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Chapter Two

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First day of school, and we meet Frankie...READ AND REVIEW!!!!!

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When Gerard first opened his eyes, severe confusion clouded his mind. He didn't understand why there was another bed in his room, or why there was an absolutely gorgeous face peaking out of the mounds of blankets, still asleep.

Gerard stared slightly, extremely confused and about two seconds from screaming his head off when memories of the weekend drifted into his mind.

He remembered picking Ville up from the airport, getting him acquainted with his house, showing him where he was staying, and stuff like that.

And then it hit him: today was Monday. Ville's first day of school. His first day of potential Hell.

He groaned, flopping backwards onto his pillow. He was about to roll over to go back to sleep when suddenly, the alarm went of loudly. Gerard jumped, and watched with mild amusement as Ville shrieked and fell out of his bed, hitting the wooden floor with a 'thump'.

"What was that?" the Finn asked, his eyes wide as he struggled to untangle himself from the blankets almost hysterically.

"Dude, calm down," Gerard said, irritated, as he rubbed sleep from his eyes. Ville stopped trying to free himself to look up Gerard.

"Is today my first day?" he asked fearfully.

"Yup," Gerard said, running a hand through his messy black hair. He had come to terms with how screwed over he was. He just wanted to get to school so that his day would be over as soon as possible.

Ville swallowed hard and asked, "Are the cliques in school international?"

Gerard smiled grimly and said, "Yup. The second you walk into the school, you're going to called 'fag' or 'gay'."

Ville raised an eyebrow and said, "Well, I'm proud of who I am, and I don't care that people don't like me just because I dress different or am attracted to the same gender."

Gerard blinked.

"Holy shit. You are gay, then?"

"Yeah...that's not a problem, is it?" Ville asked, still on the floor. Gerard shook his head a little too quickly.

"No, no, no, of course not. No problem at all," Gerard said, laughing uneasily.

Ville stared at him, and untangled himself from the blankets wrapped around his long legs. Standing up, he ran a hand through his curls.

"Do you want to use the shower first or can I go?" he asked, his accent thick as ever.

Gerard blinked. He, of course, wanted to go first, but who the hell can say no to this Finnish god? As much as Gerard denied it in his own head, he knew that he had a 'man-crush' on Ville. That was all. Nothing more, nothing else.

Gerard smiled and said, "Go ahead." Ville smiled and grabbed his clothes, before walking into the bathroom attached to Gerard's room. The door was pulled shut, and the shower turned on.

Gerard was already picturing the Finn without a shirt, and then slowly, his boxers being pulled down...he shook his head quickly.

It was just a crush, right?

Gerard sighed and buried his head in his hands.

This was so much more than a crush, and he didn't like it. Not one bit.

"VILLE!!!!!" Gerard yelled, shifting back and forth from one foot in the living room. Mikey had already left for school with his friend's mom who car-pooled, and Donna and Donald were already at work. Gerard glanced at his watch. If they wanted to make it on time to school (it was a thirty minute walk) they had to leave /now/.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" came the muffled shout from upstairs. There was a thump, and then a string of Finnish curses. Then, the Finn came down the stairs, panting.

Before Gerard thought twice, he said, "Wow. You look great."

His eyes widened as Ville laughed.

"Thanks," he smiled. "Shall we leave now?"

Gerard, still mortified, pushed open the front door and held it open for Ville. Ville smiled and thanked him, walking outside and staring upwards into the blue sky. It was uncommonly warm out for February, and the sky was clear and blue with the sun shining brightly.

Gerard pulled the door shut and locked it, and turned back to look at Ville.

Both boys looked good.

Ville was dressed in tight blue jeans and a tight pink shirt. Over that he wore a black jacket that on the back, had 'Your pretty face is going to Hell' written in white paint. He also wore his black Vans that had white skulls on them. He also wore an abundance of eyeliner, and had on his black cutoff gloves. He had applied a fresh coat of black nail polish the night before, and Gerard had painted his own nails too. He lugged a messenger bag that had a symbol he had come up with himself. He called it a 'heartagram'. It was a mixture of a pentagram and a heart.

Gerard was wearing a tight black shirt that had a picture of Spiderman on it, and a pair of tight jeans. He also wore a black zip-up hoodie, and some eyeliner. He was wearing his old Converse. His black hair was once again un-brushed. He was also carrying a black book bag.

The two boys walked about a block in silence, with Gerard too embarrassed about his earlier comment to speak.

Finally, Gerard made a turn onto a pathway up to a house. Ville, confused, stopped walking.


"My friend, Frank, lives here," Gerard explained, motioning for Ville to follow. Ville reluctantly obeyed, walking onto the house's porch with Gerard. Gerard knocked on the door, and almost immediately a short boy answered.

"Gee-Gee!" the boy shrieked, pouncing and hugging Gerard. "You didn't visit me over the weekend. I missed you!"

Gerard laughed, pulled away.

"That's 'cause we had to get Ville used to the house 'n shit," he said, gesturing to Ville, who was standing behind Gerard nervously.

Ville waved slightly at the boy, and the boy giggled.

"I'm Frank, Gerard's best friend. You must be Ville. I must say, that is a cooler name than Legolas."

"Um...," Ville said, not sure what Frank was talking about. Frank laughed and stepped outside.

Ville smiled as he looked at Frank.

He had both of his ears gauged, and he had black hair with long bangs sweeping across his face. It was short on the sides, and Ville realized that Frank had a Mohawk but it was just slicked down. It was also spiked up in the back. He wore a simple black hoodie and a pair of jeans. He wore a pair of torn up skate shoes, and had his eyes surrounded with eyeliner. He had his lip pierced, too.

"Whoa. They let you keep in piercings at this school?" Ville asked, surprised.

Frank snorted and said, "No. I do anyway. But DUDE!!!!!"

Ville jumped slightly and gasped, "What?"


By the time the three boys arrived at the school, the three of them were good friends. They had discovered that they all had the same taste in music, and that they shared a lot of the same interests.

Gerard frowned as they approached the school.

In front, blocking the entrance, was the entire football team and a group of cheerleaders. The cheerleaders chatter grew more excited as the three boys grew closer.

"Shit...," Frank murmured.

Gerard nodded, and agreed, "Shit..."

"What?" Ville asked.

Gerard glanced at the Finn and frowned.

"You see those kids?" Ville nodded. "Those kids are the ones that will make your life hell, just by declaring you 'uncool'," Gerard said.

Ville nodded and frowned.

"Shit indeed."

Frank giggled and whispered, "Say 'indeed' again. You say it cool."

Both Gerard and Ville shot him a look, and Frank shut up.

And then, the captain of the football team turned away from the cheerleading captain, and headed towards them. Gerard swallowed hard, knowing that nothing good was going to come of this.

He just didn't know how true that statement was.

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