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Two days later, Motley Crue was up for another show. All the guys were waiting in the backstage for the begginning of the show.

" Where the fuck is Nikki?!?" Vince ask impatiently.

He was getting really nervous and impatient since the show was going to start in 10 minute and Nikki had not show up.

" Relax Vince...I'm sure Nikki's going to come soon.."Tommy said.
" The show's going to start in 10 fucking minutes!" Vince said.
Tommy laught. Vince turn around and stare at the drummer.
" What are you laughting about...?" he ask with an impatient voice.
" Nothing..." Tommy answered,smiling.

The drummer laught again and started to skip a beat with his drumstick on the table in front of him.

" I think he's laughting at you..." Mick said laughting.
Vince turn toward him.
" Shut up...." he said giving him a glare.
Mick became serious.
" Seriously Vince, I think Tommy's right...Nikki's going to show soon."

Vince sight but didn't answered.He was getting more nervous as the time pass. Nikki had never show up late for a show. But Vince had noticed that the bassist wasn't himself since a few days. He had say that he was just tired but now Vince doubt about it.But at the point to not come to a show...? Vince didn't like that idea at all. After a time, he finally couldn't stand waiting there anymore.

" Fuck off..I'm going to find him.." he said.
" eemmm....Vince...If you find Nikki please don't beat him up okay?" Tommy said.

Vince didn't answered.He turn away and stormed out of the room. He started to look in all the backstage room, knowing that he hadn't a lot of time left to find Nikki. After a moment, Vince was getting frustrated. He hadn't find Nikki in the majority of the rooms. He think for while, trying to figure out where Nikki could had be. He decided to look in the spare room even tough he doubt he'd find someone in there, since the room was been used to pack the material and things like that. He look all around the room and,surprised,he finally find Nikki sitting on the ground in the corner. Vince quickly walk toward him.

" NIKKI!!" he shout with a loud voice.

The bassist abruptly jump cause he hadn't saw Vince. He lift his head up and look at the singer.

" What the fuck are you doing??" Vince ask.
" Nothing...." Nikki answered slowly.
" Do you know what time is it?"
Nikki shook his head and look away.
" Well it'S pass 10:00 pm...The show is supposed to had started now! But it hadn't cause our bassist had not show up" Vince said with a harsh tone.

Nikki didn't say anything. He just fix his eyes on the ground. Vince suddently grab him by his shoulder and lift him up so he was standing.

" Don't you understand??" Vince said starting to get frustrated. "You.Are.Late! "
" I'm sorry..." Nikki said softly, looking down.
" You should be." Vince said. " Now come on we had lost enough of time because of you."

Vince took Nikki by his arm and drag him to the backstage where the others guys were still waiting. They turn around when they saw Vince comming with the bassist.

" Hey! It's Nikki!!" Tommy shout happily, running toward his friend.
Stoping in front of Nikki, he quickly hug him.
" Now let's go to the show!" He said, smiling at Nikki.

Nikki didn't return the smile. He just took his bass and slowly followed his bandmates. Arrived on stage, all the guys took their place and then they started playing Wild Side. Contrarely at his bandmates, Nikki didn't had fun on stage. He just wasn't in the mood of jumping around. He just stayed on the side of the stage, playing. At the beggining of the song, he messed up his lines and fucked all the song. Vince glare at him through the corner of his eye.
While playing If i Die Tomorrow, Nikki even missed the part where he was supposed to sing in backvocals. But the bassist just didn't care. If it was just him, he wouldn't be on stage right now. At the middle of the show, Mick was doing a long solo. Vince took advantage of this moment to walk toward Nikki. He acutely pass his arm around Nikki's neck and held him he couldn't get free.
" What the fuck are you doing?" Vince hissed in the the bassist's ear so he could hear him.
Nikki did not answered. He continue trying to play but he fucked all once again. Frustrated, Nikki close his eyes a moment and stop playing.
" I don't know where you are but you better come back on earth Nikki! And right now! " Vince said on a frustrated tone, tightening his grip around the bassist's neck.

Nikki didn't even try to escape. He just stay against Vince, not moving. He was sick of it. All he wanted to do is getting away of the stage and stay alone in his room. But he couldn't leave the stage in the middle of the show. Even he wanted to do it he knew Vince would be furious.

"Did you understood that?" Vince ask, making Nikki come back from his tought.
Nikki slowly nodd.
" You better..." Vince said, before letting Nikki go. The bassist immediatly back off from Vince.

The singer come back at the front of the stage. At this time Mick finished his solo, so the band started playing another song. Nikki could see that his numerous mistakes were frustrating Vince. After a moment they finally finished playing the last song of the show. A the end vince great the fans and they prepare for leaving. Nikki leave the stage first. He walk quickly toward his room. But Vince catch him up.

" hey hey wait! I have to talk to you!" Vince said to him.

At the look of Vince Nikki wasn't really confiant that he would appreciate this conversation. Tommy, who was behind Vince look at the singer.

" Vince...."
" What?" Vince asked.
" Don't be hard on him okay please?" he said softly.
" I wasn't going to kill him..." Vince said glaring at Tommy.
The drummer understood that he would better leave them alone. So he go to his room, Mick doing the same.

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