange, I think I love B..Booth." stuttering the last word.
Yes! "That's great, I knew you guys were meant to be!"
"No that's awful" she corrected, her emotions nearly getting the better of her. "If I care for him it means I'll get hurt when he leaves." There for the first time she had finally admitted her greatest fear out loud.
"Sweetie Booth loves you, he would never just leave you"
"What about my parents, they loved me and they left. If I couldn't trust my parents how am I supposed to trust him?" she asked, desperately wanting an answer.
"Bren he would do anything for you, look what he risked in New Orleans when he took evidence from a crime scene to protect you." Ange stated, pointing out what she personally considered the most romantic gesture ever made.
She's right, he risked his career for me, and has saved my life so many times now.
"But Ange what happens if I tell him my feelings and he doesn't feel the same way?"
Sigh "Bren he feels the same way, when he walks into a room his eyes go right to you and he gets jealous if any guy talks to you. Any normal person can see it." she continued, "Sometimes you have to stop weighing the risks and just take the plunge."
Plunge? "I don't understand what swimming has to do with Booth?" totally confused.
Same Brennan, Smile, "Just talk to him, oh and call me as soon as you finish talking to him, bye sweetie." Hanging up quickly.
Tempe sighed quietly as she pushed end on her phone. What should I do? Deep breath,
"Excuse me," Getting the driver's attention, "I've changed my mind, could you take me to......"


Life didn't seem that great anymore. After a ten minute drive (which legally should have taken thirty) Booth had arrived at the restaurant finally ready to tell Bones how he felt. When he had gotten to the restaurant Sid had told him they had left about fifteen minutes age, not mentioning they had left separately. The vision of his Bones letting some guy up into her place had him hanging his head in defeat. If she wants to sleep with him then its not my business, he said to himself. Like hell it's not my business, Bones is mine and no one touches her but me. Sigh, what's the point, if she him that much then I don't want to ruin if for her. Walking up to the bar he sat down on his regular stool, noticing how lonely it was without her. This was going to be a long night. Signaling Sid he ordered a drink.


Temperance stood outside her partner's apartment, a single tear rolling down her face. She had been standing there for the last ten minutes, to hurt to leave. When she had first gotten there she had made her way up the stairs, fully realizing the chance of rejection. She had rung the bell but no one had answered. I could call his cell, but if he's not here then he's probably on a date. Secretly she had been hoping that he would be home, worrying over the fact that she was on a date with some guy. Well I guess this tells me how he feels about me.
Turning around she headed back to the cab, I don't want to go home yet, all I'll do is sit and think about him." She thought about calling Ange, but decided against it. I could use a drink.
"There's this restaurant on..........................."


Head down she walked up to the bar sitting down on the stool, hardly noticing the man beside her with the hunched (and yummy) shoulders.
Booth turned sideways, his thoughts broken by someone getting onto the stool beside him. That's Bone's stool, who would dare sit there! Turning sideways ready to give the unsuspecting persona piece of his mind, he froze Bones?
Feeling the person beside her shift sideways, Brennan turned startled, she stared straight into the familiar dark brown eyes she loved Booth?
They stared at each other, everything and everyone forgotten.
"Temperance...Booth" Both names whispered at the same time.
Finally able to brake the trance Booth was the first to talk.
"Tem..Bones what are you doing here?" he asked dumbfounded.
"Me! What are you doing here?" Finally normal again, she chose to ignore his question.
Trying to hide a smile at the usual way she ignored his question, he suddenly remembered Mark (not a happy thought). "Where's your date?"
Good question, "I wasn't feeling that good, so I left early." That's kind of true.
"Hmm....." Wow she look amazing in that dress, is that a new perfume?
Okay I can do this "Um Booth" she asked timidly, "I have to ask you something...How do you feel about me?"
Booth froze, I have to tell her the truth, "Well I see a strong independent woman who refuses to lean on people, even when its in her best interest to. I see someone who is very dedicated to her job. She is a little headstrong, but does what she thinks is best. She is an amazing partner and one of my best friends." He took a breath.
Heart sinking Brennan took the silence as a sign that he was done, I knew it! He just sees me as a friend.
Booth didn't want to continue but knew he had to, leaning over he ran a finger down the side if her face, trying to ignore the softness. Reaching her chin he tilted her head up, making eye contact.
"I also see the most beautiful woman in the world, someone who means everything to me" His voice lowered, "Someone I love."
Oh my god he loves me, what do I do, She panicked, it was now her time to say something.
Booth took the silence the wrong way and couldn't believe he had just told her all that. We'll never be able to work together again, I've ruined everything.
"...I...I love you to," she whispered, visibly nervous.
His head snapped up, the sadness in his eyes quickly replaced with happiness. Taking her hand in his he reached across pulling her into him. He held her close his face resting in her hair, taking in its exotic smell.
"Temperance," he said thickly.
Hearing Booth call her by her real name sent a shock through her body.
"I love you and want nothing more than to kiss you."
A smile came across her face.
His face lined up with hers, their lips millimeters apart. Slowly his lips came into contact with hers, a soft kiss, a hint of promise.
He pulled back watching her reaction, when her smile got bigger he couldn't help but smile back. Moving quickly he caught her lips again, the kiss no longer soft or gentle.
After what seemed like hours they both pulled apart (lack of air) smiling at each other.
"You know its still early why don't I take you to a movie?" Booth asked.
"Well I did get dressed up," Happy with the idea.
Getting up to leave Booth reached the door first, holding it open for her.
My Man



Well there you go, a short romance story between our two favorate people.
MMM..Kissing Booth....Drool!
Please review! Should I keep writing Bones stories or go hide in my basement. If flaming please be gentle I'm very sensitive about my writing (right!).
Review PLEASE!
Ps. I may just be posting another Bones/Booth story soon if I get enough GOOD reviews
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