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Promise Me

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Before and after the Vegas concert.

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A plane ticket had been secured in Monica's name and she would be leaving after the concert. In his head Gerard understood she needed to get back home but in his heart he felt a terrible emptiness. They were sitting backstage together his arm around her; he never wanted to let her go. She was talking to Jamia about something. He didn't know about what or care for that matter. All he knew was she would be leaving in several hours and he wished they were alone.
Monica was trying hard to follow what Jamia was saying but her mind was miles away. She was trying to put the incident with Jenn out of her mind, at least for now. She knew the girls would be safe with Donna. As soon as she got back she would have to explain the best she could to Kelly about Jenn's hatred towards her. She had talked to Kara and her eldest daughter had already been aware of the situation. Kara had told her that after Kyle's funeral she had seen a look of pure hatred on her aunt's face when she had looked at Monica.
"Monica, I'm going outside for a minute," Gerard said into her ear. He tried not to interrupt her conversation with Jamia. A minute later he was standing outside one of the backstage doors lighting a cigarette.
The door opened and Monica joined him. She spread open his jacket and slid her arms around is waist, snuggling up to his warmth. He leaned down putting his chin on the top of her head. They didn't speak they just needed to touch. Gerard took several more drags then tossed the rest of the cigarette away. Now he could put both arms around her and pull her tightly against him.
He didn't speak until he realized she was softly crying. "Honey, it's all gonna be alright. Your girls are OK so don't cry.
"It's not just that Gee. I don't want to leave you especially right now." She told him.
He sighed, she was worrying about him. "Honey, I'm fine, really. Don't worry about me."
She seemed to cry harder, "What is really bothering you Monica?" He leaned down to kiss her ear, "Tell me honey"
"It's just everything. A few says ago I was so happy. You asked me to marry you and I felt like finally everything was going to be fine. Now, you are dealing with Liv and Elena and I'm dealing with Jenn. When do we get our "happily ever after"?
"Sugar, I promise you we will get our "happily ever after", we deserve it. I don't want you to worry about anything but finding out what your psycho sister-in-law is doing. Keeping our girls safe is top priority."
She smiled "You called them our girls"
"Yea, well they are. I love both of your daughters and soon they will be mine too."
"They already are, Gee. Everything I have, everything I am is yours." She tried to stop the tears. "I just love you so much."
"Monica, you are my life. Without you I'm nothing. You have made me realize what love really is. Something I never understood before." He gently swayed back and forth his arms still tightly around her.
"Gee, tell me again we will get out "happily ever after", I just need to hear you say it."
He smiled, "Monica, I promise you we will get our "happily ever after" and it will be forever. You will always be mine and I will always be yours." His voice was full of emotion.
The door opened and Ray stuck his head out, "Sorry but we go on in 10 minutes." He said looking at Gerard.
"OK, we'll be right there." Gerard answered. Ray nodded and closed the door. "Sugar, I promise I'll be home as soon as I can. Then we will have 10 days together. We can look for a place of our own. For now it will have to be somewhere in the same area as moms. We don't want the girls to have to change schools. That would be hard especially for Kara. It would suck having to change schools your senior year right before graduation."
Monica took a step back and looked at him, "Gee, that is so sweet. You worrying about the girls having to change schools."
He grinned, "What? You don't think I'm sweet all the time? All I want is for you and Kelly and Kara to be happy."
Monica kissed him just as the door opened again. This time is was Frank.
"OK you two, its time to go on. Monica step away from the singer." Frank said in a deep baritone voice.
Gerard continued to kiss Monica and with one hand pushed the door closed barely missing Franks face. He broke off the kiss "We gotta go." He took her hand and led her back inside
Monica joined Jamia and Alicia on the side stage. Gerard caught up to his band members and they did their high fives. The lights went down and the audience went wild. "Las Vegas, pleased to meet ya" Gerard screamed from center stage. "I'm BETTING this is gonna be a fucking great concert. Think I'm right?" The audience roared their agreement. The show began and was as intense and memorable as the others had been. Monica had to laugh when during "I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Gerard leaned into the crowd, took a piece of paper and a pin and signed an autograph all while he continued to sing. Once more at the end the crowd was given the special honor of getting an extra song. This time the band chose a song that Gerard knew she loved.
"All you out there have been such a fucking wonderful audience we're gonna give you one more song. It is an old one off Bullets and its call "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville." Gerard sang this one with such emotion that when he sang the final line "But does anyone notice there's a corpse in this bed?" Monica was crying. Alicia gave her a hug. She was feeling just a bad about having to leave Mikey.
They needed to leave in 10 minutes. As the guys came off the stage Monica rushed up to Gerard and kissed him. They were standing in the walkway between the stage and the backstage area and the rest of the guys had to walk around them. They continued to kiss until Jamia cleared her throat.
"Hate to say it but we gotta go." Frank was standing next to her with his arm around her waist.
Monica took a step back, "I love you Gee."
He smiled "Love you, too." She started to follow Jamia and Alicia to the waiting cab.
Gerard called out "Monica, when you get home the ring is waiting for you. Put it on and feel my love for you. I wish I could be there it put it on your finger but I want you to have it before I get home. I want you to be able to look at the ring and know how much I love you. It is part of our "happily ever after"

Authors Note - Yea, he really did sigh an autograph while singing. If you want to see it look on YouTube - I'm Not Okay (Live Perth).
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