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Bob the Dude

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This is a chapter about Bob and Blaire. Like I said they're gonna be a big part of the story now, the next chapeter'll be about them too, so just a heads up to those who are reading for Emma or Ch...

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Bob went outside once Frank accidentally hit Jamia in the head. He'd been doing that a lot lately, it was starting to worry him. As if they weren't accidents and Frank was abusing her. But Frank would never do that, they loved each other too much and that was something you couldn't fake. Lucky bastards, he loved his friends but he wished he had someone to love, like them....or at least Emma and Charlie. Great! Now he had Blaire in his mind. Did he really think she was "the one"? He had only known her what? TEN Minutes! So she was pretty? Bob had seen a lot of pretty girls all around the world, but all any of them ever wanted was "Bob the drummer" not "Bob the dude."

Bob absentmindedly started pacing the house's front porch. He didn't know when he'd actually leave, but in the mean time he'd have a smoke. Just as he lit his first cigarette, the front door behind him squeaked open. He didn't bother turning to see who it was, he didn't feel like talking with anyone for some reason.

"You okay, Bob?" a soft hand touch his shoulder. He didn't even have to turn around to tell who it was.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks," his lips widened and he looked down at the floor shyly.

Nothing but the sounds of the people inside and the ambiance around them, "You know she likes you, I can tell," she said.

"Thanks, but she's probably just faking it," Bob looked down at the floor again. "Just wants me 'cause of the band," he mumbled.

"Bob, if that was true don't you think she would be trying to get close to you. She likes you Bob, she really does like you. Is your confidence so low that you can't believe someone likes you?" she sounded so surprised. It wasn't anything big to Bob, that was how he was. He was big and strong but skittish, kind of like Mikey, in a way.

"You gotta trust her Bob, like how Gerard trusted me," Bob looked up from the ground. "There're people out there that really do love you Bob, whether you're in the band or not, you just gotta make the judgement for yourself. And you'll know when they're right, Gerard said he had a gut feeling with me and I believe him, hopefully you'll be the same way, Bob."

"Thanks, Char," Bob hugged Charlotte. "You're the best....just don't tell Jamia," they laughed a little and Charlotte lead Bob back into the house. Bob threw his cigarette on the floor and stamped it out before entering the house.

"Bob, you wrap my present that quickly?" Frank peeped his head over the top of the couch.

"Uh....." Bob forgot completely about his excuse. "Uh...I can do it later, you're not that important,"Nice Save Bob thought to himself.

"Well then you're not getting' shit from me tomorrow," Frank snapped his fingers and turned back to the T.V.

"That was creepy," Bob whispered down to Charlotte. They giggled some more, Bob felt so gay when he did that. It was like he was Michael Jackson.....or Frank. (LOL, joke)

"Bob?" someone asked from behind him. Blaire's gorgeous face greeted him when he turned around. "Can we talk, just for a minute," she looked like she was really desperate to talk to him, but not in a stalker way.

"Uh, yeah, you wanna go outside?" he quickly glanced at the door. She nodded and he opened the door to let her out first.

"And they say chivalry's dead," she remarked smartly.

"Huh, yeah that's just a myth. There's really some good guys out there, they're just being locked in cages by their women," he joked.

"Are you one of them?"wow this chick is straight forward, I kind of like that though.

"Uh, yeah. Haven't found the right girl for me yet," Bob looked down again. He always had to see a chiropractor after days like these.

"Listen, Bob," she gently touched his wrist, similarly to how Charlotte touched his shoulder earlier. "I'm sorry for that whole mood swing thing after you told me you're in a band. I don't want you to think I don't like you and that the only reason for that is because you're rich and famous, I think you're funny and sweet and cool and....." Blaire looked up at Bob he was completely dazed off in his own little world. She had just admitted she had feelings for him and he couldn't believe it. How could someone as beautiful as her like him, BOB?

"Are you okay?" Bob snapped his attention back to Blaire with a "huh?". "I'm sorry, if I'm being too forward or you don't trust me or whatever I'm just gonna....." Blaire made a move to walk down the porch steps but Bob spoke up.

"Wait," he could just barely hear the words he himself uttered. She turned around, her brown hair swayed in the cool air. "Please, stay. I like you too, it's just a little hard to believe, you're just soo...." Bob's head moved a little closer to Blaire's, unconsciously. "So pretty and charming and....." Bob's head moved slightly closer to Blaire's once more.

They looked each other in the eye, he saw every shade of color that circled her eye. He watched as the yellow, green, and brown in her eyes whirled around slowly but soon enough, he forgot all about it and everything else. Bob slowly closed in on her and though it felt like an eternity, their lips finally pressed together. Her lips felt so soft and refreshing, he had kissed a couple of girls but she felt so different than the others, there was something special about this kiss. If only he could pinpoint it. They pulled apart Bob winced at the squeal of the front door. Ray walked outside then walked right back in when he saw Bob hunched over Blaire.

"Sorry," He said quickly. All three of their faces were red as their cold noses.

"Do you want to go somewhere else? " Blaire giggled.

"It's Christmas Eve. Who's gonna be open today?" Bob thought a moment.

"Well, I got an idea, it's not exactly an ideal date, but I got a feeling you'll like it," she smiled.

"And why do you say that?" bob shrugged and laughed.

"I dunno, just a gut feeling I guess....yeah, that's it, a gut feeling."
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