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Life As We Know It

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Several years later

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I laughed a bit when I went through my closet for the tenth time in less than half an hour. Man, was I so nervous! It's not like I've never been on one of their conserts before, I go to every consert I can, but now I had a backstagepass! After all these years I am going to meet them again. I wonder if they will recognize me.. I took out a black skirt and my My Chemical Romance t-shirt. I looked at it for a while. I always knew they'd get far, and look at them now. Loved all over the world. I laughed again as I put on the clothes and the heartshaped locket I got from Gerard the first Valentines day we celebrated together as a couple (Yes, Gerard and I dated for a while in high school.. Well, we dated until I had to move away.). I took a deap breath and walked downstairs to the kitchen, but I was too nervous to eat so I sat down at the table and looked out the window. Man, I've missed them so much these past years. We had so much fun in high school. My phone ringing snapped me out of my thoughts.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hey, Ams. Are you going to the consert tonight? I know how much you love My Cemical Romance.." I smiled. Anna may know much about me, but far from everything. I haven't told her about me knowing the guys in MCR.
"Yeah, and I have a backstagepass too!"
"Are you serious?! That's great! You finnaly get to meet your favourite band! I'm so happy for you!"
"Yeah, I know! I'm so exited! But I have to go now, so I don't get late.."
"Okay.. Well, have fun. Bye."
"Bye.." I hung up and smiled. I grabed my bag and keys and jumped into the car and drove off.
"I told them they'd be big one day.." I said to myself as I got out of the car and saw how many teenagers that was waiting to get in.
All I could focus on during the consert was how hot Gerard looked. Man, I've missed him so much! Afterwards I was nervous but on the same time happy. When I got to where the guys where Gerard ran up to me and kissed me.
"I've been wanting to do that for so many years.." he whispered in my ear. I giggled.
"You recognized me.."
"Of course I do. You are, and have always been, the biggest love of my life.."
I looked past him and giggled. "You maybe recognized me but they didn't.." I turned to the guys. "Hi guys!"
"Hi..?" they said, looking at Gerard as if he was crazy.
"Naaw, don't you recognize me? But then again, there's been a couple of years since last.."
"AMY!!!" Mikey yelled, cutting me off and ran to me and gave me a big hug.
"Hey, Mikey, I've missed you and all, but PLEASE don't squeese me to death!" I laughed and Mikey let go of me. Then it was the other guys turn to hug me.
"So, what have you been up to these past years?" Mikey asked with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face. It looked so silly.
"Not that much acually.. Right now I work at a bar. Not the best paid job, but it pays the rent, so I can't complain."
"Any boyfriends?" Gerard asked and I laughed.
"No." I simply said, smiling at him. He smiled back and put his arm around my waist.
We talked for I don't know how long about how life's been and about old times.
"Hey, do you remember that time when Frank.." Bob started, but was cut off by Frank.
"Shut up!!" he yelled, pouting. Most of our Frank-storys are him doing something stupid.
"Some things never changes, huh?" I laughed and Frank shot me a look. If looks could kill, I'd be dead several times over.
"Or something like that.. Frankie's still the little twoyearold he's always been.. Like that time when he.."
"SHUT UP, GERARD!!" Frankies outburst made all of us laugh. Yup, still a twoyearold kid. I yawned.
"Tired?" Gerard whispered in my ear and I nodded. "Here, I'll follow you home."
"Thanks.." I yawned and Gerard follwed me to the car. He climbed into the driverseat.
"Give me your keys." he said, holding out his hand. I sighed and gave him the keys, knowing I was too tired to drive home. If I'm tired and driveing, you could think I was driving drunk.. I gave him my adress and some directions.
"I've missed you, you know.." Gerard said after while.
"I've missed you too, Gee.." I said and looked at him. After that I don't remember much.
When I woke up I was in my bed, but I wasn't alone. Gerard laid next to me, sleeping peacefully. I smiled, I haven't been this happy in years. Gee slowly opened his eyes.
"Good morning beautiful." he said and kissed me.
"Good morning to you too, handsome." I smiled, hopeing the moment would last forever. Sadly it didn't. Gerards cell rang.
"Shit.." he whispered and walked outside to answer the phone. After a couple of minutes later Gerard walked back into the bedroom. "I have to leave tomorrow.." He sighed.
"I know.." I sighed aswell and sat up on the bed. "I just hoped that we.. could have more time together.."
Gerard sat down next to me and took my hand. "We could.. If you came with us.."
"Please?" Gerard cut me off. "I want you to.. I love you."
I looked into his eyes. "Okay. My boss have told me that I need a vacation anyway.." Gerard kissed me passionatly.
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