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Now, Vince was alone with Nikki. He turn around and faced the bassist. Nikki just looked away. He knew that Vince wasn't going to congratulated him for the show. Vince looked at him for a moment before he finally spoke.

" okay...what's your problem»??"
" I don't have a problem..." Nikki answered, without any expression.
" Stop it Nikki! You haven't saw yourself!"
Nikki looked at him but didn't said anything.
" God, you fucked all the show! You didn't play any song without fucking up somewhere! And you plaid like you were obligated to be in this band...You seemed like didn't want to do this at all." Vince said, raising his voice.
Nikki glare at him.
" Don't look at me like that! You know I'm right!" Vince said.

Nikki didn't answered. He turn around and started walking toward the door. But Vince caught him up and rested him against the wall.

" Hey I'm not finished with you!" Vince said.
" Look, I was just tired, that's all!" Nikki said, souding impatient.
" You told me this last time...and the 2 days before tonigh show you almost slept all don't try this again..." Vince replied.

Nikki was starting to get frustrated. He turned again but Vince held him against the wall.

" Let me go!" Nikki said, glaring at Vince.
" Hey what's up with you??" Vince asked.
" Nothing!! just let me fucking go! Right now!" Nikki said, now furious.

He struggled to set free from Vince. The singer was surprised to see how Nikki was acting. He didn't expected him to react this way. He knew that something was wrong. But he prefer to let him go before he got more furious. When Vince set him free, Nikki immediatly walk away. He glare at Vince again.

" Hey...calm down... " vince said slowly, noticing the expression in the bassist's eyes.

Nikki continued to stare at him. But Vince noticed that the anger had now mixed up with sadness. So he started to walk toward his friend. But Nikki just turn away and leave. vince sight but didn't try to retain him. He had no idea what could put his friend in such a state. He decided to wait a while to let his friend come by himself talk to him. Even if doubt that Nikki will tell him soon.

Tommy was sitting in the living room, watching TV with Mick when the door flew open. Tommy turn around to see Nikki enter the room.

" Nikki!!" Tommy called happilly.

Nikki glare at him but didn't say anything. Then he disapeered in his room. Mick looked at Tommy, looking as confused as Tommy. Then, Vince enter the room at his turn. He come and sat next to Tommy and sight.

" What's up with Nikki?" Tommy asked Vince.
" I don't know...I asked him but he wouldn't tell me...he said he was just tired...I doN't believe him..."
" He glared at me when he came in the room a while before..." Tommy said.
" He don't have any reason to be mad at you..." Mick noticed.
Vince shook his head.
" He isn't mad at you, don't worry. I think he's mad at me..."
" Why?" Tommy asked.
" Because I tell how he was on the stage tonight, and because I try to make him tell me what was wrong...and I think he didn't apreciated it..." Vince answered.
" Anyway we should leave him alone for a while. Maybe he just want some times alone. He'll talk to us qhen he want." Mick said.
" Yeah you're probably right..." Vince said.

It was almost 1:00 in the morning when the guys decided to go to sleep. They go upstairs to their room and went in to their respective rooms. Then the house became silent for the rst of the night.

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