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Next morning, when Tommy get up Mick and Vince were already in the kitchen. It was 9:00 am. Tommy went down the stairs and entrered the kitchen.
" What are you doing up so early?" Tommy asked.
" Hello all the same!" Mick said faking an indignant tone.
Tommy laught.
" Hello Mick!" he said, smiling. " Why are you up so early?"
Mick laught.
"Me an Vince have to go to the studio today."
" Why?" Tommy asked.
" We have to record the guitar parts in some song..." Mick answered.
" ha okay"
" You want to come?" Vince asked Tommy.
" I have some things to do..." Tommy answered.
" Okay. We have to go see you later!" Vince said.
" OKay, have fun!" Tommy said.

Vince and Mick left the house. Now, Tommy was alone. Nikki was still sleeping. When Tommy finished his breakfast, he went upstairs. He wanted to talk to Nikki. He walked toward Nikki's room. He open the door and silently walk in the room. He looked around the room. Nikki was curled up in the sheets and was sleeping peacefully. Tommy didn't want to wake him up but he wanted to talk to him alone, while Vince and Mick weren't there. So he had no choice. He crouched down next to the bed and softly shook Nikki's shoulder. The bassist moved a little but didn't wake up.
" Nikki..." Tommy called.
Nikki moved again then slowly opened his eyes looking at Tommy with sleepy eyes.The drummer smiled.
" Hello! " he said.
Nikki didn't respond.
" Slept well?" Tommy asked.
" No" Nikki answered in an indifferent tone.
" Okay...You want to get up?" Tommy suggested.
" No"
Tommy looked at his friend.
" You don't want to talk to me, do you?"
"No" Nikki answered on the same indefferent tone, rolling on his side, turning his back to Tommy.
The drummer sight. He sat down on the edge of the bed, next to his friend.
" Why are you so cold with me? I didn't do anything to you..." He said softly.

Nikki didn't say anything. He closed his eyes, still not facing Tommy. He wasn't mad at the drummer. He just wanted to be alone. He knew that Tommy would try to see what's wrong with him. So he prefer acting coldly with him so maybe he would go away. But Tommy did not intend to go leave.

" Nikki..." Tommy called.
" Go away." Nikki said silently.
" No..I don't want to leave you alone...Nikki, what's wrong?" Tommy asked with a sad tone.

Nikki sight shakingly. He knew the drummer was going to ask. The bassist closed his eyes again. He felt like he was about to break down. Why can't they just leave him alone? He was sick of it. The sad tone Tommy just used had hurt Nikki. He didn't want Tommy to be sad because of him.

" Nikki..." Tommy pleaded again.
" Leave me alone please..." Nikki said softly, now tears in his eyes.
" Turn around at least!" Tommy said.

Nikki sight and slowly turned on his side, facing Tommy.

" Why are you acting like that?" Tommy asked."I don't understand"
"There's nothing to understand.." Nikki replied.
" Why are you sad...? I don't like to see you like that." Tommy said.

Nikki finally loose his patience.

" God leave me alone! Is that so difficult to understand? Go away! I don't want to see you!" Nikki said, glaring at Tommy.

Tommy looked at him, hurt. He slowly get up looking at Nikki. Then, he bent down and hug his friend. Nikki didn't move. he closed his eyes and calm down a little bit.

" I just want you to know that I'm here if you want to talk..." Tommy whispered softly.

Then, the drummer slowly walk toward the door.

"Tell Vince and Mick I don't want to see them neither." Nikki said when Tommy was in the door frame.

Tommy didn't say anything. He just leave the room and closed the door.
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