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Sixteen Candles

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A couple of vampires hunters just wanting to do their jobs, but whoever knew it could be so dangerous to befriend an enemy? (yeah, i kno that it's like the music video.)

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Kill me in the Moonlight
A/n: Just something I thought I'd try out. I hope you guys like. Maybe this one will be a tad bit better than my last.
Chapter 1
Sixteen candles.

"Hey, babe, don't go that way..."
Her lips were a dark red and her eyes were a light blue. Violent red hair flutter down a black cotton jacket. A nerd turned bad as he liked to call it. Emma, he believed, was her first name. Or at least, it was when she was alive. Magenta was her name now. His kind.
"Why not." He sneered.
A few of his followers circled around her and taunted her. She was unmoved by it. Chains tingled on her. Dark eyeliner made her eyes stand out. She was one of their kind...but on the different side of the war.
"They are down there." Magenta moved past his gang members and ran a long red fingernail across his pale face. "They are looking for you."
"Why should I believe you?" His English accent perfected his outlook.
"I want in. I want to be a dandy." Her Boston accent, on the other hand, did not.
"Sweetblood," He snarled, "You can't. Maybe next time, love."
Just as the plan always go with an outcast looking for a cheap ticket in, his best men slowly crept behind her, waiting for his single to pounce. He was about to snap his fingers when something caught his eye. A sparkling from the alley was the danger, was the death of them. On the other hand, he changed his mind about her. They always needed bait.
"Come on, now, love." He grabbed her hand and motioned the rest of them. "We must depart."
After turning the corner three men dressed quite causally besides the weapons hanging on their side, ran out from the darkness. They looked like regular guys with too much time on their hands but not enough money to do anything about it. A tall tattooed one with black rimmed glasses and a long skinny scarf cursed loudly.
"How many times..."He sat on the street edge and put his head in his hands, "How many fucking times do we have to lose that son of a..."
"Calm down now, Andy, we'll get them." A man with a black hat with the words original written crossed it and green jacket said. "We can't just give up like this."
"I say we get better weapons than this!" A tall man with dark hair and a black jacket said. "Like a tracking system or a machine gun, you know something useful! Come on, Patrick, anything but this!"
"We'll do that later, Joe." Patrick said.
Just as they started to leave, a scream in the distant caught their attention. It was fearful and gurgled, as if he was choking. By the time they got there they were too late. A man in his early twenties lay on the ground, holding on to his neck. An outreached hand searched for comfort and familiarity.
"We got a downer..." Andy whispered. "Just shoot him and let's leave."
He knew it was the right thing to do, get rid of him before he became a bigger problem. But something seemed to tell him no, this guy is different. Desperate and innocent. Never asking for anything more in life than an extra step. All too real.
"Guys..."Patrick grabbed a tissue out of his pocket and put it on the man's neck. "We got to help him. We are taking him back home."
"You are joking, right?" Joe questioned.
"I think this guy can help...I'm serious!" Patrick helped him up and put his arm around his waist. "We never tried to tame one, or even try not kill them, for that matter. He could lead us to the leader."
"Yeah, if he doesn't bite us first!" Andy kicked the man in the face.
"What was that for?" Patrick screamed.
"Dude..." Joe kicked the man, knocking him out, "He's transforming, right now."
In fact, long gleaming fangs started to grow. What Patrick hadn't notice was the man was trying to bite his arm off. Not a real good way to convince the guys this might work. This was going to be a bumpy road, guaranteed. But life wasn't easy for a couple of vampire hunters, especially when they were about to take one up on their own.
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