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Chapter Three

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Um...the first day of school, and we meet Gee and Frankie's friends. And...Ville may just be insane. READ!!!!

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A/N- ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL MY CHEM!!!!! dances like a crazy woman I'm so fking excited. Which means that you will get a special, 'author is high on excitement', action-packed, violent, sexy, smooth yet clumsy chapter filled with amazing earlier than usual. grins Now your expectations are all high. I hope I don't disappoint. Oh, and I'm not in high school yet. So I don't know what it's like. Only what I've read and seen on TV. Sorry if something's wrong. Enjoy...

"Hello, fags. I see that you've added a new addition to your band of freaks," the football captain, blonde and blue eyed Jason Maxwell, sneered, blocking the three boys with his bulk. It didn't help that his whole entourage of the football team and the cheerleading squad followed.

Gerard swallowed hard, glancing at Ville who was staring wide-eyed at the captain. His only thought was, 'Not on the first day. Please, not on his first day.'

Frank was fidgeting, his fingers twitching. He was pretty much thinking the same thing as Gerard.

"Well?" Jason said, shoving Gerard back slightly. "Aren't ya gonna answer me, fag?" Gerard didn't reply, only glowered at the boy who severely dwarfed Gerard in comparison. Ville cast Frank a worried look, but Frank was concentrating on not being arrested for murder.

Jason smirked, and concentrated his focus on Ville.

"What's your name?" he sneered.

"I'm Ville, and cross me I'll kick your f**king ass," Ville replied strongly, staring straight into Jason's eyes. A few of Jason's posse went, "Oooh..." while Gerard and Frank stood back, exchanging wide-eyed expressions.

Jason blinked and recovered almost instantly.

"You got a death wish, kid?" he growled, stepping forward so that their noses were almost touching. Ville laughed that crazy laugh of his.

"Oh-ho-ho, darling, you don't realize that I was kicked out of Finland. A kid looked at me weird, and I f**king shot him in the goddamn foot." Ville stepped closer, and dropped his voice into a low growl.

"Shot him. In the. Goddamn. Foot." He said it slowly, concisely. Jason blinked, and backed up a few steps.

"You're f**king crazy, kid. Crazy. Let's...let's get out of here, guys," he said, turning and hurriedly leading his posse away from the manically laughing Finn and dazed boys.

"You don't realize the half of it!" Ville shouted after them, before turning back to Gerard and Frank. Both boys were deathly pale, and shaking.

"Are you two okay?" he asked worriedly.

" were kicked out of Finland?" Gerard asked fearfully.

"Oh, hell no," Ville laughed. "But it worked, didn't it? I learned awhile ago that if you pretend to be insane kids don't mess with you. And you build up a pretty sweet reputation."

Frank blinked, his lips stretching into a huge smile. He jumped forward and threw his arms around Ville. Ville, surprised, gasped.

"Oh my God, I love you!" Frank giggled. Gerard let out a huge sigh of relief. He was glad that Ville wasn't completely insane. And, Ville was right. He would have the coolest reputation ever by the end of the year. Or by the end of the day.

"That's great. And now, we'd better hurry. We're gonna be late for homeroom," Gerard said, grabbing both of their arms and dragging them towards the school building.

Ville stopped after a second and asked, "Where's my homeroom?"

Gerard smiled.

"I checked last night, and you and me have all the same classes. So just follow me and stuff."

Frank grinned and exclaimed, "And since I have all of Gee's classes, we're together all day! YAY!"

Ville sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I'm stuck with you f**kers all day? Damn."

First Period (English)...

"Well, class, we have a new student from...Norway, right?" Ms. Gaylique said, clutching Ville's arm tightly. She was a middle-aged, over-weight, divorced, and probably overly medicated teacher.

Ville blinked and shook his head.

"No...I'm from Finland," he said in broken English. He had purposefully thickened his accent. From the back corner, both Frank and Gerard snorted.

"Well, Ville, can you tell us about yourself?" she asked. Ville stared at her blankly.

"Sorry I am, English is not you," he trailed off, trying to think of the word. Both Gerard and Frank were now choking on their laughter, trying to hold it in.

"Strong point?" Ms. Gaylique suggested. Ville looked up at her surprised and smiled real big.

"What?" he asked, his eyes wide and doe-like. A few of the football players and cheerleaders who were in the group earlier were all whispering, their eyes wide as a new scandal entered their self-centered world.

Ms. Gaylique let out an aggravated sigh, and pointed to the empty seat in the back, next to Gerard and Frank.

"Go sit back there, sweetie," she said. Ville nodded slowly, and pointed to the back also.

"Back there? You want me back there?" he asked, not moving.

"Yes," she said. She looked like she was losing her patience.

"Okey-day," he said happily, near skipping to the back and sliding into the empty desk.

Gerard and Frank stared at the Finn, their eyes wide and their jaws open.

Frank leaned over and whispered, "I officially worship you."

"Thank you," Ville replied softly. "I also learned awhile back that if you don't know English, you don't have to do the homework. She won't assign me homework, neither will any teacher. I'm pretty much going to sail through school, and not do anything at all. And, I'm going to graduate. Not that I want to, but my mum and dad want me too, so..."

"You've got this all planned out, don't you?" Gerard asked, smiling.

"Yeah, I guess," Ville smirked.

"Ha, I'm going to move to Finland so I won't know Finnish and won't have to do-."

"Mr. Iero, do you have something you'd like to tell the class?" Ms. Gaylique's voice interupted.

Frank looked up and said, "Yes, but I'm pretty sure that I'd be expelled for saying them. So, really, no."

Ms. Gaylique frowned and turned back to the board where she was writing something about Helen Keller. Gerard saw this and immediately opened his notebook, where he began to draw.

Ville opened his own notebook, which was black and very worn. He began to write something furiously. Frank only threw random things and whispered suggestive comments to the preppy girl in front of him. By the end of class, she was extremely uncomfortable and fidgeting in her seat.

Finally,/ finally/, the bell rang.

Gerard, Frank, and Ville jumped up, and near-ran out of the room to avoid any confrontation that might occur.

And then, they walked to their second period class, talking and laughing.

Fourth Period (Lunch)...

When the bell indicating lunch finally rang, the three misfits jumped out of their seats in math class and walked to the cafeteria.

Ville blinked and gasped.

" you get to choose your own seats and everything?" he asked, freezing in his spot. Gerard stopped walking and stared.

"Um...yeah. Why?"

Ville blinked and smiled, "No reason."

Frank had a packed lunch with the little canteen and every little lunchbox accessory. He had a Darth Vader lunchbox, which was quite funny for a seventeen year old.

He said, "I'll go get a table for us. See ya." He walked off towards the back, to grab an empty table. Gerard looked at Ville and grabbed his arm.

"Come on. Let's go buy lunch," he said, dragging the Finn.

Ville nodded and let Gerard lead him to the lunch line. After they purchased their lunches, which looked like dried vomit, the two boys walked to the back and joined Frank at the table.

A few moments later, four boys Ville didn't recognize walked up to the table and slid into the seats next to Gerard and Frank.

"Oh, hey guys," Gerard said, looking up from his lunch, which he'd been poking for awhile with his plastic spork.

"Who's this?" one of the boys asked. He had a thick Pennsylvanian accent that was perhaps exaggerated a bit. He had brown curly hair, blue eyes, and a mole beside his nose. He was quite handsome, wearing a red velvet jacket, a black Element t-shirt, a simple pair of jeans, and worn skate shoes.

Gerard smiled, "Guys, this is Ville. He's that foreign exchange kid I told you was gonna be living with me."

The boy nodded and held out his hand.

"I'm Bam Margera."

Ville shook his hand and blushed slightly.

"Nice to meet you."

Gerard took control and pointed to a boy with short brown hair with bangs brushed across his face and with huge chocolate brown eyes and large lips. He was very thin and kind of short.

"That's Brendon Urie."

He pointed at a boy with large lips, brown eyes, and a huge, orange afro.

"That's Ray Toro."

He pointed at the final boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a hard look to him.

"And that's Bob Bryar. These are the only cool kids in the entire school."

"Definitely," Bam laughed. "We are the devil-may-care, the lazy, the misfits, the so-called 'emo' or maybe 'goth', the Mafia of Belleview High!"

"Nice," Ray laughed. Ville smiled down at his lunch tray.

He was going to have a good time at school this year. Little did he know how wrong he was.

A/N- Foreshadowing like 'WHOA'. (Seriously. Will someone tell me what that means?) Ha, I left this chapter on the cheesiest note EVAH. But hey! You got an early chapter! Now please, REVIEW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!!! Thanks...
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