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Bob's Chapter

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I've had a great response to bob in my story so I thought I should give him a bigger role in the story. Warning: Not exactly my best writing so beware!

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Two hours Later...

Emma and Charlie were sitting in the loveseat, talking with each other. Gerard was talking with the guys all the way on the other side of the room, the kids couldn't even see him through the crowd of people. Emma seized the chance and scooted closer to Charlie on the sofa. He, in return, put his arm around her shoulder. They heard people around them sigh, they expected it though and continued their conversation.

"So you having a good time?" Emma looked up at Charlie.

"Yeah, it feels weird though, not spending the entire Christmas Eve with them," Emma looked down at her hands. "But, you know, I'll be back later tonight, so it's not like I'll never see them again," Emma rested her head on Charlie's shoulder.

"I know, but I just don't want it to be weird for you, sorry," Charlie kissed the top of her head.

"Don't be," he whispered.

"Aww, you guys are the cutest freakin' couple EVER!" someone said behind them. Charlie turned his head, the infamous Bob was looking right at him, giving him a thumbs up and dorky grin.

"Great, we've got groupies," Charlie joked. He sent a thumbs up back to Bob.

Bob walked over to them with the usual smile he had planted on his face whenever he saw them, "Awww!" was all he said before he stood before them, staring for a couple of minutes.

"You okay, Bob? You're weirding me out," Emma giggled and scooted in closer to Charlie than she already was.

"Aww!" Bob looked like he was about to burst from a mixture of excitement and happiness. "Aww!" he said again.

"Bob, dude, seriously, you're scaring us."

"Oh, come on am I that bad? You gotta admit, Gerard is way worse," Bob jerked his head at the other side of the room. Gerard was talking with Frank and Jamia, his arm was wrapped around Charlotte. They were laughing and having a good time, Emma was glad of that.

"So, I'm really that-" Bob was cut off by the high pitched "ding" of the doorbell. "I got it!" Bob announced, nobody really cared, the making of "Helena" was about to come on in a few minutes and most of the family there had either not seen it in a while, or never at all.

"H...H..Hi," Bob stuttered. Standing in front of him was a woman, about Frank's height. Her brunette wavy brunette hair went to about her shoulder. She had rosy red cheeks, sparkling green eyes, and a shy smile. The red head band she had in her hair matched the scarf and gloves she had on, and went well with the black knit sweater and jeans she had on.

"Umm...are you okay?" Bob blinked his eyes wide open, he had been standing there, his mouth slightly open, just looking at her.

"Wuh?" the woman giggled.

"Umm, I asked if this was the Way residence, Ms. Donna invited me to the Christmas Eve Party," Bob snapped his fingers and pointed at her.

"Uh, yeah Donna's making dinner, we're all watching T.V. you wanna come inside?" she giggled again, Bob thought that giggle was charming. She nodded and walked past Bob.

"Umm, I'm Bob," he held out his hand and the little woman shook it gently.

"Blaire," she smiled, showing perfectly white teeth. "Nice to meet you."

"The pleasure's all mine, really," Blaire blushed.

"Hey, Bob, Ma! It's starting!" Everyone was gathered around the T.V., they had about another minute to get settled, Donna came in about thirty seconds before the commercials ended.

"What is it? The chicken's almost ready if that's what you want," Donna looked up from Mikey and Gerard, they were sitting on the floor, about two and a half inches from the T.V. screen. "Oh, Blaire, you made it!"

Everybody turned to look at Blaire as Donna scuffled over to hug her. Blaire's face turned a little red, but the family went back to the T.V. when the show started.

"Oh, my gosh!" Donna shrieked when she Frank talking to the camera. "They're still showing this?"

"Yeah, ten years and we still got it!" Gerard laughed. Blaire looked up at Bob with a weird look.

"He's weird like that," Bob shrugged.

"Yeah but Green Day's been going for like twice as log, and don't forgot about the Rollings Stones, dude," Mikey yawned and returned to the screen, they were at the part where the guys were carrying the coffin.

"Huh, you have the same name as one of the guys in the band," Blaire pointed out. Bob looked at her for a good minute. This hadn't happened to him in a while.

"He's kinda ugly if you ask me," Frank said from the couch.

"No, he's just misunderstood! He's a very SKINNY, misunderstood man," Jamia gave Bob a hug.

"You're the best, Jamie, why'd you have to marry a hobbit?" Bob spat out the last word.

"What's going on?" Bob looked down, Blaire looked like she felt bad that she wasn't included in their fun.

"Oh, well....the thing is...."'

"Dinner's ready!" Donna half opened the kitchen door, inviting the smell of garlic seasoned chicken into the living room.

"Hang on, Ma, commercial is coming!" Gerard jumped off of the arm of the couch he was sitting on and ran past his mother, the other guys followed, while everyone calmly walked behind them.

"Hey, Gerard?"

"Yeah, Frank?" Gerard replied while scooping mashed potatoes onto his plate.

"Didn't your mom tape the show, already?" Gerard thought a moment.

"Oh, yeah, haw?" Mikey looked at his brother from across the table all the food was set on.

"Then why the hell have we been timing everything?" Mikey threw the serving spoon back into the gravy, covering it in the substance, possibly lost forever....or until they cleaned the bowl.

"'Cause watching a tape isn't the same as watching it on T.V. duh, Mikey! Think outside of the box!" Mikey sighed, his brother drove him out of his mind sometimes.

"I will never get you dude."

"No one said you had to," Gerard began cutting the chicken, taking off a little of the skin and eating it while he carved it onto his plate. People were now coming into the kitchen.

"Hey, where's Bob?" asked Ray.

"Torosaurus, where'd you come from? I swear you pop out of nowhere sometimes," Frank shook his head down at the food.

"So, how much time left till it comes back on?" Ray spoke once more.

"Uh, we got about a good ten seconds," Gerard said looking past Ray's expanding hair and at the kitchen clock.

"Cool," Frank said, holding his plate with one hand and his other hand in his pants pocket. Time froze for eight seconds, then they exited the room as fast as they entered it.

"It's on, it's on!" Frank jumped onto the couch, Mikey tried to get to the same couch, but Frank pushed him in mid-air, catching Mikey's plate full of food before it flipped over in the air. Mikey put his arms in front of his face just before he hit the floor and saving him from a possible concussion.

"Dude, you okay?" Frank giggled.

"You bastard!" Mikey laughed through his pain, clenching his sides and reaching for the mashed potatoes Frank had carefully placed on the coffee table.

"These potatoes are awesome!" Frank laughed, choking on his mashed potatoes just a little.

"Hey, guys, what part is it- Bob hurry up! Your part's almost on!" Gerard walked in with Charlotte and a plate of food.

"Comin'!" Bob yelled. He came in a moment later, Blaire at his side. She looked up at him again, her neck aching from having it move her head upward so frequently.

"What's he mean "your part"? I thought we were watching the making of some video..." Blaire's words faded away when she saw where Bob was looking at. The cameraman had gotten a close up of Bob playing his drums. It was five years ago, and he looked a little different since he had lost some weight and got a faux hawk over the years, but you could see in the face that it was definitely Bob Bryar.

"Uhh....Bob, is that you....on T.V.?" Bob's eyes skimmed the room, avoiding the eyes on the small woman beside him

"Yeah, I kinda thought you knew...." Bob bit his lip, hoping she would understand his fear of telling her he was in a band.

"So, you're in what's it called....My Chemical Romance?" Bob thought a moment. He really liked her. How would she react? She wasn't blowing up right then so, why not?

"Yeah, ummm, I am," Bob shut his eyes so tightly his brain was hurting.

"Oh....." Blaire looked back at the T.V., her face emotionless.

"Yeah," Bob said quietly, not knowing what he should do. "Ummm, you guys!" Bob said loud enough for his friends to hear and quiet enough so he wouldn't disturb those watching T.V. "I've gotta go, I gotta call my family and I kinda forgot to wrap a couple of presents and...." Bob waved his hands at the end of his sentence.

"Well did you wrap MY present?" Frank asked from the couch.

"Uhh....I don't know."

"Then get back home and check!" Frank flailed his hands around and accidentally hit Jamia in the head.

"Watch it baby!" she playfully smacked his arm. "Bob, please-" she turned around to persuade Bob, but it was too late. Bob had left.
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