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New Neighbors

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Taylor moves into her new house...and finds out she's got a pretty cool neighbor

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It was a Saturday morning, Taylor woke up, yet again next to Ryan, it had been the third night they had shared a bed, the third night nothing except kisses happened. She sighed, looking down at the clothes she had on yesterday. She wanted so badly to have Ryan, the way she knew he didn't want to rush into. She assumed he was a virgin, because any other guy would take advantage of a girl sleeping in his bed. Not Ryan though. She got up, Ryan still asleep, and looked at her self in the mirror in his bedroom.

"uh" she said, as she took out a stick of eyeliner in her pocket, and did her makeup, followed by brushing her hair with one of Ryan's brushes.

She looked in the mirror, and smiled. Then she walked out into the kitchen, and put some waffles in the toaster. Ryan was still out cold. She decided to wake him up while he slept. She got on the bed, and crawled to him, and collapsed on his sleeping body. "RYAN! WAKE UP SILLY BOY!!" she said. "huh what?!" he said, rising up. "hehe, silly boy." she said, as he smiled, and kissed her. Then he sniffed the air. "mm waffles?" he said. "chocolate chip." she said, smiling deviously.
"wow!" he said sarcastically, tickling her silly. She got up, and ran to the kitchen. "waffles are done!" she said. "hehe, give me one!" he said. "of course baby. See, I made two." she said. "oh good!" he says, they sit down at the table and eat their waffles, then Taylor gets up. "Ry, I should be getting home, I have to pack. I'll call you when I'm settled in, which should be tonight, so we can talk." she says. He smiles. "okay baby. See you later" he says, she pecks him on the lips and leaves. When she gets home, she opens the door. "Mom, Dad, I'm home!" she calls. "TAYLOR!! WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU LAST NIGHT?!!?!?!" she gulps and turns around. "Dad. I...I was out with Ryan." she says. "Whose this Ryan kid?" he says, looking mad. "he's...he's my boyfriend dad." she says. "Not on my watch he ain't! Whats he do for work!?" he says. "he's...he's in a famous band. Panic! At The Disco." she says, backing away. "Famous? Famous my ass. Probably some little wanna be rock star aye?" he says. "DAD! DON'T YOU SAY THAT! RYAN...RYAN IS THE BEST THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO ME!" she screams, the backs away, realizing what she's done. "YOU DON'T RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME MISS! GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER, AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" he screams. She burst into tears, and into her room. She takes her bags, and packs her last one, and looks around at her old room, once full of life, now nothing but the posters remained. She could feel the tears streaming down her face.

Why couldn't she be normal, have a loving family? These questions danced around in her head as she looked around at everything, all the posters on her walls, of panic, and fall out boy, and the academy is, paramore, the hush sound, and other bands. She wiped her tears, and stormed out of the house, not even bothering to say goodbye.

She put her things in her trunk, and sped off, hopefully to a new life. She got to her new house, it was quite big, for her first place. Across the street was a huge house, hopefully she'd have some nice neighbors, she thought. She slowly unpacked, she had brought her dressers, bed, and other big things over yesterday, with Ryan's truck. When she was done unpacking, and decorating, and such, she made her bed perfectly, and smiled. She felt relief. She could go anywhere now, not having to worry about her father. She collapsed on her bed, and was going to call Ryan, but fell asleep.

She awoke the next morning, and yawned, and stretched. She looked at the cell phone she had in her hand, "one missed call" flashed across the screen. She listened to the message. It was Ryan, wondering if she was ok, and needed help unpacking. She smiled, knowing that someone out there cared about her, then she made herself some coffee, and sat down. She decided it would be perfect if she had a newspaper, and since it was Sunday, she was bond to have one at the end of her drive way, so she put a bathrobe, and some slippers on and walked to the end of her drive way, and bent down to grab the rolled up paper. that's when she heard "TAYLOR!!!" she rose up quickly, dropping the newspaper. She looked over at the big house across the street and saw Brendon hanging out of one of the windows. She smiled and made shade for her eyes against the sun as she said. "BRENDON! DO YOU LIVE THERE?" he screamed back "YEAH!" then she saw him disappear, and soon pop out of the front door, with plaid pajama pants, and a wife beater, no shoes. He hobbled across the street and hugged Taylor. "We're neighbors!" he said, as he hugged her. "yes! I get someone to hang out with when im bored!" she said. "Yes! And we can rate movies all day!" he screamed, and jumped up and down. "Jeez! You look like you've just seen Brendon Urie or something."

Taylor joked. Brendon burst out laughing, "come on, I wanna show you my sweet crib!" he joked, taking her hand. "ok!" she said, forgetting her perfect morning, with coffee and the news. Brendon gave her a tour of the house, and then he popped in a movie, and they spent the afternoon watching it, and picking out the slightest details. Then they ordered pizza, and hung out all day. "I better go Bren. I have some things to do" she says. "ok, come over ANY time" he says. "bye bren!" she yells "bye bestiest friend ever!" he says.
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