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November Rain [Part 1]

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Nothing last forever even cold November rain...

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-"Look, I'm fucking tired of this, okay?!" Slash yelled.

Standing in front of him, Axl just stared back at Slash, silent.

-"Why did you fired Steven?!" Slash asked.
-"Look, I had a reason okay?" Axl said, without looking at Slash.
-"No tell me!"

Axl looked up at Slash, annoyed.

-"He was never on time!" he said.

Slash looked at him in disbelief.

-"You kicked him out of the band because he was sometimes late?!"
-"As if you were never late!" Slash said, half laughting.

Axl looked at him, furious.

-"Look, we'll find someone else!" he said.
-"We could have simply talk to him!" Slash replied.
-"That's what I did!" Axl said.

Slash was starting to get really impatient.

-"What's you problem?!" he yelled.

Axl looked away, without saying nothing. Slash walked toward him and Axl quickly looked up, stepping backward. But Slash grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him against the wall.

-"Look, now I'm tired of this" Slash said with a low voice."I'm..

But he was interrupted by the door oppening. He looked back and saw Izzy, who was staring back, looking confused.

-"Em...what's going on here?" he asked looking at a furious Slash, still holding Axl against the wall.

Slash abruptly released Axl, shoting him a furious glance. Axl immediatly walked toward the door, but Izzy grabbed him by his shoulder.

-"Let me go!" Axl said, with a tired voice.
-"No wait, please" Izzy said, still holding him.

Axl sight tiredly, but he didn't try to fight back.

-"What was going on?" asked Izzy.Why were you guys arguing?
-"You want to know what he did?!" Slash asked, pointing to Axl.

Axl tried to break free from Izzy's grip but the guitarist didn't let him go.

-"What have he done?" Izzy asked calmly.
-"He kicked Steven out of the band!" Slash replied.

Izzy looked at Axl, who was looking at the floor. He sighted and looked back at Slash.

-"Can you leave please?" he asked. "I want to talk to him."

Slash didn't say anything, before sighting and walking toward the door. Before leaving, he turned back and looked at both Axl and Izzy.

-"You'll have to find another guitarist. I'm also out of the band."

Then he left, slamming the door behin him. Izzy and Axl remained silent for a moment. Then Izzy released Axl and looked at him.

-"Was that true?" he saked.

Axl looked down.

-"Yeah" he said slowly.
-"Then congratulations, you just lost two members of the band."

Axl sighted and walked toward the door.

-"Stay here!" Izzy ordered.

Axl slowly turned back and looked at Izzy.

-"Why did you do this?" Izzy asked.
-"I don't know..." Axl said quietly.

Izzy stared at him.

-"What an attitude for a band's singer!" he said sarcastically.

Axl remained silent.

-"I'm not really proud of you right now, you know that?" Izzy said. "One of your best friend is mad at you and I don't think that Duff will be happy either."

Axl looked up at him sadly.

-"Can I go now, please?" he asked quietly.

Izzy sighted.

-"Yeah, you can" he said. "But make sure you don't come near Slash. I don't want to have to stop another fight okay?"

Axl slowly nodded and left the room. Izzy sighted and also left the room.
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