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Part Twelve: Sometimes love is addiction

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...was this even a contest?

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Part Twelve: Sometimes love is addiction

So don't make me cry
cause this love don't feel so right

Andy hung up the phone and felt triumphant. Had he won? ...was this even a contest? It didn't matter actually; he just wanted to hold Destiny. He couldn't help but feel butterflies at the thought of her body on top of his once more, the scent of her hair and she threw it out of her face. He was surprised how much he genuinely liked her, she was completely different from any girl he had ever liked before and for some reason it was more powerful than anything he had ever felt previously. Maybe it was because he had taken her right from someone else, or maybe it was because he actually adored her every step. Where Patrick only enjoyed her when he had the time to do so, at least that's what it seemed like to him.

He jumped in his car and drove down to the city, meeting Destiny at her tiny apartment. Andy was surprised that he didn't feel bad at all, he had expected, after coming to blows with Patrick backstage and them causing a total scene over her, that he would steer clear of risking another fight, but he didn't want to. He wanted Destiny and was happy that she was coming to him and leaving Patrick. He wasn't sure if he was going to want her traveling with them like she did on the FOE tour, but he wasn't worried about that right now. Today was SuperBowl Sunday and there was a party at Joe's Wicker Park apartment and he wanted to bring Destiny as his date. He wasn't sure if Patrick was going to be there or not, and to be honest, he didn't care. He just wanted to be with Destiny, something about just being in her presence made him excited. He walked up to the door and buzzed her apartment and she opened the door for him. He hopped up the stairs two at a time and couldn't wait to see her.

Destiny got home as fast as she could; realizing that she probably looked exactly like the emotional wreck in which she felt. She got home and fixed her hair as best as she could and threw on some light make up. She didn't want Andy to come all this way and then be afraid of her face. She opened the door and smiled, she was surprised at how happy she was to see him. When she left the tour she had thought she never wanted to see him again, but seeing him standing there made her feel okay again, it made her feel wanted once more.

"Ready to go to Joe's?" he asked her. She let him in the door and then turned to look at him.

"Joe's?" she questioned, walking to her bedroom and Andy followed.

"Yeah, he's having a party to watch the Bears kick ass, you want to go?" he asked her, sitting down on the bed. Destiny felt herself blush when she saw him take a seat on her bed, images of their fling on the bus running through her mind.

"Sure, it will be nice to see everyone again," she said, deciding to put in a little more make up since they were going out. A few minutes later she emerged and looked at Andy with a gleam in her eyes. She was so stressed and frustrated over Patrick, she wanted to let all of that steam go. She walked over to Andy and straddled his lap, leaning into him and placing her lips on his. Andy returned the kiss, running his hands up the back of her shirt, before moving her off of him and onto her back on the bed. He placed his body over hers and she reached her arms up placing them over his waist, pulling his chest closer to hers, where he could feel her nipples hardening and pressing against him. She groaned as their skin made contact, an almost tangible shock startling them both.

He moved his left hand from the bed and reached it down caressing her thighs, causing her to gasp into his lips. Andy moved his kiss away from her mouth, his hand still softly rubbing the inside of her thighs, keeping just enough distance from her to make her go crazy. He ran his tongue over her neck, making Destiny sigh softly as she let her hand slide underneath his body and she pushed his hands and lips away from her, pushing on his shoulders to make him lie back.

Andy grinned as he watched her eyes begin to glaze over. He pulled her shirt over her head, smiling as her starched hair stuck out in all directions, giving her a devil-may-care look that was driving Andy crazy. She reached over and pulled his shirt off, his multi-colored tattoos making her feel a little dizzy. He was the exact opposite of Patrick at this moment and she was losing her mind over it, she just wanted him to fuck her without any kind of disregard for anything else in either of their lives. She reached down and undid her belt, pulling her jeans and panties off and Andy pulled his off as well. Destiny then slid her left leg over his waist, leaning down to kiss him roughly, gently grinding her damp panties against his bare hard on. He groaned and slid his hands over her hips then across her ass, pushing her closer to his body.

He brought his lips up to her neck finally trailing his kiss along from her neck to her chest leaning down to gently suck on her breasts. Andy began to grind his hips up to her and she took it upon herself to slide him inside. They both groaned deeply as there bodies entwined and Destiny began to rock her hips up to him, helping him hit the perfect spot inside of her. Andy reached up and grabbed her breast, pulling at each nipple as she moved up and down on him, gripping him as tight as possible.

"Holy shit, Andy! God..." she groaned. Andy nodded quickly, rocking his hips up, just enjoying the sensation of her throbbing all around him.

Suddenly Andy couldn't take it anymore and slammed himself deep inside of her. Destiny pumped still, trying hard to reach the climax Andy had already found. Andy stuck his fingers in between their bodies, touching her sensitive spot before hearing her call out his name, her orgasm intense enough to cause her to lose her breath...

"You made it! I didn't think you would come," Joe said, opening the door to see Patrick. Patrick smiled and nodded, embracing his friend quickly before letting his eyes roam around the party. It was only four in the afternoon, the game didn't start for another two hours and people were already trashed. He rolled his eyes at Dirty and Pete who were in a fierce battle of sorts on Joe's Wii, and then spotted what he was dreading. Andy and Destiny were sitting in a corner with Marie, Destiny looking a little glazed over and tousled. Patrick felt his face burn, but decided against saying anything, because he let her go. He let her run to Andy. To be honest, he wanted to see her get hurt; he wanted her to know what it felt like...


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