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Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

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I watched as Pete kept his eyes on the paper, his eyes flicking sideways with every word he read. I watched as his foot jigged underneath the table, and how he would flick his bangs out of his eyes every so often. I watched as his licked his lips every time he turned a page, and when he looked up to meet my eyes, I blinked a few times to clear my mind. He sighed, and put his paper down on the table. I shuffled my feet slightly, and looked into his eyes.

"So... Joe huh?" He asked, and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I guess," I whispered, and he creased his eyebrows together.

"You don't sound too excited..." He said, and I looked to where he was now standing, facing me from the sink. I pulled the back of Joe's shirt down lightly, and sighed.

"Uhum... Anyway, how are you and Abi?" I changed the subject quickly, and Pete seemed to notice this. He shrugged to himself and looked at his hands.

"We, err, kind of broke up..." My eyes darted up to where he was standing, and blinked a few times. I coughed, and he looked into my eyes.

"Wh-what? When did you break up? Not to be rude or anything..." He gulped, and put the mug of coffee he was holding on the side. He looked to me, and I shuffled my feet nervously.

"A few days ago... She, well..." I nodded, understanding.

"Cheated on you?" He nodded.

"Yeah... Found her and some dude in bed together." He sighed, and I walked up to him.

"I'm sorry..." I mumbled, half-true. I was sorry for him, but I couldn't help but think 'this is my chance'. Pete shook his head, and smiled.

"I like someone else," I looked to the floor again, my previous statement taken back. Looks like I'm going to have to be jealous of a different girl this time.

"That's... nice..." I mumbled, and he creased his eyebrows together.

"What's wrong?" He asked, and looked into my eyes nervously.

"Nothing. Well, no. Nothing." I stuttered, and he held my arms to stop me from turning away from him.

"Tell me? Tay, you know you can trust me..."

"Tay! Where are you going?" She yelled, and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Nowhere... Just, nowhere..." She ran up to me, and held me by the arms.

"Tell me? Tay, you know you can trust me..." She said, and looked into my eyes. I turned away slightly, and laughed.

"To Johns..." She laughed, and shook her head.

"I told you that you were still seeing him!" She laughed, and her smile turned into a frown.

"He's not there. I called him earlier." I widened my eyes, and groaned,

"But it's my 16th! He can't miss it..." She shrugged.

"I know, I'm sorry..." She looked behind her, and squinted into the distance.

"Look, Tay, I have to go, but I'll see you later ok?" She said, and ran off before I had the chance to say something. I shrugged, and went to the coffee shop, and bought myself a mocha. I sat on the wall on John's street, and sighed into the cup of caffeine. Shrugging my shoulders, I decided to go to John's house. Whether he was there or not, I could always wait for him. I climbed over the fence, careful not to spill the coffee. I walked through his back yard, careful not to make too much noise in the garage. Entering the kitchen, I heard voices from the hallway. I creased my eyebrows together, and dismissed it as John's parents. I walked around the wall, and dropped my coffee at the sight before me.

Jess, the girl who said I could 'trust her' was kissing John.

So like always, I ran.

"Tay? Did you hear me? I said you know you can trust me," I shook my head to rid the memory, and looked at Pete again. He looked at me, and I shrugged.

"It's just that, I actually..." He urged me with his eyes, and I sighed.

"I thought you might want to be with me... When I got back from rehab... I don't know, you know, whatever-" I was cut off by Pete attaching his lips to mine, as he pressed himself up against my body. I let myself into the kiss, and we were just getting into it when I heard a gasp from the side of us. I felt Pete break from the kiss, and look at where Andy and Joe were standing in the doorway. I giggled slightly, and Pete looked completely guilty.

"Oh my god, Joe, man, I'm SO sorry, I didn't-" Joe laughed.

"Dude. Seriously. Shut it." He ran up to me, and wrapped his arms around me.

"Taela and Peter, sitting in a car, are they naked? Yes they -" Pete coughed, and Joe let go of me.

"Oh yeah, Pete, dude. Seriously. Don't fuck this up. She is really good in bed..." Pete laughed, and then squinted his eyes at Joe.

"So, I thought you two were-" Joe cut him off.

"Nah dude. 'Twas just to make you jealous." He smiled, and shrieked as Pete ran after him.

I think things were beginning to look up.

Gone yesterday,
There's no time left for me now.
We've done all we can,
Time just seems to run out.


One more chapter darlings. =] And seriously guys, 7 reviews? You can do better than that. And for those of you who care, I got the job. =]
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