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"dude, You can't moonwalk"

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Chapter 4.

Gerard opened his eyes and looked down to see Frank asleep on the floor in Mikey's beloved bean bag chair.
He rubbed is eyes and flipped open his phone to see if Mikey had called.

"Man, no one calls me." He said, closing his flip-phone.

"That's because you're fat and eat all the Soy Dream." Frank said sitting up and crossing his legs in the bean bag chair.

Gerard nodded his head in agreement and rolled his eyes.
"Shut the fuck up and check your phone, maybe Mikey called you."

Frank searched his pocket for his phone and then shrugged his shoulders.
"Seems as though I left it at home Gee-boy."

Gerard scoffed at him, "Loser."
He looked at the clock and sighed. It was 11pm and Mikey hadn't even called yet; he was getting ancy.

"Maybe he'll call when he.."

The ringing of Gerard's phone cut Frank short.

"Hello??" Gerard said, as though it were God telling him he made it into heaven.
"Hey man, it's Mikey."
"Why the fuck havn't you called me??"

Gerard heard Mikey sigh through the phone.

"Sorry man, but I just got wrapped up here."
"Yeah..well..ok. Did you talk to her?"
"Oh boy did I!"
"I'm on the plane back to Jersey."
"So she didn't want to huh? Mikey? Hello?"

"Hey Gerard." A female voice said into the phone.

Gerard's heart skipped a beat, which stole his ability to speak.

"Gerard? It's Lilana. You there?"

"Ohh uuhh, yeah sorry. Hey Lilana!"

Frank looked up at Gerard and sighed. Gerard returned it with a sympathetic look.
Poor Frank was hoping she would refuse to come, so he wouldn't have to deal with her anymore.

"Looks like I'm your new drummer big boy!"
Gerard snorted dumbly, "Yeah, guess so. Where are you guys?"
"We're about 10 minutes to landing."
"Oh, ok cool, well you guys be safe."

Gerard shut his phone and sighed, while looking at the pathetic look on Frank's face.
"Ah, don't worry Frankie-boy, it'll be ok."

"Yeah, yeah yeah. I hope so." Frank said, leaning back on his elbows. "I just need to get over it I guess."

Gerard felt sorry for Frank and all; but in the back of his head, he was pretty nervous about seeing Lilana again, himself. He didn't know how he felt towards her, or if he even felt anything at all.
Right before they both parted, he thought maybe he liked her; but wasn't sure enough to say he did.
He was just really confused about the whole situation and wasn't sure he would know how to react when seeing her again.

"Come one Frank, let's go late night Wal-Mart cruising, want to?"

When the boys got bored, they would walk around Wal-Mart and be complete idiots. You think Gerard, being almost 30 years old, would be too mature for such things; you thought wrong.

Frank jumped up from Mikey's bean bag, 'OK!!! I get to ride in the cart first though."

Gerard sighed and grabbed his keys from the kitchen counter, "Fine, whatever, you big baby!"

Frank smiled triumphantly and followed Gerard out the door.

Mikey held onto the side of his seat as the plane landed in Newark.
Lilana looked over at him and smiled, "don't like landing, Mikey?"

Mikey swolloed hard and shook his head, as he tightend his grip on the leather seat.

The plane landed and everyone formed a line in the middle isle.
Mikey and Lilana were first class, so they were one of the first to step out into the cool night air of New Jersey.

They went inside the airport, to collect LIlana's bags, while Mikey called Gerard, to come and pick them up.

"Yo Freaks, this is Gerard Fucking Way's voicemail, leave me a goddamn message; and if you're sexy, I'll call you back...Mikey, how do you turn this thing off? Mikey Did you leave the message already?"
Mikey sighed impatiantly as his brother's 5 minute messsage played in his ear. He tried several times to get Gerard to change it, but Gerard thought it was "fucking hilarious"

back to message "Mikey, stop pushing buttons, you don't know what you're doing!!!" Mikey" I do too!" Gerard* "No you don..Oh wait I think I got it."


"Gerard, it's Mikey. Where the hell are you?? Lilana and I are at the airport, we need you guys to come pick us up. I don't want to have to pay for another fucking cab!! Call me the fuck back!"
Mikey shut his phone and sighed.
He turned around and saw Lilana struggling with her 5 bags.

"Oh! Jesus, let me help you!" He said, grabbing 3 of her suitcases.

"Thanks Mikey." She said, wiping a stray hair from her face.

"No problem, hey what about the rest of your stuff, and the stuff in your apartment?"
"I'll just have my people send it over." She said.
Mikey laughed, "Well, aren't you just little miss popular!"

Lilana laughed and shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, Let's call a cab, I can't get ahold of Gerard OR Frank, so I guess we're on our own."
"Ok, well, are we going to your house?" she asked him.
"Yeah, well it's really mostly Gerard's place, I stay with Alicia at her place most of the time; but occasionally I crash at Gerard's."

Lilana nodded her head, "Oh I see. Well, how 'bout that cab?"
"Oh right." Mikey put down one of Lilana's bags and fished for his cellphone, to call a cab.


"Holy shit Gerard!! Watch out for that fucking car!!!!" Frank cried, as Gerard rolled him around the Wal-Mart parking lot in a shopping cart.

"Muahahahhah! You are my mercy Frodo Baggins!!" Gerard cackled.

Gerard firmed his feet on the ground and the cart came to a hault, jolting Frankie to the front and almost knocking him out of it.

Frank climbed out of the cart laughing his ass off, and fell onto the pavement, rolling in laughter.
Gerard looked down at him and shook his head dissaprovingly, "You had better get up before someone thinks you're some dead animal and runs over you"

Frank stopped laughing and stood up with the help of Gerard's outstretched hand.
"Ok, now watcha say we go jam in the music section?" Frank said, pointing towards the store.

"Lead the way Mr. Iero."


Mikey fumbled with his keys, as he and Lilana stood outside Gerard's apartment.

"Ah!! Here it is!" Mikey said, pushing the key in the lock and kicking the door to open it the rest of the way.

Mikey stepped by to let Lilana through and shut the door behind him.

Lilana scanned the room in great detail.
Leather couches and Gerard's artwork everywhere, Gerard and Mikey's platinum albums they received for 'Revenge", a huge big screen t.v with millions of dvds and video games, a massive stereo system with so many cds, it could pass for a music store.

"Well," she said, puting her hands on her hips, "men, DEFFINATLY live here."

Mikey walked up beside her and scanned the place, "Yeah, well you know Gerard.."

Lilana raised her eyebrow at him and playfully smacked his arm. "Oh hey, where is he?" She asked, shrugging off her coat.

"Ummm, I dunno..oh wait..yes I do. Him and Frank got bored." Mikey said, rolling his eyes.
Lilana looked confused, "Got bored? What do they do when they get bored?"

Mikey looked at her and smiled devishly, "Wal-Mart."


"Come on baby light my fire!!!!" Gerard sang along to the Doors song that was blaring from the Wal-Mart cd sampler.

Frank rolled his eyes and switched the song to Thriller by Michael Jackson, and began dancing.

Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes, while he watched Frank try his best to moon walk.
"Give it up Frank, you suck, man."

Frank gave him the finger and continued to dance.

Gerard nodded his head and looked to his right, where he saw Lilana and Mikey walking towards them.
"Oh shit, Frank, stop dancing." Gerard said turning the music down.

Frank turned the song back up and continued dancing.


Frank spun around and saw Mikey and Lilana sniggering at him, while Gerard shook his head.

"Oh, sorry.." Frank said, as he turned the music off and straightend his shirt out.

Lilana stiffled a laugh, "Hey Frankie, hey Gerard."

"Hey" Both Gerard and Frank said, while standing with the stupidest expression known to man, plastured on their faces.

She looked so much hotter than the last time they saw her.
She was about medium weight, 5'7, long light brown hair, and piercing green eyes. She was wearing a flowy orange peasent skirt that hit right at her ankles, a white speghetti strap tank-top, paired with brown flipflops and an oversized, tan,knitted bag.

"Sorry I didn't call you, Gerard, I tried to, when we were at the airport; but you didn't pick up.." Mikey said, still looking at Frank, who was standing beside Gerard like a scolded child.

"Ohh, well, I left it in the car, so I just didn't hear it ring." Gerard said.

"Oh my God! Gerard give me a fucking hug!!" Lilana said pulling Gerard into an embrace.
"Ahh, sorry Lil." He said, hugging her back.

Hey, Frank, aren't you gonna' give me a hug? Or did I get all dressed up for nothing.?" Lilana, said, playfully twirling the end of her skirt; and very much resembling a school girl.

Frank smiled at her and accepted her hug, constantly reminding himself that he was with Jamia.
He had asked Lilana out when he and Jamia broke up for a brief period, even though he started having feelings for her, while still with Jamia.
Frank felt like complete scum still feeling things for Lilana, and felt even more sorry for Jamia, who was madly in love.
It's not that he wasn't in love with her too; it's just Lilana was a different kind of love.

"So," Lilana said,pulling her purse back onto her shoulder, "what do you boys say we get out of here?"

"Sounds good to me." Said Gerard, taking his car keys out of his pocket. "Mikey, are you staying with Alicia tonight?"

"Yeah, she's expecting me." Mikey said.

"I can take you home Mikey, I'm going to Jamia's tonight, so I'll just drop you off on my way." Frank offered.

"And I guess I'm staying with you then. Gerard?" Lilana said, turning towards Gerard.

"Yep, Brian is wanting to get us all together tomorrow, to plan tour dates, so let's all just meet up at the studio at 8. Is that cool with everyone?" Gerard said, feeling very much like the leader at this point.

Everyone nodded their heads and they all made their way out to the cars.


Gerard tried his best to concentrate on the road, instead of the girl sitting next to him; but was failing miserably.

Lilana sensed that he was uncomfortable, and was searching her mind frantically, for a conversation starter.
"So, tell me, what happend to the blonde hair?"

Gerard chuckled, "Well, I missed my black hair. You know me, I change things constantly."

"Well, I liked it blonde." She said sincerly.
"Well, I'm afraid every other 16 year old emo girl wouldn't agree with you."

They both laughed for a minute, but it quickly died down into silence again.

"Are you nervous about meeting Brian?"

Lilana sighed, "A bit, yes. He seems like a cool guy though, well I mean from Life On The Murder Scene anyways."

Gerard nodded his head, "Yeah, he's an awsome guy, you'll love him."
"I hope I can do this." She said quietly.

Gerard looked over at her pretty face that wore a worried expression on it.
"You are an amazing drummer Lilana, you can do this, trust me."

She sighed and ran her fingers through her long hair, "I hope you're right."

Gerard pulled up to his apartment, and helped Lilana carry her bags into the house.

Um, you can sleep in Mikey's room, untill you can find a place on your own. He'll be at Alicias untill we go on tour."

Lilana nodded her head and followed Gerard to Mikey's room.
It was rather tidy to be a guys room; but Mikey was pretty much a nerd, so she wasn't really suprised at the orderliness of it all.

Gerard put her bags down and stood in the doorway.
"Well, I'm going to hit the hay, long day tomorrow, you can take a shower in Mikey's bathroom, right here, it's pretty clean." He said, pointing to the bathroom attached to Mikey's room.

Lilana chuckled,"I'm sure, it is. Thanks for everything Gerard."

Gerard smiled, "No problem, goodnight."
He turned around to leave but Lilana stopped him.
"It's good to see you again Gee, you look really good."

He chuckled nervously and scratched the side of his face, "You too."

Lilana watched him close the door behind him, and gazed around Mikey's room.
"Well Lil, "She said to herself aloud, "Here goes nothing."
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