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Tour life is sometimes hard...

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The show was going with all the energy it could give. The fans were enjoing this moment and the guys of Motley Crue were giving all their heart in their passion. All the guys except for Nikki. Vince had notice that their bassist wasn't as energic as he was habitually. He was standing on the side of the stage, away from the others, and was playing without jumping around like he does habitually. Vince looked at him for a long moment while singing. After a moment Nikki turned his head and his eyes met Vince's ones. He immediatly turned away and locked his eyes on the floor. After a time, while singing If i Die Tomorrow, Vince walked toward Nikki and passed his free arm around his friend's neck and held him against him. Nikki lifted his eyes and looked at him. Vince smiled but Nikki didn't return it. After a moment Nikki struggle to set free from Vince's arm.Vince let him go,puzzled. He decided to let Nikki alone and talk to him after the show.

The show finished at almost 1:00 in the morning. All the guys left the stage, exhausted. The walked backstage to rest. Tommy drop in the couch and smile.
" That was really cool tonight!" he said.
"Yeah that's right" Mick answered, sitting beside Tommy.
" and you, did you enjoyed?" Tommy asked to Vince and Nikki.
Neither of them answerd. Nikki had laid on his back on the other couch, looking like ha had done a couple of shows instead of one, and Vince was too concerned about his friend.
"Hellooo!!?" Tommy called.
On the other couch Nikki slowly turned his head to look at Tommy with an annoyed look. Vince jump a little and turned to Tommy.
"mm..sorry said..??"
" I was asking you both if you enjoyed the show.." Tommy answered, rolling his eyes.
Vince laughted.
" yeah that was great!"
Tommy lift his tomb up and smiled.
Nikki just turned his head away, facing the couch. Tommy look at Vince with a questionned look. Vince shrug. He did a sign at Tommy to tell him to leave the room to let him talk to Nikki. Tommy stand up and left the room, Mick following behind. Vince walked and stopped next to the couch and crounching down. Nikki turned his head and look at Vince.
"What's wrong?" Vince asked.
"Nothing...why?" Nikki answered.
"You don't look like someone who just finished a show but like someone who just been tortured...." Vince said.
Nikki smile lightly.
" just tired...." he said.
" You sure?" Vince asked.
Nikki nod.
" I didn't sleep a lot last days" Nikki tell him.
Vince look at him for a moment.Then he stand up and smiled.
" Then you better sleep right now cuz we're doing another show in 2 days."
Nikki seemed a little bit annoyed and Vince noticed it.
"C'mon , after the tour we're gonna take a break" he said, messing Nikki's hair, laughting.
" ...whatever..." Nikki said, turning his back to Vince.
Vince decided to let him alone and leave the room to go to his room.
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