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November Rain [Part 3]

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Axl stared back at him with a desperate look, before closing his eyes. He was starting to feel really sick. Slash must have noticed it, cause he was watching Axl carefully. Axl slowly walked to the bed and laid down, before sighting tremblingly. Slash bent down beside the bed and looked at Axl, worried.


Axl didn't answered, his eyes still closed.

-"Axl, are you okay?" Slash asked softly.

Still no answer. But Slash didn't needed one, cause it was evident that Axl wasn't okay.He was slightly shaking. Slash slowly rubbed his back, trying to reassure him.

-"Calm down, Axl" he said with a soft voice.

Axl didn't move, but he didn't try to push Slash away. He just laid there without moving. After a moment, he finally calm down a little. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Slash.

-"Are you okay?" Slash asked with concern.

Axl shook his head, looking sad. Slash sat down on the bed beside him. He then gently took Axl in his arms and hug him.

-"It's okay, calm down" he said softly.

Axl still had no reaction, letting Slash comfort him without fighting back. He closed his eyes once again and stayed silent for a moment.

-"Why, Slash?" he asked with evident sadness in his voice. "Why do you want to leave?"

Slash sighted.

-"I don't have the choice, Axl" he explained. "It's better if I leave."

Axl suddently stuggled to free himself from Slash's arms.But Slash retained him.

-"Calm down, Axl, please!" he said hugging his friend thightly.
-"Slash, please you can't do this to me!" Axl whispered sadly.
-"Please Slash!" Axl pleaded, now holding onto Slash.

Slash stayed silent. He didn't want to hurt his friend and make him sad. But he didn't have the choice.

-"I'm sorry, Axl..." he said

Axl once again struggled out of Slash's arms. But this time, Slash didn't try to retain him. Axl was obviously mad at him. He stood up and stayed away from Slash, shoting him a furious glance. But mmost of all, he looked hurt.

-"Then fuck off!" he said harshly."Leave if that's what you want! You obviuosly don't seem to care! I never thought you would do this to me! So leave now! But don't expect me to forgive you after that, okay?!"

He quickly turned back and left the room, slamming the door shut behind him.Before he left, Slash had notice the tears in Axl's eyes, and he knew he had hurt him. He sighted before leaving his room to joined Izzy and Duff in the living room.
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