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One night

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A couple of vampires hunters just wanting to do their jobs, but whoever knew it could be so dangerous to befriend an enemy? (yeah, i kno that it's like the music video.)

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Kill me in the Moonlight
a/n: so, maybe I will cont. this one. Luago is pronounced as it is in Spanish, like hasta luego. Yeah, v. original, the bad guy's name being later...or see you...I'm not quite sure cuz I'm really not that great with Spanish yet. Maybe ill get better...or not. Who knows (or cares). P.S. I have no clue all of the evil guys names. I just took them from my other fics, exept Brendon, and you all know who that is. P.P.S.Can you guess which songs the titles come from?
Chapter 2
One Night

"So...this is the Dandies hide out?" Magenta ran a finger over on of the rose vases.
"Do you have a problem with it?" He cooed.
"No." her lips pierced up to give a chilling smile.
The hide out was very white and, by the looks of it, expensive. It was covered with dead roses and statues of Greek goddesses making love to each other. The other members neatly placed their hats on the rack and sat around the fireplace.
"My name is Luago." He took her hand and kissed it. "These are my boys. Shadow is over the left, we've got Jack by the bookshelf, Robert tending the fire, and Brendon is shaping his teeth. I'd be most frightened of him."
"He doesn't scare me." She took back her hand and wiped it on her pants.
The white carpeting had tiny droplets of blood. They had just jumped a young man who had been out a little too late drinking. Was he dead yet, or was he becoming? Luago just told them to leave him and go on. The hunters were on their trail. She felt safe in their underground mansion. Too bad she didn't know she was just a prawn.
Meanwhile across town in a basement, our three heroes heaved the unconscious vampire into a large, knocked over cabinet. Making sure they wouldn't end up being dead, they placed a broom in the handles.
"So...let me get this straight." Andy said as he twigged with his scarf. "We are keeping a vampire in our closet, not just any kind of vampire, but a newborn one, desperate for blood. How wise are we?"
"I know what I'm doing." Patrick reassured them. "If we can tame this guy..."
"How do you suppose we do this?" Joe asked. After a minute of thinking, Patrick responded.
"I'm quite sure yet." Patrick sighed as he threw off his jacket and black original hat.
For a little over a year the three men had been chasing and hunting these creatures of the night. They couldn't tell you why they started; only that it was the only thing they thought of. Their very breath was filled with hatred towards the beasts. They were just settling down when there was a scream outside of the basement door. The trio had grown used to having to make haste when they were called.
"Guys!" Andy dropped his knife. "He's gone!"
"Who?" Patrick asked as he stuck a stake into his belt loop.
"The fucking vampire, who else!"
Well, at least they knew what the cause of the panic was. The cabinet's doors were wide open and the broom handle was gone. Quickly they ran out the basement door and right into a battle. The newly born vampire had a young women by the hair was dragging her to his mouth.
"Andy, to the left," Patrick handed Andy a rope. "Toss hit around his...Andy, get over here!"
Andy had already started to sneak up on them both, but instead of tossing the rope on the vampire like Patrick had originally planned, he threw the rope over the girl and tugged her over to him. She screamed, but landed in his arms.
"Hello." Andy smiled.
"Watch out!" She exclaimed in poor English.
The vampire came running over to where the two stood. Lucky for them, Joe always kept the extra supplies. Soon the man was being tossed across the back alley and into a wall. Once again he was out cold.
"Are you happy now?" Andy still hung onto the victim. "That thing almost got her killed."
"What thing?" She asked him.
"We just have to keep a better hold on him." Patrick and Joe lifted him back up and started to drag him back to the cabinet.
"What do you mean by that?" her olive eyes went back and forth.
"No, we are not." Andy started to come towards them, girl still in arms. "We are going to kill him right now."
"What do you mean you are going to kill him?" She tugged on Andy's scarf.
"What part of we are going to look after him didn't you get?" Patrick kicked open
"What are you talking about?" The woman screamed at the top of her lungs.
"He's a vampire!" The three men yelled at the same time.
The young women laughed at first. She looked up at Andy, laughed again, then past out. Andy smiled at the sleeping woman and pushed a strand of her jet black hair away from her face. Patrick and Joe nodded at each other. They knew what was going on.
"We get it." Patrick mocked him. "I would be mad too if a pretty girl was almost killed by your friend's experiment."
Andy glared at them both and cussed at them. It took a little longer without Andy's help, but they got the vampire into the cabinet and heavily locked the doors. After they were certain it would hold until they could move him somewhere else, they decided to join Andy in the living room. Instead of watching TV like he normally did, he sat on the floor next to the long couch, talking to the woman.
"My name is Andrew." Andy said.
" is Kyoko." The young woman smiled back at him.
She was quite short, with big olive eyes and long black hair. Her voice still had the Asian accent and some of her English was messed up, but she was doing quite well. Her nail were short but had on a heavy gloss of read. By the looks of her clothing, she must have just been coming back from a dance club.
Patrick didn't want to admit it, but he figured that this was Andy's Romeo and Juliet. His friend never really thought of women and this look on his face was new. He only hoped that this woman would at least be friends with him, because he didn't want him to suffer heartbreak.
"Is he flirting yet?" Joe said from behind him.
"I'm not flirting!" Andy caught them, helping Kyoko up.
"Um...what is going on?" She asked.
They all nodded to each other. It didn't really hurt anything to tell her the truth. It took an hour to explain to her, mostly because they had to exchange words with simpler ones so she could understand.
"Um...the vampire." Kyoko hid behind a pillow.
The man had in fact got out of the cabinet again. Andy slowly drew in stake, but Patrick protested against it. Instead of a blood lust look in his eyes, he shook. His eyes were a bright blue and his skin face was swollen. He reached out his hand and fell face forward onto the floor.
"Is he dead?" Joe asked.
"He was dead to begin with." Andy elbowed him.
Patrick knew exactly what was wrong. The new born vampire hadn't feed, and was slowly eating off the last human blood he had. To a measure, he knew he should let the creature die, but then what was the point of letting him suffer? He took out his long knife and slit one of his wrists.
"Patrick!" Andy took away the knife. "What the hell!"
"He's not gonna make it if I don't!" Patrick bended down by the vampire and left his head. "I can lose some of my blood."
At first the man did nothing. Suddenly, he grabbed Patrick's wrist and sucked on it. Patrick gasped in pain and tore his wrist away. The vampire lapped up the blood from his mouth. Soon, his face was filling and his eyes turned to a light shade of brown.
"Thanks." The man said the first word all evening. "My name's Pete."
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