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Frank's Stagger

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Sorry It's been a while. I'm afraid I have been suffering from major writer's block. Anways, here's another chapter. REVEIW DAMNIT!!

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Chapter 5.

Brian stood outside the studio, sipping his coffee, and waiting for the band to arrive.
Mikey had called him late the night before, telling him Lilana was in Jersey and ready to take up the challenge of being My Chemical Romance's new drummer.

He was relieved, yet sad at having to replace Bob and knew the rest of the guys were all feeling the same.
Lilana wasn't Bob, and Brian felt sorry for her, having to fill such big shoes.

Mikey dragged his feet up the path to the door, and lazilly brusehd past Brian, while Gerard trugged up with Lilana by his side.

"Where's Ray and Frank?" Brian asked.

Gerard shrugged, "I have no idea, you know how those two are."

Brian smiled at Lilana and took her into his arms for a big hug. "It's nice to finally meet you!!"

Lilana smiled warmly at him, "I can see that!"
She was pretty much used to big, warm embraces by complete strangers, she did, after all, live in the heart of a hippie sanctuary.

Gerard looked back towards the parking lot and spotted Frank and Ray, dragging their feet towards him, Brian and Lilana.

"You're late." Brian said, trying to sound pissed.

Ray rolled his eyes and slapped Frank on the arm, "It's his fault, he was late coming to pick me up. He's so fucking pussy whipped."

Frank slapped him back, "Shut the fuck up side-show Bob!!"
Ray lovingly patted his fro' and stuck his nose up in the air.

Gerard rolled his eyes and looked over at Lilana, who was shaking her head at the two men in front of her.
"Get your asses in here, I wanna get this shit started!" Gerard said, holding out his hand to direct them all in.

They all piled into the meeting room and took their seats in the ugly grey chairs.

Mikey had dozed off in his chair, so Gerard had to slap him to bring him back to reality; which he didn't appreciate at all.

"Fuck you Gerard, Alicia kept me up all night, gimme a break." Mikey said, trying to defend himself.

Gerard looked at his brother with a horrified look, "Eewwwww. Keep it to yourself Mikey, Jesus-Fucking-Christ."

Mikey rolled his eyes, "Grow up and get laid man."

Brian cleared his throat loudly, making sure to get everyone's attention, "If you guys are done being 8 years old, we can get this thing started."
The room fell silent, making Brian's head grow two sizes.
"There, that's better. Well, Lilana, I just want to say thank you so much for coming and being apart of this, and welcome to the band."

Everyone clapped widly and whistled, making Lilana's lips spread across her whole face; something Gerard noticed right away.
"Thanks Brian, I just want to let all you guys know that I am really excited about the upcoming tour and I will not let you guys down." She thought her little speach was a little "Academy Awards" sounding; but it's really all that came to her mind.

"Well, you guys have three days to get ready for the tour, then we're heading out for two months. So, just let me worry about everything else, and you guys...and girl, get rested up and be here at 7 on thursday."
Brian said, scribbling wildy on his yellow notpad.

The guys all nodded in understandment and made their way out to their cars.

Frank ran through the parking lot screaming his head off and flailing his arms like a bird.

"What the fuck are you doing Frodo Baggins??" Gerard asked, lighting up a cigarette and watching Frank act like a complete idiot.

Lilana stood beside Gerard as they both watched Ray try to tackle Frank to the ground, while the short man made narrow escapes each time.
Mikey just stood there shaking his head and engrossed in his iPod.

"You really should stop smoking, Gerard. "Lilana said, watching him take a long drag from his cancer stick, "not only is it bad for your lungs, but for your voice."

Gerard rolled his eyes, "Yeah, I know, I'll quit one of these days." He crushed his cigarette on the pavement and stood up, helping Lilana to her feet.
"Ray!! Frank!!! You guys wanna go out tonight??"

Frank and Ray ran towards the rest of the band, huffing and puffing, and giggling like little girls.
"Yeah, sure, where you wanna go?"

It was hard deciding where to go out now that Gerard had stopped drinking.
"Well, we can to a bar, so you guys can drink, I don't mind." Gerard said. Aw he was so thoughtful.

"Ok!!" Frank said, being the little alchoholic he is, he was very excited about the thought of getting wasted.
"I'll bring Jamia, Hey Mikey, you bringing Alicia?"

MIkey nodded and then continued to nod his head to the rythm of whatever it was he was listening to.

"Alright, everybody meet at my house at 6, ok?"
Everyone agreed and went their seperate ways.


The four men sat in Gerard's living room, waiting for Lilana, Jamia and Alicia to emerge from the bathroom Gerard just knew now reaked of hairspray and body lotion; something he couldn't decide if he minded or not.

Frank sighed dramatically, "I knew those girls never should have met."

"Ahh, it's not that bad." Gerard said, sucking on his thumb from a burn he had since that morning, when he spilled hot coffee on himself.
"They're women, they need to look hot."

Ray sniggered and nodded his head sarcastically, causing his gigantic hair to push itself everywhere it wasn't wanted.
"Horn dog." Mikey said quietly from behind his x-men comic book his nose was so deeply buried in.

Frank sighed again and looked at his watch, he didn't want to be late for the cheep drinks at the club they were going. Gerard was worried about Frank going to clubs, he always got too wild and crazy due to the large amounts of alchohol he allowed himself to consume. Frank used to be the one, telling Gerard he had had enough, when he was working on his upteenth drink; and then, like the good little friend he is, helping Gerard out of some sleazy club, while he stumbled to the car. Now, it was Gerard helping Frank out of sleazy joints, crawling with prostitutes and girls with orange skin and skirts so short you could see what you were getting before you bought it. Gerard had no idea why he even went into those places, maybe it was the kickass bands that played on Thursdays, or the cheap drinks, or maybe it was because Frank was slowly turning into a mini pre-Black-Parade Gerard and he was just trying to be a good friend and be there for Frank while he threw up in an ally-way.


Alicia giggled as she and Jamia fixed Lilana's hair and makeup in Gerard's green tiled bathroom that smelled like Old Spice cologne and cigarettes.
Lilana squirmed impatiantly as Alicia brushed her cheeks with something she hoped was blush.

"Are you ladies about done yet??" Lilana asked, shaking her knee up and down in anticipation, while her hands rested gently in her lap.

"Yeah, just a little bit longer." Jamia said, as she took a curler to Lilana long, brown hair and wrapped it around the smooth threads.

Lilana studied the two girls in front of her. Alicia was tall and dark faced, almost as dark as the jet black hair that framed her thin face and hard jawline. Lilana turned her head to get a better look at Alicia's double pointed nose ring and studied the slight curve on her neck. Mikey was a lucky boy, that's for sure. She moved her eyes down to Alicia's short, black dress, which was of course chopped to bits on the sides and shredded on the bottom. It hung just so on her long, slender frame that Lilana duely noted.

Her eyes moved to Jamia, who was so different from Alicia appearence wise, that it was laughable that they even talked to each other, much less be friends with each other.
Jamia was short, and slightly heavy, with dark brown eyes and chin length brown hair that flipped out, like some sort of short version of Farah Faucett's Charlie's Angels hair.
A medium length, low cut red dress fit snugly around her thick frame, which slimmed her down nicely.

The air in the bathroom was thick with hairspray and smoke from the multiple curling irons and straighteners. It was almost gag worther, looking at all the makeup Alicia had in her posession, that was sitting on Gerard's dirty bathroom sink. Lilana made a mentle note to clean it for him, while looking at the crust around the faucet, that sent shivers up her spine.

Lilana sighed impatiantly and watched Alicia giggle as she raised a long skinny eyebrow and stuck her tongue out slightly past her full lips, to add to the affect of finishing off a a swipe of mascara on Lilana's eyelash.

Jamia's face lit up, and she and Alicia stood back to gaze upon their masterpiece.
Lilana sighed and rolled her eyes dramatically, "Can I look now?"
Jamia clapped her hands together once and smiled, "You may."

Lilana gave them a smug look and stood up to look in the water splotched mirror above Gerard's repulsive sink.
She smiled at her reflection. Her hair was all done up in curly q-like curls, with 80s bangs that would make Jewel weak at the knees. Lilana leaned in closer toward the mirror to inspect Alicia's makeup job, that consisted of about 1 pound of black eyeliner top and bottom and blood red wing tips reaching to the outsides of her thick eyebrows.
Lilana pulled back away from the mirror and smiled as she put her hands on her hips, "Well, this is the greatest thing I have ever seen this side of Jersey, ladies."

"We Know." Alicia and Jamia said simulaniously, while giggling at their likeness.
"Now," Alicia began, seductivly making her way over to Lilana, and puting her hands on Lilana's waist, "Go slip into something hot, that will make Gerard weak at the knees."
Lilana rolled her eyes and strolled into her room to slip on the dress she had picked out when Gerard told her they were going out.

Gerard watched the smoke from his cigarette float into the air and dissapear into nothing. It was 7:30 and the guys were all getting ancy, including Gerard; but mostly because he was anxious to see the outfit Lilana had picked out. Gerard smacked himself and shook his head as the thought slowly left his flooded mind. He looked up from the black liquid that was swirling in his I love dad cup and spotted the three girls walking down the carpeted stairs. Walking rather carefully might I add, due to the 3 inch heels they were wearing. Gerard subconciously let his jaw drop as he gazed upon Lilana, in her dark green dress with a slit right up to an area on her thigh that he was sure would drive him crazy for the remainder of the night. He was so busy looking like an idiot while his eyes were glued to Lilana, he didn't notice Frank looking at her the same way, something Jamia was completely unaware of.

Lilana looked at Gerard's face and felt her pale cheeks flush under the weight of his hazel eyes that were silently undressing her.
Mikey looked up from his comic book and whistled, while running to wrap his long arms around Alicia's small waist, "Oh My God, forget about going out!!." He said, picking her up and heading for the stairs.
Alicia giggled and kicked her feet in his arms. "Put me the fuck down Michael James Way! I want to drink!! Love making can wait my dear boy." She wriggled out of his arms and landed on her feet with a thud of her chunky heels. Mikey stuck out his bottom lip and followed her to the couch, like some little, hungry puppy.

Jamia stood beside Lilana, silently wishing Frank would have done the same with her as Mikey did with Alicia. She started to notice him looking more beside her, than at her; but shrugged it off and labeled herself paranoid.
Lilana shyly bit her bottom lip and remained under Gerard's gaze, untill Ray grabbed her hand and spun her on his finger, making sure he caught everything about her in his gaze.
"Well, aren't we looking spicy?" Ray said, while holding her away from him so he could once again inspect her.

"I do try my dear." Lilana said, giggling while Ray playfully kissed the top of her hand, getting a wide-eyed look from Gerard.

"Uh, ok guys let's get going." Gerard said, hurridly grabbing his jacket and opening the door for everyone. Lilana was the last to pass by him. He handed her one of her sweaters on the coat rack and smiled at the slight flush on her cheeks as he held the door open for her. Gerard sighed and stepped out into the night air, closing the door behind him.


Frank downed another glass of pure vodka, while staggering over to Lilana and Jamia, who were sitting at a table in the corner, conversing over a beer.
"Oh my God you guys!" Frank said, sloppily putting his arm over Lilana, "I can't beleive we don't do this more often."

Lilana looked over at Jamia's beet red face and shot her a look that said I'm sorry about a million times over.
The air was as thick as the tention between the three. Jamia was thanking God when Gerard came over and asked Lilana to dance.
Frank stuck his lip out and allowed Lilana to take Gerard's hand as he led her to the electric light dance floor, covered in flourescent waves and stiletto heels, scuffing it's surface.

Gerard pulled Lilana close, as Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls played, swaying in between the cheap disco light spinning above them.
Lilana blushed slightly at the sight of Gerard's smile. "So, are you nervous about the tour?"
"Yeah, kinda, I mean, I don't know how the kids are going to take me, I mean, I can never replace Bob." Lilana propped her chin on Gerard's shoulder and breathed heavily onto his black t-shirt.

Gerard chuckled slightly as their feet carried them in circles around the dance floor.
"You'll be great Lil, I now you will, just have faith in yourself."

Lilana nodded her head against his shoulder and let him lead her whever he wanted in the neon storm around them.

Frank was boucing in his seat as he sucked on a lemon and downed a shot of tiquila.
Alicia shot Jamia a sympothetic look, which Jamia returned with a "more-pissed-off-then-Frank-deserves" look.

More salty liquids hit my lips and burned my already sore throat, making it very difficult to descerne people from the red pleather chairs sitting at booths and marble table tops.
My head was starting to pound and I swear by brain was about to grow legs and walk right out of my skull.

Jamia's voice was a faint memory at this point as I staggered through the flood of people on the dance floor and to the sickeningly close couple in the middle.
I lunged at Gerard, slow enough for him to push me onto the floor and straddle me with those skinny legs of his, with his black boot pressing itself into my scorpian tattoo.
Crowds of people began to flock around our slightly odd scrap in the middle of the floor. I could only imagine the looks on everyone's faces; but was too wrapped up in my own head and the pressure of Gerard's heel on my neck to notice anything else but my own pain.
The room was one big blur and I could barely feel the arms around my back that was lifing me off the hard dance floor and out into the Jersey night.
Voices were mumbling something, about me I'm sure. Bumps, guessing I was in the car now, I groaned and faced the back of the seat in Jamia's leather interiror volkswagon.

I opened my eyes against the black of my eyelids and stole a peak at the people sitting in my living room.
As far as I could see, Jamia was sitting with Alicia, while she rubbed her back. Oh shit, what the fuck did I do this time?
Lilana was sitting with Ray, and Gerard with Mikey, skimming through one of my guitar magazines.
I layed there, trying to figure out why everything was so quiet.
I leaned my head further out to see if I could make out any noise between them.

"Jamia, I'm so sorry, I...didn't know he was going to act like that." I heard who I was guessing was Lilana.
Jamia sighed, "I don't care Lilana, just don't talk to me right now, ok?"

I saw movement where Jamia was sitting and a slam of our bedroom door.
I layed still, hoping no one would notice my conciousness, so I could prolongue the shit that was going to go down the next day.
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