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November Rain [Part 5]

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Izzy slowly oppened his eyes, still half asleep. He had been woken up by the light comming from the window beside his bed. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the pillow, ready to go back to sleep. But he finally decided to get up. He got out of the bed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

He was suprised to see that Axl was already up. The singer was sitting at the table, his head resting one his crossed arms on the table. Izzy smiled and walk toward him.

-"Hey, don't fall asleep on the table!" he said, resting his hand on Axl's head.

Axl quickly lift his head up, suprised by Izzy. The guitarist laughted and sat down at the table.

-"Why are you up so early?" he asked
-"Couldn't sleep..." Axl said before resting his head back on his arms, closing his eyes.
-"Tell me if you're gonna fall asleep here, I don't want to talk alone!" Izzy said, laughting.
-"I'm gonna fall asleep..." Axl said without lifting his head up.

Izzy laughted once again and gently shook Axl.

-"Wake up!" he said.

Axl pushed him away, making Izzy laughted.

-"C'mon! Wake up!"

Annoyed, Axl pushed him away once again and looked at him.

-"Stop it, okay?!" he said harshly.
-"..Okay, I'm sorry! I didn't meant to annoy you..." Izzy said, seriously.

Axl sighted and rested his head back on his arms.

-"Hey, we could try to find other musicians for the band today...What do you think?" Izzy said.

Axl turned his head and looked at Izzy.

-"Where do you think you will find musicians for our bands two of the originals members just left because of me?" he said, sarcastically.
-"We're gonna see Nikki* today, he knows a lot of musicians who maybe will accept to play with us" Izzy explained, ignoring Axl's sarcasm.
-"Don't have to much hope..." Axl said.

Izzy rolled his eyes, slightly annoyed by Axl's attitude.

-"Stop talking like that, God..."

Axl didn't replied. Izzy stood up, grabbed him by the arm and lift him up off the chair.

-"C'mon, we're gonna go right now!" he said.

Axl stood up, but hefree himself from Izzy's grip.

-"I can walk by myself, thank you!" he said.
-"Hey,could you stop acting like this?!" Izzy said harshly. "It's annoying! It's not my problem if you haven't slept enought!"

Axl sighted, but he prefered not to say anything, Izzy looking seriously annoyed.

-"C'mon..." Izzy said, more softly this time.

* Nikki Sixx, bassist for Mötley Crüe
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