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Make us it make us hip make us scene

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Ryan and Taylor become closer, so do Brendon and Taylor.

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The morning hit Ryan like a slap in the face, he opened his eyes, only to regret doing so after. He tightly shut them, and put his arms over his head as he rose up, yawning. He glanced at the clock, 9:45. Much to early to call Taylor. He supposed he'd call at 1:00ish, and invite her over, to hang out with the boys, maybe watch some movies. He waited around for nearly 3 hours, and then called up Taylor. "Hello?" he heard her pick up. "Hi Taylor. It's Ryan. From Panic! At The Disco," he said, feeling he needed to add the last part in. "oh! Hi Ryan! How are you?" she asks. "pretty good, hey you wanna come over to my place, and watch some movies with the boys?" he asks. "of course! Where do you live?" she says. Ryan gives her his address, and calls the boys. They head over, and sit around, waiting for Taylor.

Finally they hear a knock. Ryan gets up and answers it. "Hey Taylor" he says with a smile. She smiles and hugs him, "Hi Ryan" she says. She looks over him, and waves to the other boys, who, keeping their eyes on the TV, wave back. "so, what do you want to watch Taylor?" Ryan asks. "uh. What are my choices?" she says with a smile. "umm. Brendon! What did you bring?" yells Ryan. "Nightmare Before Christmas. We're either watching it, or I'm throwing a tantrum and storming out." he says, eyes still glued to the TV. "I love that movie!" she says, zipping down her clandestine hoodie to reveal a shirt with Jack and Sally on it.

"oh good. I like you." says Brendon. She laughs, and takes Ryan's hand. They sit on the couch, next to Brendon as Jon pops in the movie. They all watch it, as Brendon and Taylor comment through the whole thing, on everything. "Why don't you two just become critics?" says Spencer. "hehe, good idea Spence." says Brendon. When the movie ends, they sit around and talk about music, and shoes, odd hobbies and such. Then Taylor looks at her cell phone. "oh shit, I have to go look at this house im looking to rent. I'll call you later Ryan. Bye guys" she says, as she gets up, pecks Ryan on the lips, and leaves. "She's cooler than your girlfriend Spencer." says Brendon. Staring at the place Taylor once sat. "mhm" says Ryan, bringing his fingers to his lips.

The next day, Ryan decided he wanted to take Taylor out, alone. He called her up, they set the date, and he soon found himself at her doorstep, picking her up. "Hey Ryan!" she said as she quickly shut the door. "come on." she said, seeming rushed to leave. She gets in the car, followed by Ryan, looking back slightly at her house. It wasn't very big, and he could hear yelling coming from inside. It reminded him of his old life, with his alcoholic father, and shitty home.
"Taylor, you know. I grew up with a father who drank too." he said to her shyly. "yeah, I've heard." she says, looking out the window, obviously embarrassed by her father. "sucks, doesn't it" he says quietly. "mhm" she says. "I'm moving in my new place, of my own, Sunday" she adds. "that's great, you'll have to have me come cheek it out sometime." he says. "mhm" she replies.

They soon arrived at the restaurant. They order, and then as soon as the waitress leaves, Ryan puts his hands on his knees. "So! Taylor...oh god! I don't even know you're surname!" he panics. "oh, silly me, im Taylor Thomason." she says. "Ryan Ross" he says with a fake smile, shaking her hand. Taylor uses her other hand to cover her mouth as she laughed. "Ryan, you are such a funny kid, once you warm up to people" she says. "Yeah, I come off as a shy stuck up band geek to many people, so not many people get to know me. My only friends are the guys, fall out boy, and a few other people here and there" he says. "fa...fall out boy?" she says. "yeah, you listen to them?" he asked. "god yes." she says, "stick with me, and they'll be more than just the corny "therapist pumping through your speakers"" he said, doing the little quote on quote motion. Taylor laughed. "You know Ryan. I'm a lucky kid. Not everyone gets to be with Ryan Ross from panic at the disco everyday you know" she says. He laughs "yeah, not everyone wants to be with Ryan Ross from panic at the disco everyday. I'm to shy. To kept, they say." he says, smiling after. "Not from where I'm standing, or rather sitting" she says. Ryan beams. "I'm glad I met you, Taylor Thomason." he says. "And im glad I met you, Ryan Ross." she says.

Later that night, Taylor forgets about her father, and going home, and goes back to Ryan's. "So, here we are, my place again" he says. "show me around" she says. "alright, follow me." he says. He gives her a tour, ending in the bed room. She spins, and falls on the bed, snuggling with his pillow. "you like my bed?" says Ryan. "mhm" she says, burying her face in his pillow. He plops down next to her. "Do you like me?" he asks, hands on his chest. She looks up, and rolls over, imitating Ryan, and putting her hands on her chest. "Always have." she says, looking at the ceiling. "I like you." says Ryan. He rolls over, and finds himself on top of her, holding himself up with his arms. She puts her hands on his arms and says "kiss me like an over dramatic actor." he smiles at her, and kisses her, passionately. She kisses back, and then he pulls away and looks at her. She tilts her head, and smiles at him. "god your cute." he says, as he kisses her again. She spreads his lips apart with her tongue and within minutes, they are tongue tied. They make out all night, because frankly Ryan is one to take this slow, and Taylor wasn't too into making first moves. At about 3:00AM they went to sleep. She laid on his chest, and listened to his steady heart beat, which put her to sleep. He felt so great with her sleeping on his chest, like he had the world. He liked her. He liked her so much, it hurt.

I'm sorry you have to go through these...intro chapters before we get into any good drama. It'll be here soon my loves. REVEIWS WOULD MAKE ME LOVE YOU. Marry me? Xoxo.
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