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November Rain [Part 2]

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Axl left the room and made his way to his room. He couldn't believe that Slash had said he would leave the band. He hoped he wasn't serious. He didn't want his friend to leave him because of a fight.
He was now in front of his room when he decided against Izzy's advice and walked towards Slash's room. The door wasn't closed, so Axl silently entered.
Slash was searching through his things. He hadn't noticed Axl yet.
A sutcase was lying open on the floor.

-"Slash?" Axl said with a quiet voice.

But Slash didn't seem to have heard him.


Still no answer.

-"You weren't serious, were you?" Axl asked, now sounding desperate.

But Slash was still ignoring him.

-"Slash!" Axl called once again on a pleading voice.

Slash quickly turn around and looked at Axl, annoyed.

-"Do I look like I'm serious?!" he replied harshly.

Axl looked back at him, hurt.

-"Of course not!" Slash continued with a sarcastic tone."I'm just packing my things for the fun of it!"
-"Slash, I'm sorry, okay?" Axl said.
-"Yeah? But now it's too late!"
-"Please Slash!" Axl pleaded. I'm sorry, I never mean to do that! I don't want you to be mad at me!I don't want you to leave!Please!"

Slash looked at him a moment before returning back at packing.

-"You should have think about it before!" he said."I'm sick of those fights and it's better if I'm leaving!"
-"No it's not!" Axl replied desperatly, with now tears in his eyes."You're one of my best friend, God!I don't want you to leave!"

Slash looked back at him. His eyes softened, but he looked determined.

-"I'm sorry, Axl."
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