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Chapter 3

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Hungry Hungry William! xD

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Author's note: I'm terrible at updating. I'm sorry I didn't update for a real long time. I'll try to update more now. I am really busy, so yeah. Hope you enjoy this chapter. I'm going to try to update at least once a week. Last chapter: it was mentioned that FOB had one hour until showtime. That's the time when venue doors open. They still have about 3 hours left to perform, in reality. TAI is an opening band, so they have about 1 hour left to perform. Sorry about that.
X[ Without further ado, here's the chapter. Hope you love this chapter, even though it's crap. Enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: This is not real and I don't own anyone.


William was suddenly hungry as he skipped out of the room. He was going to get something to eat, so he walked to his dressing room. There he found a lot of objects, but there no food was to be found.

'Hmm...can't a rock star get something to eat around here?' thought William. He decided to go back to the lounge and get some bagels to eat before the show. As he was nearing the room, he heard some evil laughter. William opened the door and found Gary laughing like a maniac.

"Uhh..."started William, as Gary suddenly zipped his mouth shut.

"Oh...I'm just so glad that I get to work for Fall Out Boy," replied Gary. "It's just that I was a huge fan of them when I was a bit younger."

"Uh huh," said William as he cocked an eyebrow suspiciously. "So, you have any food?"

"Uh...yeah...I think there's some in the fridge or some in that box there," replied Gary, pointing at the box.

William walked over to the box and found a bagel and cream cheese. His face lit up with glee.

"Sweet!" exclaimed William. "Thanks a lot!"

"Yeah, no prob," replied Gary.

There was now an awkward silence. William carefully spread the cream cheese on his bagel and took a few bites of it. William checked his wrist, pretending to look at his watch.

"Well, look at the time. It's time for me to go," said William with bits of bagels falling out of his mouth. "Thanks!"

Gary nodded as William walked out the door, finishing his bagel. 'Note to self, laugh like a maniac in a soundproof room,' thought Gary. 'That guy's lost it. But this bagel is bloody brilliant.' thought William.

As William finished his bagel, he finished getting ready for the show and decided that he was going to visit Fall Out Boy, as they got ready.

"Hey Will!" greeted Pete.

"Hey, come to rob me again?" asked Andy.

"Haha, not really Andy," replied William. "There's always tomorrow. I'm sparing you." Andy groaned as William said that.

"You know that new dude you hired? Larry, isn't it?" William asked.

"It's Gary," replied Pete.

"Yeah, yeah, Larry...Gary...still has the 'ary' sound. Same thing." William replied with a gesture with his hands. "I think he's lost it."

"Oh yeah?" asked Pete.

"Yeah...I was looking around and I heard him laughing like a maniac," said William. "He said that he was happy he got the job. I think that was used as a cover. I think he is afraid of his insecurities. We're there for him, ya know? We're all weird in this world and we don't have to hide it."

"Riiighhtt... should probably check up on your band. You guys are going on soon," replied Pete.

"Alright, see you later amigos!" said William as he left the room.

"Guys," said Pete.

"Yes, Pete?" replied Andy.

"Next time when we get The Academy Is... to play with us, could you please remind me to hire a therapist for William? He's definitely lost it."
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