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The Past, Present and Tomorrow

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Just one smile that's all it took. One little sign that no matter what happened I'd have you. Warren fic PLEASE REVIEW!

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Just One Smile, That's all it Took

Just one smile that's all it took. One little sign that no matter what happened I'd have you.
Sigh I don't own Sky High or any of there characters including the totally hot Warren Peace (Steven Strait). Not sure how long this stories going to be but ya...enjoy!


"Dammit Caitie! If you don't get your butt out of bed right now your going to miss your first day of school!" A voice shouted up the stairs.

Love you to mom, Sighing Caitie Morgans opened her eyes against the bright light coming in her room. Pushing her covers back she forced herself out of bed. The first day of school was the same every year and now as a senior at Sky High, there wasn't really all that much to be excited about.
Ugh......Staring in the mirror at herself she couldn't help but wince, looking back at her was a small pale girl with hair so dark it almost looked black until it shone red in the light. With a small fragile looking face and eyes a dark green in contrast to her skin, she came off as weak when in truth she was anything but.
She lived alone with her mom, someone who had once been considered a great hero of her time, now a sad sorry attempt of a person, trying to live for her daughter.
Looking around her room, she took in her surroundings, the walls were covered in paintings, contrasts of dark and bright colours, the walls were painted a navy blue, the floor cluttered with unfinished paintings. She had been painting for as long as she could remember, it has always been away for her to forget. Closing her eyes at the pain of loss she forced herself to get ready.

Closing the door to her room, she headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Spotting her mom at the table still dressed in her nightgown, she grabbed a pop tart and headed for the door.
"Be good today, don't get into any trouble." her mom said, not even bothering to turn her head to look at her.
She stopped with her hand on the door handle. Yah, today's no different then all the other days, she thought bitterly. Wouldn't want to do anything to embarrass you.
"I won't" she replied, in a neutral voice, stepping through the door.

This was how it had been for the last year and a half. Her and her mother both living under the same roof, yet never speaking more than a sentence to each other at a time. There just wasn't anything left to be said. That's not how it always was, a small voice reminded her, clenching her fists she continued walking. If it wasn't for her best friend Layla and the rest of the gang she didn't know what she would have done. She had met Layla last year, days after the dance that had shook up everyone. Smiling she thought back to the day she had first met Layla....
She had been sitting alone in the cafeteria, her face hidden by her hair.
"Hi!" Startled she had looked up to see a chick with bright red hair, wearing a lot and I mean A LOT of green.
"Uh....hi" Wow good job Caitie, first person to actually talk to you and you come off looking like an idiot.
"I'm Layla, your new right? I can control plants, what about you? Hey do you wanna come sit with me and my friends? Oh what's your name?"
Wow "Ok... my names Caitie, I can manipulate dark energy, I know kind of weird. And sure I guess I can sit with you" So she hasn't stopped smiling yet, should I be scared?
"Great! Come on!" With that she had been dragged over to a corner table.
"Hey guys!" Layla greeted, happy with herself. "This is Caitie, she's going to sit with us today." By the looks on their faces Caitie could tell this had happened before.
"Caitie this is Magenta, she can er.. transform" Wow and definitely likes the colour purple. Nodding in her direction, Layla continued "These two are Ethan and Zach, Ethan can melt and Zach, well Zach glows." They look nice, kinda weird powers though, maybe I will fit in with these people. "This is Will, my boyfriend," she said with obvious pride. "He has super strength and can fly" Wow "And lastly this is Warren." Turning her head in his direction the smile on her face froze, all thought died as she made eye contact. Starring directly at her, he didn't blink, just starred at her, trapping her in the deep brown of his eyes.
" you can sit by me by me." Layla continued oblivious to the fact that Caitie had heard none of it.
Breaking eye contact she let her hair cover her face, What was that? Furious with herself she felt her cheeks burn. "Thanks Layla" she answered without looking up, for the rest of the lunch she made sure not to make eye contact with the person sitting in the other corner.

Smiling at the memory of that day she shook her head at the thought of her self being awkward around Warren. Now a year and a half later and he was one of her best friends, if she was being totally truthful with herself, he was her best friend. Sure she liked them all but with Warren it seemed like he always knew when something was wrong and she could always tell him anything, well almost anything. With that small thought her smile was gone, there were still some things she hid from the world.
Stepping onto the bus she looked for a seat near one of her friends, looking towards the back of the bus a smile started to form. There he was sitting by himself reading yet another book. Her best friend, her personal hero, her Warren not my Warren, she chided herself for the thought. Sitting down beside him she reached over and pushed a piece of hair out of his face. Not bothering to even look up he turned the page and kept reading, where most people would have been hurt by this Caitie's smile got bigger, he didn't let anyone else sit here and anyone who tried paid a price. This is just another year at sky high but I guess it could be worse, with that she shot a glance at the dark haired pyro beside her.


Well there's the first chappie, I know not that great and comes off marysue-ish but, oh well. Umm not sure if its worth continuing, let me know if I do the next chappie will have a definitely cute Warren moment. PLEASE REVIEW
ps. Isn't Warren Peace the hottest ever!
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