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Chapter One

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We meet Ville...nothing else really. Just rising action, I guess. READ!!!!

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A/N- This is dedicated to aiIenzo, because her sheer awesomeness blinds me. In this chapter, we meet Ville! Or, in Donna's words, 'Vill-ah'. laughs Enjoy...

One Month Later...

Gerard sat on the couch and stared at his mother defiantly. For the past month, the arguments between the two had been vicious, but this...this was just unreasonable.

"Why can't just you and Mikey go and pick it up? Why can't I just stay here? And why isn't Dad going?" Gerard asked angrily.

Donna, who was standing opposite Gerard with her hands placed on her hips, sighed exasperatedly.

"I don't understand you, Gerard. Every since we decided to participate in this program, all you've done is act out. You've been absolutely terrible. And he's not an 'it', he's a person!"

Gerard rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Whatever. Maybe it's 'cause I have to share a room with it."

Mikey, from next to Gerard, asked, "What's his name again?" before Donna could say anything to Gerard.

Donna smiled at her youngest and said, "I believe that it's Vill-ah Vah-low."

"Yeah, don't think it's pronounced like that, Mom," Gerard snorted. "Besides, isn't that a girl's name?"

Donna shook her head and frowned, "No, it's a Finnish name. I think it means 'William'."

"Yeah," Mikey piped up. "I did research on it. 'Ville Valo' means 'William Light' in Finnish."

Gerard glared at Mikey and snarled, "Why don't you go wait in the car, retard?"

Mikey blinked and gasped, "Mom! This idiot actually had a good idea!" As Donna started to laugh, Mikey jumped up and ran outside to the car.

Gerard crossed his arms over his chest and said, "Humph."

Donna stopped laughing and said, "Hurry up. We have to pick Vill-ah up in an hour."

"Mom, please. Pronounce it like Mikey did. The kid actually got something right," Gerard grumbled, tying on his worn Converse.

Donna smiled and said, "Sure. I'll be in the car."

She walked outside, leaving Gerard alone. Gerard groaned. He really didn't need this. That kid is going to ruin my life, he thought fearfully. He slammed his fist into the couch and jumped slightly as the car's horn sounded.

"I'm coming, goddammit!" he screamed, even though he knew no one could hear him. He jumped to his feet and grabbed his jacket, trudging outside.

It was a cold February day, with the sky gray and no hint of the sun in sight. The ground was covered in slush from melting snow, and it was just starting to snow.

Gerard froze in his tracks when he saw Mikey in the front seat.

Donna honked the horn again, and Gerard walked to the car and threw open the backseat door. He slid in, and slammed the door shut as hard as he could.

"Why does Mr. I-Haven't-Even-Hit-Puberty-Yet get to sit in the front seat, while I, a seventeen year old, get condemned to the backseat? What has the world come to?" Gerard asked incredulously.

Mikey shrunk down in his seat and blushed fiercely, while Donna shot Gerard a threatening look in the rearview mirror. Gerard only smirked and pulled out his phone.

Donna frowned, "Gerard, buckle up." Gerard grumbled something unintelligible, but did as he was told. Donna smiled and pulled out of the driveway.

"So, has life been treating you?" Donna asked. As Mikey happily began to answer, Gerard tuned them out with his MP3 player and began texting Frank Iero, his best friend.

'Wazzup?' Gerard texted.

Frank, who had no life, immediately texted back, 'Grounded again. 'Rents found my Manson CD. Gonna kill me 4 listening 2 'devil music'.'

Gerard, forgetting that he was in a car with two other people, burst out laughing.

'Ha, sux 4 u, loser. Y didn't u hide it better?' Gerard texted.

'I'm a idiot, duh. Whatcha doin'?'

'Gonna pick up foreign kid. Stuck in car w/ Mikes and Mom. :( Kill me,' Gerard texted back, smiling.

'OK, razor or gun?...shit, 'rents are coming. Gotta go. C u and the kid later,' Frank texted back. Gerard smiled, and shoved his phone back into his pocket. He looked up, and started slightly when he saw Donna staring at him in the rearview mirror. He blinked, and shook his head.

Gerard turned to stare out the window. After about ten minutes, he started laughing when he noticed that Mikey was fast asleep, his head leaning against the window and his mouth wide open.

Donna shot him a disapproving look, and he stopped laughing. She turned onto the exit ramp, and Gerard blinked.

He didn't even remember coming onto the highway. He frowned. He really was losing it.

"Um...I believe that he's at Terminal B76," Donna murmured, glancing at a little piece of paper.

They were now standing in the middle of the airport, with Donna trying to figure out where to go, Mikey still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, and Gerard slouching and staring at the ground, bored out of his mind.

He looked up after a few moments and pointed down a hallway to their left.

"It's that way, Mom," he said.

"And how do you know that?" Donna snapped, agitated with his smart-ass attitude. Gerard rolled his eyes and pointed to a sign that read 'Terminals B, Numbers 70-80.' Donna stared at it and blushed.

"Sorry," she mumbled, before grabbing Mikey's hand and dragging him with her down the hallway. Gerard followed, and started to laugh as Mikey let out a squeak and pulled away.

"I'm fourteen, not two!" he gasped. Gerard laughed.

"Are you sure?"

Mikey glared at his older brother, and growled, "Shut up, you Gothic freak."

Gerard blinked and looked down at his outfit. He was wearing a pair of tight, fraying jeans, a black Misfits t-shirt, and a simple black jacket. He was also wearing a bit of eyeliner. His long, black hair was unbrushed and messy.

He looked at Mikey, confused.

"But...I'm not Gothic."

"Sure," Mikey said, rolling his eyes. Gerard stared at him, before snapping and punching Mikey hard in the shoulder.

Before Mikey could defend himself, Donna separated the boys and groaned, "Please, boys, we're in public. No fighting."


"No fighting, that's final," Donna said, interrupting Mikey. Mikey huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, and they continued walking until finally they arrived at the correct terminal.

By the looks of it, the plane had just landed. There were streams of people coming out of the door, and Donna smiled at her sons.

"Well, here we go. Look out for someone about your age, Gerard."

Gerard grunted in response, and began searching the crowd's faces for someone his age and alone.

"How long is he staying?" Mikey asked.

Donna rolled her eyes and said, "Do you ever listen? I told you already. One whole year."

"You've got to be kidding me," Gerard grumbled, still looking.

Suddenly, Gerard spotted a boy who looked to be his age. The boy looked lost, looking around for someone.

Gerard blinked, and stared.

If Gerard had been gay, he would have said that the boy was beautiful. He had a feminine look to him. His body was incredibly thin, almost anorexic-like. He had huge, gorgeous green eyes, surrounded by thick black eyeliner. His skin was very pale, and he had high cheek bones, full lips, and a thin face. He wore tight jeans, a dark blue Rolling Stones shirt, and a black jacket. He had a gray scarf tied around his neck, and wore ratty Converse much like Gerard's. He had curly black hair covered by a black beanie.

He was looking around, straining to find somebody.

Finally, Gerard broke out of his reverie and pointed.

"Mom, over there. Is that him?"

Donna looked, and smiled.

"Yes, I do believe that that's Ville."

Mikey looked and groaned.

"Aww, Mom, he's like Gerard. All weird and stuff."

"Oh, I love you too, Mikes," Gerard said, before turning to his mom.

"Go get him or something."

Donna nodded, and waved her arms around, trying to get the boy's attention. Gerard looked at his mom and smacked his forehead.

"Not like that," he groaned. Mikey started laughing.

Finally, the boy happened to glance over. A small smile broke out on his lips, causing Gerard's stomach to flip. Gerard blinked, confused. He wasn't gay. Then why was the boy causing such a reaction?

The boy hoisted a small bag on his shoulder and walked over.

Donna smiled at him as he approached, and thrust out her hand. The boy stared at it, before shaking it. Gerard grinned. The boy had chipping black nail polish on. Also, he had on black fingerless gloves.

"" Donna said slowly.

The boy laughed. He had a funny, hiccupping laugh that made Gerard grin even wider.

"Yes, I understood. I actually speak English quite well," the boy said, smiling. Gerard blinked, surprised. Looking at the boy, you'd expect him to have a high-pitched, squeaky voice. But he spoke in a deep, smooth, accented voice.

Something in the back of Gerard's mind screamed, "And sexy! You left out sexy!" But Gerard ignored it.

"My name's Ville," he said, holding his hand out to Gerard. Gerard shook it and smiled.

"My name's Gerard. Welcome to the shit-hole we like to call America."

Ville laughed as Donna shot Gerard a look. Then, he turned to Mikey, who was staring unabashedly.

"And you are?" he asked sweetly.

Mikey replied, "My name's Mikey." He didn't stop staring.

Ville wrung his hands together and said, "So..."

Gerard flung an arm around Ville's thin shoulders and said, "You'll fit in good with me and my friends."

Ville smiled softly, and said, "That's cool. I never had a lot of friends in Finland."

"Well, neither do I. But the friends I do have are cool, so it's okay."

Ville smiled broader.


"Well, boys, let's head home so we can get Ville settled. You had a long flight, right?"

"Twenty hours, ma'am," Ville replied.

Donna giggled.

"No need for that. Call me Donna."

"Alright, Donna," Ville smiled, letting Gerard lead him.

Gerard was now completely confused with his emotions, but all he knew was that he was going to make Ville be a good friend, no matter what.

Little did he know how difficult his quest was going to be.

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