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Was It Ryan Who Chokes In These Situations?

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Ryan meets Taylor.

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Ryan was a normal 20 year old kid, he was pretty shy, and had some close friends he hung out with. Oh who am I kidding? Ryan was far from normal ever since he turned twelve. He was an amazing guitar player, and his talents shown like the sun in the band he was in. You might have heard of them...Panic! At The Disco? Yes, they are quite famous now. Well. This story is about that boy I was just telling you about, Ryan, his band mates, Brendon, Spencer, and Jon, his friends, and Taylor. The girl who changed Ryan, and sugar coated the "not normal" and made him "perfect".

"COME ON RYAN! IM STARVAING" Screams Brendon, grabbing his coat.
"I need to do my make-up!" he hears a scream back, which is Ryan from inside the bathroom.

"We aren't doing a show, we're going to a stupid bar. Please hurry! Jon and Spencer are eating their limbs over here!" Brendon yells back.
" we aren't" pipes in Spencer.
"Just make it dramatic, so we can leave" Brendon whispers to Spencer.
"OH JON YOUR ARM IS SOOO GOOD!" Spencer screams. All three quietly chuckle. Ryan walks out into the living room to see all three men standing around. "Ryan, tonight's the night you face your fears and pick some one up." says Jon. "Why! Do I have too?" says Ryan, in a whiny voice. "Either that, or your stuck with Brendon forever." says Spencer. Brendon laughs. "oh god. Lets go." says Ryan, snatching his coat off the rack and opening the door.
They all get in the car, Brendon behind the wheel. "where to boys?" he says. "uh, how about Charlie's? Down the street. Not a lot of people will be there tonight, maybe we can eat in peace." says Ryan. "good thinking lover boy." replies Brendon.

At the bar, the boys walk in, and take a seat at a booth. Ryan isn't much of a drinker, he's had...bad experiences with alcohol and people who drink it. The other three order, and they ask Ryan's say in drinks. "uh, just a coke." he replies. "come on Ryan, live a little" says Jon. "I'm driving home, you guys can go crazy" he says. "aww thanks ry." says Brendon. They get there drinks, and the other three start talking while Ryan sort of spaces out.

On the other side of the bar, is Taylor. Her parents had just got in a fight, and she came to Charlie's to relax. She had straight dark brunette hair, and a side bang swept across her face. She was in skinny jeans, and a blue polo, collar popped. She wore pink and black checkered vans as well. She looked for a place to sit and be alone, as she walked to the other side of the bar. Then she saw them. Her favorite band, Panic! At The Disco, laughing and being well...normal people. She stopped and slyly stared out of the corner of her eye. Trying not to be seen.

Ryan was looking around the bar, checking his surroundings, when he spotted her. She was...stunning, he thought. He could slightly tell she had her eyes shifted towards him. He hit Brendon in the arm, still staring at the girl. He leaned in and whispered. "she's gorgeous." to him. Brendon smiled and turned to the boys. "hey, he found one. Now you have to talk to her." he said. "Allow me." said Jon. He stood up. "HEY YOU!" he said. The girl whipped around, and looked left and then right. "me?" she asked. "mhm, come here." he said. She was shaking. "sit down" Brendon added. She sat. "listen, our friend Ryan thinks your gorgeous." he said to her, she looked at Ryan, who was shyly looking down. "And he wanted to talk to you, right Ryan?" said Brendon. "mhm" he says, quietly. "sooo. Talk." says Spencer. "Uh, im Ryan..." he says, shaking her hand "Tu...Tu...Taylor." she replied. "So live here in Vegas?" he said. "yeah." she said with a smile. "I'm sorry if I'm about to ruin your night but I like your music, Ryan. All of you accually. But, I love the lyrics I mean" He heard her say. The boys beamed. "Ryan! You combed out a fan!" says Brendon. " like it?" Ryan asks. "very much actually. It gets me through a lot. My dad is...he isn't the ideal father. He has a slight drinking problem, and I always listen to you guys to calm me down." she says. A smile grows onto Ryan's face. "wow" he says. "mhm" she says.

"YOU GUYS ARE LIKE TWINS!" shouts Jon. Taylor laughs. Ryan just smiles at her and thinks "wow, she is...she is perfect. She totally understands me already. She likes what I write, because she can relate to it. Not because it's catchy" then he smiles again at her, and they talk for about an hour over drinks, soft drinks for Taylor and Ryan. "SO are we sparking anything?" asks Brendon. "Well I like Ryan already" Taylor says with a smile. "And I think Taylor is amazing." says Ryan, shyly. "I should be getting home, my father will kill me if I stay out to late." says Taylor. "wait, uh, can I have your number?" Ryan asks very shyly. "of course!" she says as she takes a napkin and writes her cell number on it. "here cutie" she says as she leans down and kisses him on the cheek. "Bye Taylor" the guys say "bye! It was so nice meeting all of you!" she says as she turns and waves. Soon she is gone. The boys are quiet. Ryan just sits there smiling. Then all of a sudden "YEAH RYAN!" screams Brendon "he's no longer a baby!" adds Jon. "SHES A HOTTY, TOO!" says Spencer. They celebrate Ryan's victory, and then go home. Ryan stars at the napkin almost all night. Exited out of his mind to call her.
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