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A Light In The Dark

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Amys life is getting brighter..

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Okay, this chapter might suck a bit, but when I wrote this I was tired and bored, so stick with me.. And I wrote it as it came, nothing was written down on paper (which I usually do..). Oh, and I'll post more fics soon (have like 15 fics or so.. ^^') ^^

A couple day later Amy walked to school, acually happy to get there, since she now had friends. Gerard and Mikey was the funniest, wierdest (A/N: Yes, I just called Mikey and Gerard wierd. Whatcha gonna do bout it? :P) and nicest guys she knows. I hurried to school. Not that I was late, I just wanted to get there as fast as I could. Man, if someone told me I would acually like school a week ago, I'd probably laugh. Okay, school is still a hell hole, but at least I'm not alone anymore. Come to think of it, ever since that day Gerard pinned Nick to the wall (still laughing my ass of when I think about it) they haven't as much as looked at me.. To afraid I guess.
"Amy!" I smiled as I heard Gerards voice behind me. I turned around and saw Gerard and Mikey running towards me.
"Hi you two. So, what are you gonna do this weekend?" Friday.. You gotta love 'em.. Shortest day of the week, and the weekend is comming up!
"We.. uhm.. we are acually gonna have bandpractice with some friends from New Jersey.." Mikey said.
"You play in a band? Cool! So, what do you play?"
"Mikey here plays bass and I sing.." Gerard said and put his arm around Mikeys shoulders. They make me so jealous! I wish me and my sister had such a good relationship. And they look so cute together.
"Cool! So, what do you have now?" They both took out their sceduals.
"I have.. Math.." Mikey said and sighed.
"And I have english.. Guess you have english too." Gerard said and smiled.
"Yup." I have almost every class with Gerard exept math, spanish and history. We walked to our lockers talking about everything and nothing.
After school we met at the oak tree, wich had become a symbol for us and our friendship. We dicided that we'd go to my place, since no one was home. I opened the door and let Gee and Mikey in.
"Wow, are your family loaded or something?" Mikey said and Gerard slaped him on the back of his head.
I laughed. "Yeah, you can say that.. My dad owns a recordlabel or whatever, and mom was a model or somethin like that.. Not that it's something I tell everyone, fuck no, I'd rather be alone than have a thousand fake friends.." I lead them up to my room, wich ment that we had to go thruogh the whole house. It was all like decorated in 'light' colors, but my room was the total oppisite. The door, first of all, was painted blood red as was the walls and all the furnetures went in 'depressive' colors, as my mom said, like dark purple, black, grey and bloodred.
"Whoa.. You have the coolest room I've ever seen!" Mikey said when they entered.
"Thanks.." I blushed a bit. "Sit down.." I gestured to the big black couch against one of the walls. They sat down and we talked until their mom called Gerards cell to say that they needed to come home. Before they left they promised to call me tomorrow.

pretty short, I know, but I was stressed.. the WILL be longer chapters in the future, I promise!
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