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Chapter 2

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The guys meet their new stage crew member. What they don't know is that he hates them and plans on killing them.

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Author Notes: Hehe, short update. In school, during lunch period. I do not want to kill the guys. Sorry I didn't update Blast to the Past. I think that I can update it tonight though. =) Enjoy and thanks for reading! :D

Disclaimer: I don't own the guys. This is as real as Gerard Way dating Mikey Way. =O


"Dude, next time, do me and the guys a favor," Joe said. "And please leave your pants on for soundcheck even though there is no one who can see you."

"Hey!" replied Pete. "It's not my fault that you spilled your Gatorade on me. They were wet, and I can't rock with wet pants. That's just not right. I could get electrocuted."

While Andy and Pete were bickering, you could hear Patrick rehearsing for the show, in the background, as the whole room filled with Patrick's vocals for Golden.

"Oh, um...hey guys," greeted Gary as he entered the room. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing much," replied Joe. "It's just that someone just scarred me for life."

"Oh, please," replied Pete with an eye roll. "You were scarred every since you met me."

"Yeah, I guess that's true," replied Joe. "Just don't scar me anymore."

"That's going to be hard," replied Andy.

During the free time, Gary got to know Fall Out Boy a little better. He found out that Pete likes to take a bite out of a box of cupcakes. He found out that Patrick is the really shy member. He also found out that Andy loves to party hard. (or not?) And of course, Joe loves to bounce around on a trampoline for fun.

"Hey guys!" announced Jim. "1 hour until showtime! Time to get ready."

"Awww..." whined the boys, not wanting to leave the lounge. Patrick and Joe were playing DDR against each other, while Pete was lounging and listening to his Ipod. Andy was playing table tennis with William Beckett.

"Haha!" yelled Beckett. "I win! 22-19. Now you owe me 100 bucks."

Andy grumbled as he got out his wallet and gave William a Franklin.

"Mucho Gracias, amigo," replied Beckett with a smile. "We should play again some other time. See you on stage." With that being said, William skipped, (yes skipped), to his dressing room.

The boys quickly scattered out of the backstage lounge.
"Coming, Gary?" asked Pete.

"Oh yeah," replied Gary. "I'll be there in a bit. Give me some time. I just got to finish some designs."

"Ok," said Pete. "See you in a bit."

Gary chuckled as he finished his blueprints for tonight's show.

"Tonight, those fuckheads die!" Gary said with a smirk and an evil laugh.
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