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Neil's Oh So Beautiful Hair

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For everyone it's a normal day, but not for Neil for he has a crises with his hair and when Archie tries to help him he only makes it worse and then Atlanta ends up with the whole thing.

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authors note: This story was written by my cousin and I am just uploading it for her.

Jay heard the scream coming from the bathroom and went to see what's going on.As he came in he saw Neil brushing and brushing his hair.
Jay:"Why'd you scream like that?"
Neil turned around"Look, look at this piece of hair on my head."
Jay:"Yeah what about it?"
Neil:"It's like standing up"
Jay:"And that's what all the hullabaloo is about."
Neil:"Dude it's so against the fashion rules."
Jay shook his head and Odie walked by"Hey guys what are you doing?"
Jay:"Neil's stressing about his hair...again."
Odie:"I don't know what your going on about, look at mine."
Neil:"Thank goodness mine doesn't look like yours."
Odie:"What did you say?"
Neil:"Nothing, I said thank goodness I'm not the only one."
Then Theresa came by, stopped and looked at them"Jay there you are, I've been looking for you, Hera wants to see us."
Jay:"About what?"
Theresa:"I don't know, but she said it's urgent."
When Jay and Theresa left Odie went to the kitchen and had breakfast with Herry, and Archie and Atlanta came from the gym.
When they came in Archie looked around"Where's everyone?"
Atlanta:"Probably in the kitchen, I'm gonna have a look."
Archie went to his room and past the bathroom and saw Neil looking in the mirror.
He came in"Neil I know you like looking in the mirror, but is it necessary to do it the whole day?"
Neil turned around and started crying.
Archie:"No Neil...wait I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."
Neil:"Look at my hair, I can't get the piece of hair to fall in with the others in their lairs of perfection."
Archie:"I have no idea what you just said, but if your talking about that piece of hair I can straighten it for you."
Neil's sad looking face changed into a happy smile"How?"
Archie went to the sink and reached for his gel.Then he gave it to Neil, he took it"What is it?"
Archie:"It's gel."
Neil dropped it"You think I'm gonna put that in my beautiful hair, it'll take me weeks to get rid of the jellyness."
Archie laughed at him and picked it up"Do you wan't me to help, or do you wan't it to stay like this?"
Neil looked at himself in the mirror"I hate making hard decisions."
Then Archie smeared his hair full of gel and Neil's eyes stretched as big as plates"Eek!!!!!"
Archie:"What now?"
Neil tripled like a pony"Get it off!Get it off!"
Archie tried to calm him down and then Atlanta and Herry came running in.
Herry"What's going on?"
Archie:"Neil's having a fashion disaster attack...I think"
Atlanta:"Oh brother, he's such an idiot."
She walked up to him and he grabbed her arms"Look at me, look at what Archie did" and he started crying again.
Atlanta:"Neil get your hands off me, I'm warning you!"
Then he started shaking her and screaming again...well she didn't know what to do so she smacked him through his face.
Neil stopped and touched his cheek"Ouch!!!" Atlanta covered her ears.
Archie:"Let's just cool it for a sec, okey guys."
Herry:"I think I lost my last brain cell."
Neil:"I thought you didn't have one."
Herry:"What was that?" he came straight up to Neil.Neil got frightend"Sorry Herry, but I'm the victom here, Archie tried to kill my hair."
Archie:"It's not that bad and besides, look at your hair it's straight."
Neil looked in the mirror:"My hair it''s...ruined!!"
Archie:"What!It looks fine."
Atlanta:"Don't worry Neil we'll get it out, come lets wash your hair."
Then Odie came in"What are you guys doing?"
Herry:"Archie put gel in Neil's hair and now Atlanta's gonna help him get it out."
Odie:"What!Atlanta's that nice to Neil?"
Herry:"If you had the experience she had, you'd do it to."
After they washed Neil's hair they blow-dried it and he went to look in the mirror"Whoa!!Look at my hair it's I can't believe what a good wash can do to your perfect soft glamorous hair."He turned around smiled and said"It's amazing how smart I am to get out of this mess whithout you guys helping me"and he walked out of the bathroom for the first time that day and the rest wer furious.
Archie:"That's it... he's dead"he stormed out of the bathroom.
Odie:"No Archie we need the good luck!"

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