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The foreign exchange student program. Nobody does that crap, right? But what happens when Gerard's mother decides that her children need to learn more about European culture? Why, Gerard's entire l...

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- Disclaimer- I am afraid the only thing I own in this is the plot and the arrangement of the words. sighs**

A/N- I am back in black, my friends. And, guess what? ONLY EIGHT DAYS UNTIL I GO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!! I'm so twitchy, it isn't even funny. Like, I'm sitting there, and anything that even remotely reminds me of MCR makes me shriek. I'm not even kidding. I also bought a new outfit for the concert, which I look really hot in. grins Damn, I'm excited. Okay, so this story has been bugging me for a while. High school fic like 'WHOA'. (I STILL don't know what that means.) Okay, Mikey's three years younger than Gerard and Gerard, Ray, Bob, and Frank are the same age. Also, pretend that Ville Valo and Gerard are the same age. Okay, so ya'll ready for this? Enjoy...

"You did WHAT??!!??" Gerard Way screamed, staring at his mother with wide eyes.

Donna sighed and ran a hand through her hair, frustrated with her seventeen year old son.

"Please, Gerard, calm down. Mikey doesn't mind, do you sweetheart?" she asked, turning to her fourteen year old son.

Mikey, sitting at the kitchen table behind Donna, held up his hands and said, "Don't involve me. But no, I guess I don't care."

Gerard caught his brother in a death-glare, before saying, "Mom, am I not freak enough for you? Do we really need to do this foreign-exchange shit?"

Donna blinked.

"Gerard, you are not watch your-."

"Language. Yes, mother, I know. I just don't want some weird-ass foreign kid coming to live with us," Gerard interrupted, disregarding anything she said about language.

"Gerard Arthur Way, your father and I have already discussed the matter and decided that yes, a boy from Europe will be coming to stay with us." Gerard opened his mouth to protest, but Donna held up a hand.

"No, Gerard. This is final. Now, go to your room and try and reconsider."

Gerard stood up from his spot at the table and looked pleadingly at his silent father for support. Donald only shook his head and pointed at the stairs.

Gerard grunted in frustration, before shoving his chair backwards and running upstairs, leaving behind his stunned family. He ran into his room and slammed the door shut, letting out a small scream of anger.

He jumped onto his bed and buried his face in his pillow, before breaking down in tears.

He couldn't believe that his parents were doing this to him. He had already gotten beaten up three times this week, he didn't need to have a weird European kid following him around and asking stupid questions. His parents just didn't understand what Gerard went through at school. They didn't understand the extent of his problems. Gerard didn't even understand half of what was happening to him, and he really didn't want to tell his parents.

No, it was not puberty. He was sure of this. This...this was mental.

And right now, Gerard didn't really need to add a foreign kid to the equation of his life.

Gerard rolled onto his back, and sniffled. His entire cramped room was dark by now. He glanced at his clock and sighed. It was midnight already? He wrapped his arms around his thin body, and shivered. It wasn't cold, but it scared him how easily he got caught in his own mind.

He rolled over again, and closed his hazel eyes. Maybe he'd be able to get some sleep tonight.

As he drifted off into a restless sleep, he didn't realize that changes would soon come that would change his entire life around.

A/N- Introduction chapters rule! Expect more soon, guys. Maybe even tonight! I'm hyped up for this. Also, expect lots of celeb cameos in this. When I say cameos, I mean just that. In a chapter, out the other. So, review and tell me what you think and if I should continue! PLEASE REVIEW!!!
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