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Just An Ordenary Day... Right?

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Amys mom was the most popular girl when she was in highschool, so Amy must be popular too.. Yeah, right!

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Don't pick on me cuz of my bad spelling.. I'm from Sweden and my spelling sucks.. ^^' But I love writing fics.. and MCR..

Disclamer: Sadly, I don't own the guys in MCR... yet evil laugh
I sighed. Mom wouldn't understand, even if I told her. I HATE school and nothing can change that!
"Oh, come on Amy, it can't be that bad!" my mom said.
"No, I guess not.." I mumbled. Just because she was ms.Popular when she was in highschool doesn't mean that I'm automatcially popular.
I grabbed my bag and walked to school. As always the other students ignored me, someone spat at me. Discusting, yes, but something that happeneds to me everyday. I sighed, opened my locker, grabbed my books and walked to class. I sat down in the back of the classroom.
In the middle of the class a small note landed on my desk. I read it.
"Go back to where you come from, HELL WHORE!!" It was probably from Nick, the 'popularity king', since it had his choise of words. I put it in my pocket wile making a metal note to empty it. It's not the first (or last) note Nick gives me. They all say the same thing, that I should return to the hell hole I crawled up from and so on and so forth.. Man, they are so predictable.. I sighed and fathered my things as the class ended. When I got to my locker someone was standing next to it. I slowed my steps, prepearing to be made fun of. I opened my locker, put in the books I had in my hand and took out my sketchbook. When I closed my locker he looked at me. He had whiteblond hair and was all dressed in black, he looked lost.
"Hey, can you show me where the artroom is? I'm new here, so.." he said slowly.
Now I got real suspisious. No one new had ever talked to me before, without making fun of me I mean. Why is he different? He poroably just wanna show Nick and his 'crew' himself worthy to be with them. Wouldn't be the first time if he did. No matter how it is, he asked me a question and, since I'm not rude, I had to answer. I might not trust him, but I answered.
"Yeah, the artroom is on the other side of the building.. I'll show you.." I mumbled and started to walk towards the artroom, with him after me. I got suspisious since I didn't see Nick, or anyone from his crew, as we walked to the artroom, and they are /always/ after me.
"I'm Gerard.." the guy said after a while.
"I'm Amy.. Or, as the call me here, The Bloodsucking Freak.." I mumbled and sighed as I saw Nick with crew comming towards us. They stopped right in front of us, blocking our way.
"Didn't you get the note? Return to where you come from, hell whore!" Nick said with an evil grin on his face.
"If I where you I wouldn't talk to her like that." Gerard said calmly.
Nick turned to him. "Really? What are you ganna do 'bout it?" Nick stood just about an inch from Gerard, who looked as calm as he could get. All of a sudden he grabbed Nicks arm and twisted it behind his back, pinning him to the wall.
"Let go of me, you freak!" Nick said, you could hear that he was suprised and scared at the same time.
"Maybe I will, maybe I won't.." Geraed anwsered, just as calm as he looked. Just then the schoolbell rang, making Gerard let go of Nick. He dissapeared fast to his classroom, his crew after him. I wanled into the artroom and sat down at 'my' table in the back of the classroom.
"Students, we have a new student here.." the teacher said. "Want to tell us something about yourself?"
Gerard looked uncoftreble and looked down at his shoes. "What is there to tell.. My name is Gerard and I just moved here from New Jersey.." he slowly said quietly. I could barly hear what he said.
"Okey, well I hope ypu'll like it here. You can sit next to Amy.."
I did not want him sitting next to me. Fuck no! But since the only avalible seat was next to me I guess he had to sit next to me.. I sighed quietly. I tried to ignore him, but it was hard since he wouldn't stop looking at me and what I did.
"What?" I growled to him, he was getting on my nerves.
" I.. I just think that you... Well, you are really talented.." he stuttered. I looked at him to see if he was kidding. Guess he wasn't..
"Thanks.." I muttered and focused at my drawing yet again.
"No, I mean it! You are really REALLY talanted!" he said as I gathered my things, since the lesson ended. I rushed out to my locker, I didn't want to talk to anyone. Glad it was lunch now.
I put my sketchbook in my looker and hurried out. I really just wanted to be alone. I didn't see where I was going and crashed into someone.
"Sorry.." I mumbled as I got up, knowing what I would get back.
"No, it's my fault.." Okay, not what I expected. I looked up to see a guy with black hair and brown eyes giving me an interested look. Before I could answer I heard Gerard behind me.
"Mikey! I see you've met Amy." he said as he reached us. "Mikey, this is Amy. Amy this is my bro Mikey."
"Hi." Mikey said and smiled.
"Hi.." I mubled and hurried away. Jeez, theres two of them?! Great, just fucking great.. More people that will hate me. God I hate this school.. I sat down under the big oak tree that was at the end of the schoolyard and started to cry. I don't know why, I just did. I'm such a pethetic, worthless looser. I didn't hear when Gerard and Mikey walked towardsthe tree.
"Amy, are you okay?" Gerard whispered.
"Why the fuck do you care?!" I yelled, wanting them to go away.
"Because I care about you.." Did he just say that? He doesn't know me and he said he care about me? I just looked at him. Man, either he was serious or he should win an Oscar for his acting.
"No one cares about me..." I whispered, mostly to myself. Mikey put his arm around my shoulders.
"Now, why would you say that?" Mikey whispered in my ear.
"Because it's true! No one here cares about me anyway.."
"We do.. We care.. Why can't you tell us what's wrong."
I don't know why, but then and there I told them everything about my tragic and pathetic life. Mikey and Gerard listened and understood. I felt that my life maybe wouldn't suck that much from now on.
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