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My One and Only Hero

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Just one smile that's all it took. One little sign that no matter what happened I'd have you.

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My One and Only Hero

Just one smile that's all it took. One little sign that no matter what happened I'd have you.
Well I still don't own Sky High but man I wish I did! Well at least Warren that I could live with.


Now, well into a month of school everything seemed to be going right. Only one "accident" so far, where an explosion had gone off in the teachers face, yah life was finally getting good.
"Layla over here!" Caitie called from across the caf. Layla rushed over, and for the first time she could remember without a smile.
Not being the only one to notice this Will spoke up. "Hey what's wrong?" Slightly worried by his girlfriends lack of enthusiasm.
"I just heard Principle Power's has agreed to let Lash, Speed and Penny come back to school. After the dance incident they plead they had no idea that Gwen was really Royal Pain, so she's agreed to let them come back for their senior year."
Unsure what to say since she hadn't been there, and didn't even know what they looked like, Caitie watched the others reactions...
"What!" Will exploded!
"She can't do that!" Zach yelled obviously outraged.
Magenta had a look of anger, "Is she nuts? They helped take over the school, they attacked us, US!"
Watching how her friends took the news Caitie was curious as to how Warren would take it, who had yet to stop reading his book. Wow big surprise there.
"Come on guys how bad could it be, I mean they wouldn't be stupid enough to try anything again right?" I asked hopefully.
No one answered me.

Walking back towards her locker Caitie had her head down, changing the song on her ipod Man I'm going to get it now, I've been late for class everyday this week. Picking up speed she turned the corner.
Oomph.... one minute she had been walking then bang
Rubbing her head her she cursed herself Ok note to self watch where your walking. Looking up she noticed who the "wall" had been she'd run into. Standing in front of her was a boy she'd never seen before. He had brown hair, wearing a weird black and white shirt, and a kinda creepy smile.
"Well, well, well who do we have here? I don't remember ever seeing you here before."
Raising an eyebrow at his tone, "I could say the same about you," she pointed out, "Now that I have, I have to say this has been fun but I have to get to class because I'd rather not spend my afternoon in detention because of some idiot who doesn't even introduce himself." Smiling cutely to finish it off she went to go around him.
"I'm not done talking yet" he replied grabbing her by the arm and squeezing. Out of pure reaction she turned quickly ramming her elbow into his stomach, causing him to loosen his grip enough for her to step past him. "I am" Caitie answered.
She got 5 steps before something wrapped it around her waist. Looking down her eyes widened, a long white and black sleeved arm had wrapped itself around her. Flinging her into a locker she let out a gasp of pain as his arm constricted around her tightly.
"Think your so great now" The boy yelled.
Allowing her face to fall forward, hair hid her face. No one makes me feel powerless, not anymore. "Your really going to want to let me go" She whispered, raising her head she allowed her powers free, her eyes turning a dark blue almost black. Not waiting for a response she concentrated on the water fountain behind him. Being surrounded in a navy blue light it flew off the wall directly at the boy.
Releasing her from his grip to protect himself from the attack, she stood, her hair flying around her face.
"What are you" he screeched, his smile now completely gone. Successful at blocking the fountain he started to back away.
About to answer, she caught a movement to her left, but it was to late. Immense pain spiked through her right leg, causing her to lose her concentration, she fell to her knees, her eyes returning to normal. In front of her where a minute ago had only stood the one boy, now stood two. The one who had come up from behind her held a metal bat and a grin much like the first had.
"Well Lash who did we find?"
Lash? Wait isn't that. Caitie paled. Lash now realizing he had the upper hand once again walked towards her. Stretching his arm he wrapped it around her, grinning at the pain he was causing.
Caitie struggle to stay conscience, he was constricting to tightly. Come on, fight through the pain you can do this, concentrate. Noticing her eyes changing Lash threw her into another locker.
"Oh no no no no no I'm not going to let that happen again."
Barely able to function, she struggled to see clearly, everything was getting darker. Noticing a third person, she let the panic she felt consume her.
Suddenly the pressure was gone, she hit the floor, landing on her side. Taking a shallow breathe she tried to see what had happened. In front of her lay a very burned Lash, Speed no where in sight.
Had Caitie been thinking properly she would have realized this meant she was safe. She heard someone running towards her, turning her over. Closing her eyes and fearing the worst she let the tears run free.
"Please don't hurt me" she whispered over and over.
Feeling arms wrap around her body, picking her up off the ground she opened her eyes.
"Warren" she whispered, a ghost of a smile crossing her face.
Her hero had saved her again. Closing her eyes she let herself fade, knowing she would be safe.
Walking towards the nurse's office Warren Peace said nothing. To anyone looking he looked angrier then ever before. Yet protected in his arms a small girl, carried as if she were made of glass. Staring down at her battered face, something close to pain flashed through his eyes, his arms tightening around her for just a second.
A silent promise to himself to protect.


Ta da...Chappie two, sorry its so short.
Thank you to Bitsy Glitter, EmoPrincess4Lyfe, Misse for taking the time to review hopefully you liked it I tried to make the fight scene seem possible, even a girl with kick ass power needs help sometimes. Anyways PLEASE REVIEW! Let me know if I should continue or leave it there.
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