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Gerard learns about what has happened at home and must face an unhappy decison.

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Gerard took the steps to the fourth floor instead of waiting for one of the elevators. He used his card key to let himself into their room. Monica was seated on the bed staring at the T.V., which was not on.
He crossed the room to her, "Honey, what's wrong?"
She looked up at him and tried to smile. Gerard hasn't shut the door and she noticed that Ray and Bob who had taken an elevator were standing just outside in the hall. "You guys can come in," she told them.
Bob didn't need to be asked twice. Ray seemed more hesitant to enter. He slowly followed Bob in but was watching Gerard who hadn't even glanced in his direction.
"I was down in the casino when I got a call from Kara. It was so loud in there that I had to step outside and call her back. She sounded so upset I knew something was wrong."
"She left me a message that was garbled. It had something to do with Kelly and her aunt" Bob said breaking in. He was upset and it showed.
Monica nodded, "She told me that something had happened that had really upset her. She had gone to the grocery store for Donna and had just pulled up when she saw Kelly and her aunt Jenn coming out of the house. Jenn seemed surprise to see her. When Kara asked what was going on, where they were going Kara said that Jenn looked angry. She told Kara that she had come to visit and was just taking Kelly for a drive so they could talk. Kara said she just felt that something was wrong."
Bob spoke with pride in his voice, "Kara is smart she would know if something was wrong."
Monica nodded, "Yea she is. She said that she just knew she shouldn't let Kelly go with Jenn. So she made up an excuse that Kelly couldn't go cause she had a dentist appointment. I guess Kelly looked at her strangely but understood that her sister was trying to keep her from leaving so she pretended that she had forgotten the appointment."
Gerard spoke up, "Kelly is a smart girl too."
Monica was touched by his feelings for Kelly. She gently touched his cheek, "Kelly is Ok, Gee."
He had needed to hear that and relaxed slightly, "What happened next?"
"Kara said that Jenn got really angry she said that she had traveled all that way to see visit them and that she had just wanted to spend some time alone with Kelly. She said that she wanted Kelly to show her around Belleville, show her the school she was attending just so they could have time to talk. Kara stood firm on Kelly not going. By this time your mom came outside to see what was going on. She hadn't even known that Jenn was at the house. Kelly had answered the door, when your mom was doing laundry."
Gerard smiled slightly, "Mom would protect those girls with her life."
"Kara told Donna that she needed to take Kelly to her dentist appointment and that was why Kelly couldn't go with Jenn."
"What did mom do?" Gerard asked.
"Evidently she could tell that something was going on that wasn't right so she told the girls to go inside and she stayed outside to talk to Jenn."
"Have you talked to mom yet?" He asked.
"I just got off the phone with her right before you got here. I explained to her about Jenn and how she blamed me for her brother's death. Their parents died in an auto accident when Jenn was 19 and she had raised Kyle after that. They were so close. Also Kara had shown your mom the internet post calling me a murderer and I explained to Donna that I was sure it had been done by Jenn."
"So what did mom say to Jenn?"
"She told her that she would have to come back another day to see the girls and that she would have to get permission from me before she could let them go anywhere with her. Donna said that she could tell Jenn was upset but tried to play it off. She got in her car and drove away."
"What do you think she was up to?" Ray asked speaking for the first time since entering the room.
Monica shook her head, "I don't honestly know. I do know that she hates me. I'm just afraid she will try to hurt me by using the girls. She had to have known I wasn't there. Why didn't she want Kara to go along too? Why just try to take Kelly? Gee, I have such a bad feeling about this. She didn't travel all the way from Kansas to New Jersey just to visit." Her thoughts were in turmoil.
Gerard made a decision he hated but knew was right. He looked over at Ray. "Could you try to get a ticket for Monica so she can go home with Alicia and Jamia tonight?"
Ray nodded and moved towards the door. Bob stood and told them he would fill in Mikey and Frank on what had happened.
"Gee, I don't want to leave you" Moncia told him sadly.
"I know baby but I understand you need to get home to your girls. Until we figure out what Jenn is up to you need to be near them."
Monica closed her eyes. Would this nightmare ever end? Gerard put his arms around her and hugged her tightly. "We only have four more dates until the break. Then I'll be home for almost two weeks." he reminded her.
"I'll miss you so much" her eyes began to tear.
"Baby, I want you to promise me you will be very careful. Kyle was mentally unbalanced. His sister may be just as bad. If she blames you for his death who knows what she might do? I couldn't live without you." he added in a whisper.
The knock on the door turned out to be Mikey, "Is everything OK?" he asked Monica walking in after Gerard opened the door. "Bob told me what happened."
"If we can get her a ticket she is going home tonight with Alicia and Jamia" Gerard told his brother.
Mikey felt despair in the pit of this stomach. He understood Monica had to go home to her daughters but the timing was so bad. His brother needed her so much right now. He tried to smile as Monica walked up to him.
"Mikey promise me you will take care of your brother for me" The way she looked into his eyes he knew she worried. She knew Gee needed her but she had to go.
"I will do my best " he told her with a hug, "I always have."

Authors Note - First off let me say THANK YOU to all of those who have voiced your support of this story. In a prefect world I would have been able to shrug off the ratings and go on. However, I am far from perfect. My whole point of the rant was that just rating a story "literate" (I really think I have a good grasp of the English language) or "Train Wreck" without a reason seems wrong. That is not constructive criticism that is something completely different. Trashing anonymously. Now as to what Midlifecrisi wrote in a review. Yes I did mess up the time of her husband's death. I was off by about 2 months. She should have said he died 8 months ago not 6. That would have made the ice on the pond a possibility. Believe me I know I own a farm in Kansas with a pond. But as for my time line I try very hard to keep it right. If anyone had any idea of the hours of research I have put in on this, well lets just say it's a fiction with lots of fact. I even took the time to figure the time a tour bus would take between each venue. The radio stations they did interviews at are real. The venues themselves I researched. I have tired my best to make this a plausible story that people would enjoy. Once again not a perfect world, not a perfect story. Midlifecrisi also says I should just drive on that just because someone criticizes my work I shouldn't be upset because I don't know the person. It really doesn't work that way. I know that some people don't like this story and I accept that. I actually had one person e-mail me saying how I had done an injustice to Gerard and that she wouldn't spit on me. After some research by a good friend of mine who is also an author on this site we discovered that the person was very young and upset about the sex scenes. I can accept that. (I'm pretty sure Gerard has sex) However, why was this very young person reading this story knowing it contained this? She was using a friend's computer because her mom wouldn't let her on the Internet. My point is she should not have been reading it. I didn't make her. So was it right she verbally attack me? OK bottom line is this. I am writing this story for me and those who like it. That would be my posse as Midlifecrisi calls them. I know I can't please everyone and I'm not going to try. I'm not trying to be "in the business" I'm not trying to be a published author. I'm simply telling a story that I hope brings enjoyment to others. I'm not trying to hurt anyone and I certainly would never write anything that I thought would upset or hurt anyone in MCR. So I shall get in my car and drive on and I hope "my posse" does the same.
One more thing - I have to leave town for a few days so the story has to end here for just a bit. Should be able to post on Sunday. Thanks again to all those who like this story, you make little old me a very happy person.
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