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November Rain [Part 4]

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When Slash arrived in the living room, Izzy and Duff were already in front of the door. Duff had a suitcase with him. He had decided to leave with Slash. But it wasn't because of the band's problem, but because he needed change.

Slash put down his own suitcase,looking annoyed. Izzy looked at him.
-"What happened again?" he asked.
-"He came to plead me not to leave, he looked desperate but when he saw that I wasn't going to change my mind, he became mad at me and he left" Slash sighted.
-" I want to see him before we left" said Duff.
-"He's in his room" Slash informed him. "But I'm not sure he'll want to talk to you."
-"I don't care, I'm not going to leave without saying goodbye to him" Duff replied while making his way to Axl's room.

The door was closed, so he knocked. But there was no answer. Duff tried to opened the door and he was relieved to see that it wasn't locked. He entered the room quietly. The room was dark, there was no light on.

-"Axl?" he called.

There was no answer but Duff noticed the singer laid on the bed, under the covers. He looked like he was sleeping. Duff looked at the clock on the wall. It was only 8h00 pm so he doubt that Axl was asleep. He walked toward the bed and sat down beside Axl.

-"Hey" he said quietly.

Axl didn't move, his back still turned on Duff. Duff put his hand on Axl's shoulder and gently shook him.

-"Axl, please..."
-"Go away!" Axl replied with a tired voice, without facing Duff.

The bassist couldn't help but feel sorry for his friend. He looked so sad.

-"Axl, I just wanted to see you before I leave, you don't need to reject me, I didn't do anything to you!" Duff said calmly, but a little annoyed by Axl's reaction.

This time, Axl turned slowly to face Duff.

-"You're leaving too?" he asked with a weak voice.

Duff looked down at his friend and sighted.

-"Yes..." he said.

Axl sighted and laid back, turning his back once again at Duff.

-"Axl, I'm not leaving because of you!" Duff said. "I just need change, that's all! Don't be mad at me please!"
-"Why do you all have to leave?!" Axl asked, his voice broken. "Why can't you just stay here?! What did I do to deserve that?!"
-"Hey hey, calm down, please!" Duff said softly. "You didn't do anything okay? Because I'm leaving doesn't mean that I won't talk to you anymore or come to see you, you know."

Axl didn't say anything, but he didn't seemed happy at all. He was still not looking at Duff.

-"Hey" Duff called softly.

Axl hesitated a moment before slowly rolling on his other side and looknig up at Duff. The bassist smiled at him. He gently took his friend in his arms and hugged him thigtly.

-"It's okay, Axl" he said. "I promise I'll come to see you, okay?"

Axl slowly nodded. Duff let him go and stood up.

-"I have to go now" he said. "Rest, you need it. You look tired."

Axl nodded once again. Duff smiled and walked to the door.

-"Bye!" he said before leaving the room and closing the door behind him.
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