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Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen - THE END.

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This chapter is dedicated to Sian.
R.I.P. Sian.
Babes, we miss you.

Let's go back.

Back to where nothing mattered, to where nostalgia was created.

2nd April, 1988
"Taela! Get back here!" She ran after me, trying to catch the ball that was in my hands. The bright yellow globe was clutched between my fingers, and I ran with the rubber so that I couldn't be caught. I giggled again, and sped towards a tree in the middle of the park. I ran away from my mother, her voice filled with laughter as I trudged through the grass and mud in the dirty field. I heard her yell my name once more, before I collided with an object and hit the floor.

I looked up, and was surprised to see a small boy, about the same age as myself, towering above me and looking at the ball in my hands.

"Are you okay?" He asked, and I nervously nodded my head.

"I'm fine... My knee..." He looked down to where my trousers were ripped, and he held my hand to pull me up.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled, and I giggled lightly. He smiled, and looked at me.

"What's your name? That's a nice ball." He said, and I held my yellow ball higher proudly as he examined the bright round globe.

"My name is Taela. Or Tay for short. What's yours?" She giggled as he stood mesmerized by the ball.

"Oh, erm, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz. The third. Or, Pete for short."


19th January 1991.
"Taela! Where's my book?" I heard Danielle shouting across the room, asking for her study book. I moaned, and sighed as I threw the maths book towards her. She grumbled as it slipped through her fingers, and laughed when the door hit me on my way out of the house.

"You were asking for that miss Tay..." She said, and laughed as I flipped her off.

"Shut up." I mumbled, and she giggled lightly. Her eyes widened as I stepped backwards, and tripped over my feet and someone else's.

"Shit, I'm so sorry..." The person mumbled, and I looked up into the eyes of a girl around my age.

"It's okay, It was my fault..." I mumbled, and the girl helped me up onto my feet.

"Sorry, again..." She mumbled, and I laughed.

"Honestly, It was my fault. What's your name?" I asked, and she smiled.



13th August 1993
"AMY! Don't make me come over there!" I yelled, and she yelled back her apology. I shrugged her behavior off, and got back to studying for her exams. I heard the doorbell ring, and I guessed it would be her boyfriend. She had a new one each week, and even though she was only 16, she was a complete slut. Tay knew this one wouldn't last long. I heard her answer the door, and then giggle as the person at the door laughed. I sighed, and proceeded downstairs.

"Amy, who is this?" I asked, careful to look the person in the eye.

"Tay, this is my new boyfriend. Joe."


14th July 1994
"Patrick! Andy! Take these leaflets around to the other houses god Damnit!" I looked around to two people, who were left. Everyone else had gotten their jobs and left, and my uncle wouldn't be happy if they didn't do as they were told. Especially seeming as it is their first day, me knowing this, as I help my uncle run the advertising place, and I know new faces when I see them. If they didn't go and deliver those leaflets soon they wouldn't have a job. I thought back to what my uncle called them and turned to them.

"You two, urm, Patrick and Andy?" They nodded.

"I suggest you two get a move on otherwise my uncle will probably fire you." They looked at each other, and then to me.

"But we don't know where to deliver them to..." One of them said, and I opened my mouth to speak, but cringed as my uncles voice was heard again.

"That's it! You're fired! I never want to see your faces again!"


I sat bolt right as my dream echoed through my ears in the post sleep wave of images. I shook my head, and my eyes welled up at the memories of past years. All those memories were true; they had just been erased from my memory, and obviously everyone else's in the last few years. I turned my head to where Pete was sleeping and smiled and he giggled in his sleep.

I knew it now.

Everything was meant to be.

It was just all fate.

After that day in the park, myself and Pete went our separate ways. He went off with my bright yellow ball, as I gave it to him as a parting gift. I went to the downtown store with my mum. We never saw each other again. Well, until Mike introduced us again.

After I bumped into Lexi, I found she was actually moving out of the neighborhood. Her family were moving into a new job, and that was her last day in the city.

Amy dumped Joe two days after I met him; she went onto her new fling. She never looked back, she never wanted him again. Not that it bothered Joe, he could just move onto his next girl. I wasn't his friend, so he didn't keep in touch with me either.

I never saw Patrick and Andy after they lost that job. They never looked back to me; I was just the bosses' niece. I didn't mean anything to them. Until now.

I knew now, that everything we've ever done led up to this.

Everything in the world is meant to be, whether you try to change it or not.

All five of those people came into my life for a reason, whether the reason be good or bad.

Fate. I never believed in it.

Or, sometimes, I did.

Sometimes I thought that /we rot; we stay underground until someone digs up our pelvis and sells it on eBay/.

Now I know.

Everything happens for a reason.

The End.
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