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Get Well Soon

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One-Shot. Atlanta is sick on a snow day, but someone is there by her side. Who? Is it realy that predictable? A/A are already dating, so there's A/A fluffiness!! As always.

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Class of the Titans. I do own this story though.

"How lucky am I that I have a boyfriend who can't get sick?" - Atlanta


Atlanta felt weird. Her throat hurt like hell, and she's been coughing lately. And...has her voice changed? It's more rough and everytime she clears it, it just sounds the same. Is she sick? She can't be sick! It's a snow day!! She's suppose to go outside and build snowmen, snowboard with Archie and have snowball fights until she can't feel herself! This is a totally perfect day ruined! She decided to stay in bed and sleep all day, until Theresa came in.

"Hey Atlanta. How ya feelin'?" Atlanta didn't tell her that she was sick, she just knew by her cough and voice.

"How did you know I was sick?" Atlanta asked as she shot up, but the pain in her head shot her like a bullet and her head fell back down on her pillow.

"It's quite obvious. Your cough an dyour voice were pretty predictable." She said as she sat by the spunky redhead and put her hand on her forehead. "You're burning up. Be right back." She frowned and ran out the door.

Atlanta groaned right when she heard that she was burning up. She felt her own forehead. Theresa was right. She felt like a fire. Seconds later, Theresa came back with a thermometer. She sat back on her bed and handed it to Atlanta. She took it and put it under her tongue.

Moments later, the thermometer beeped and read 103 F. "Well you're not going anywhere missy." Theresa said with an unusually sparky voice.

Atlanta rolled her tired eyes and groaned. 'Great. It's a perfect snow day and I haave to stay here in bed. Maybe Archie will keep me company.'

"I'll go get you some soup. And don't talk too much either. Don't want to get larengitus(sp?) now do we?" Theresa said as she jumped off her bed and ran out the door again.

Atlanta groaned, again. What ese could go wrong?! Since she couldn't get out of bed, she reached for her greend iPod (I have one!) and put her headphones on, with the iPod on also.

Minutes later, Theresa came back with a bowl of hot, steaming chicken soup, a cold clothe and a magazine.

"Here." Theresa said as she passed her the soup. "Whenever you feel like you rhead is burning up, put the cold clothe on you head. And call for me if you need to wet it again." She smiled.

"Kay. Thanks." Atlanta managed to say without holding her throat. She could barely say two words without making her throat hurt.

"I'm gonna head down stairs and get some breakfast." Theresa smiled as she got off the bed and ran out the door.........again.

Moments later when she was done her soup, someone knocked on her door and came in. "Hey Lannie. Heard you were sick." Turned out to be Archie.

"Mm hm."

Archie sighed and sat on her bed and held her hand. "That sucks. Now you can't go outside and make snowmen and have snowfights and go snowboarding with me until we can't feel ourselves."

"I know. I'm always sick on snow days. And sometimes even holidays. Especially on my birthday. I was sick three years in a row on my birthday." Atlanta sighed.

"Sucks to be you sometimes." Archie smiled and kissed her forehead. "Oooh! You are burning up!"

"Don't worry. This happens all the time."

"Sucks to be you at some times." Archie said as he crawled over her and layed down behind her and put his arm around her. In response, Atlanta turned around an dlaid her head on his chest, while Archie's free hand was locked in with her own.

"How lucky am I that I have a boyfriend who can't get sick?" Atlanta smiled.


"So what are we gonna do all day? Since I can't get out of bed?" Atlanta asked.

"I dunno. I could stay here."

"Could you? Please? I'll get lonely. And nobody likes being lonely when they're sick."

"Fine. But only because you said please." Archie said as he laid his head atop her own. "Besides, I wouldn't miss it for the world if I got to cuddle with you all day."

"Me too."

Moments later, Theresa came in. She froze once she saw Archie beside her.

Archie saw this and smiled. "I'll take it from here."

Theresa smiled also and ran out the door........again.

Minutes later, Atlanta fell asleep but Archie as still awake. 'I'm hungry and want to get up, but I don't want to wake Atlanta.' Archie thought. He had no choice. He slowly removed his hand from her's and gently put her head down on her pillow. He slowly and quietly crawled over her and got out of bed. He quickly closed the door and then shut it. Hopefully his loud stomach growl didn't wake her.

He tiptoed down the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen. Nobody was home. Where were they? He looked out the window and saw the having snowball fights. Unfortunately, Theresa was making a snowman by herself. Her and Atlanta always make a snowman on snow days. It's kind of like tradition for them. Herry was making a snow sculpture also. IN the shape of an ice cream cone. Figures. Neil was making something too. Another figure. He made a snowman, but it looked almost liek him! He has the eye shape and the body too. Geez. Jay and Odie were building snowforrts, getting ready for the snow fight they were going to have. Oh how he wished he could be out there! But he didn't want to leave Atlanta alone. What if she needed something? He just sighed and walked away from the window. He went to the cupboard to get some otameal. He took out tewo packages and pured them into a bowl. He turned the kettle on and minutes later, it clicked and he poured the hot water into his bowl and mixed it with the oatmeal. He also added a little milk to cool it down a bit.

He walked over to the living room and sat on the couch, flipping the channels. Nothing was on except winter specials. But luckily, it was the end of February and the snow would be leaving soon. Once he was done his oatmeal, he went to check on Atlanta.

Again, he tiptoed upstairs, down the hall and quietly opened the door. Sh ews still sleeping. For some strange reason, this gave Archie an idea. He quietly shut the door again and tiptoed donw the hall and down the stairs. He got out his boots and coat and went to the back to get his motorcycle. but the he just had a thought. 'The roads are to slippery. I'll just walk.' So he walked around the house and on the white, sparkling sidewalk.

After half and hour of walking, he went to a flower shop and looked around. There, he spotted a beautiful white rose. He picked it out and payed for it. After he got the flower he ran to the house and once he got to the front steps, he quietly opened and closed the door. He took off his boots and coat and went to the kitchen to get a piece of paper and a pen. He folded it in half and wrote something on the inside, so when he opens it, his writing will be on the wide side and the words will be running across, not the usual across the tall side. He was making sure it was as neat as possible.

"Hey Arch. What's wit the rose and paper?" Jay asked as he came inside. His cheeks (facial) were red as a rose and he was colder than ice.

"I'm giving them to Atlanta. Kind of like a get well card." Archie asnwered as if it was the simplest thing ever.

"That's nice of you." Theresa said as she entered the kitchen. "Hey. How come nobody gives me anything when I'm sick?" Theresa asked in a cute, puty voice.

"That's because you don't have a boyfriend." Archie answered, trying to rub it in her face.

"Shut up!" Theresa said. Hitting him in the arm.

"Do you mind? NOw what should I say in the letteR?: Archie asked as he froze after he wrote /Atlanta/.

"How about get well soon?" Herry asked as he came into the kitchen.

"You heard too?" Archie asked. a little annoyed.

"Mm hm."

"Nah. That's too original. She's been sick before but I haven't been her boyfriend when she was sick. I want to write her something special."

"You think of something. I don't think we want to help you with your problem." Neil said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Oh great. Neil heard." Archie said, sarcastically.

"You'll think of something Arch." Theresa said, trying to give him a littel big of hope.

Archie smiled in thanks.

"Well I'm hungry. Who wants lunch?" Herry asked. Patting his stomach.

"I'm in." Jay said, raising his hand.

"Me too." Theresa said.

"Might as well." Neil said, checking ot see if his cheecks (facial) were red as well.

"Me too!" Odie said as he entered the kitchen.

"Great. Don't tell me you heard every word." Archie asked, getting a little more annoyed.

"Alright. I won't. But I did." Odie smiled.

"Fine. Go have your lunch. Just no more eavesdropping!!"

"Awww don't be embarassed Arch." Herry said, giving him a pat on the back.

"Ya. I think it's sweet what youi're trying to do." Theresa said.

"Thanks. Can you go now? ANd make sure you're out for a long time. I want some me and Atlanta time." Archie asked.

"Fine. Let's go boys." Theresa said as she waved her hand, signaling them to follow her.

"Finally." Archie muttered under his breathe.

AFter minutes of thinking, he finally decided on what to put on th eletter. He folded it up and looked in this room for some stickers. He looked in his desk drawer and found his Valentine stickers. "These could work." He took out some stickers and decorated the card with them.

Once he was done, he got out of his room and tiptoed up the stairs an ddown the hall and quietly opened the door, to see if she was awake. Thankfully, she wasn't. He smiled and slowly walked, while tiptoeing, over to her bed table. He placed the letter on her table and th erose in front of it.

Once the letter and the rose were in place, he turned to face Atlanta. He smiled an dkissed her sofly on th eforehead. Then he got out of the room, quietly and slowly.

Once he closed the door,he smiled and sighed and went back downstairs.

After an hour of watching a movie, Archie decided to take a npa. He went to the hallway closet and got a blanket and he fluffed the couch's pillow and rested his head on it and wrapped the blanket around himself.

While Archie was sleeping, Atlanta soon woke up. She lifted her head off her hpillow and rubbed her sleepy eyes. When she stopped rubbing them, she saw a letter and rose beside her. 'Archie.' She thought and smiled.

She picked up the letter that said,

Archie here. I just want to tell you to get better soon. I don't know how long you're going to be sick, but I want you to feel better some time soon so we cna do stuff together. I've been lonely also today. I hope you get better soon.
Love always,

PS: I suck at writing get well letters.

She smiled and looked at the rose in front of it. She picked it up gently and smelled it's sweet scense. She smiled. This was the nicest thing anyone's ever done for her. Nobody's ever done this to her when she was sick. She got out of bed slowly, still really dizzy, and put the flower in a vase with water in it and she put the letter beside it.

She sat on her bed, looking at the rose's beauty. 'Archie's so sweet. I'm so glad I'm dating him.' She thought. Once she was done admiring the rose, she got out of her room an walked downstairs. But NOW Archie was sleeping.

'Oh great. Guess I'll have to wak him up.' But then another thought hit her mind. 'Or not.'

She quietly walked down the stairs and snuck in the counch in front of Archie. Cautiously, Archie wrapped an arm around her and nuzzled his head into her hair.

Since Arcfhie knew tha tAtlanta was inf ront o fhim, and he wanted to get up to see how she was doing, he slowly opened his eys and smiled.

Atlanta felt Archie getup and she looked behind her. She saw Archie rubbing his eyes an she smiled.

"I can see you read my letter?" Archie asked, looking down at her.

"Mm hm." Atlanta smiled. "I loved it."

Archie smiled and leaned down to kiss her again on the forehead and did so. "I'll be rigt back." Archie whispered into her hear as he got off the couch.

While Archie was off the couch, Atlanta got up and rested her head on her hand, while her elbow is resting on the couch arm. Moments later, Archie came back with two, steaming mugs.

Giving him a questioning look, Atlatna didn't say anything but take one of the mugs and looked inside. It was hot chocolate with a couple of marshmallows in them with a bit of cream an sugar. Just he way she liked it.

"Awwww. Thank you." Atlant smiled as she took a small sip of her hot cocoa.

"No problem." Archie said as he wrapped the blanket around him and Atlanta taking a sip of his hot cocoa.

And response, sh elaid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.



She smiled and kissed his cheeck and said, "You're the best."

"You too." He said as he kissed the top of her head.

Who cares if she was sick on a snow day? This has been one of the best snow days of he rlife and she was feeling better already. She's been sick for days, but noboyd knew, not even her. But now she did. Not only did she know she was sick, but when she was sick she knew she didn't need pills or medicine. All she needed was someone she loved to take care of her.

DONE! Hoped you liked it. It's been stuck in my room for a week and I never got a chance to put it up here. Get ready for my new story, "An Eternal Dream". It's going, or at least I'll try, to be a long story with long chapters. So get ready and keep your eyes out for that one. R&R PLEASE!!

Toodles Caboodles!

~ Jess:)
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