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Let Us Sing Like The Doves

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Ryan goes to chicago to visit his mother...with brendon across the street, taylor is sure to have an eventful week

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Taylor goes home, and remembers Ryan. She still hadn't called him back, and it was 5:00PM! She picked up her cell phone, which flashed 7 missed calls. All from Ryan. She quickly called him back. "where have you been Taylor!?" he said. "im sorry, I've been so busy! Are you mad?" she says. "no, not at all. I was just worried" says Ryan. "Im fine" she says. "good" he says. They talk all night, and then Taylor goes to sleep in her new house, and feels amazing. In the morning she wakes up to the smell of eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast, she stretches, and walks out to the kitchen "oh, so your awake, silly" she hears a voice say, as she opens her eyes to see Brendon flipping eggs, the table set. "Brendon!" she says "if you haven't already noticed, im cooking you breakfast" he says. "oh really? I couldn't tell" says Taylor

Brendon laughed. "Has Ryan seen this place yet?" he says, setting down a plate for her, and one for himself. "uh, yeah, he helped me move my couch and bed and such here with his truck" she said. "And he didn't even notice that it was right across the street from my new house." he said. "uh Brendon! This is gonna be great! We are gonna hang out SO much!" says Taylor. "You bettcha!" says Brendon, taking a bite. "Call Ryan, theres extra" Brendon says, with a mouth full. "ok" says Taylor. She calls him, and he heads over, and when he walks through the door, he sees all the food. "Jeez Brendon, whats the occasion?" says Ryan. "welcome to the neighborhood kind of a thing" says Brendon. "OH YEAH! You live across the street, that totally slipped my mind" says Ryan as he fixes himself a plate. "yeah" says Brendon. "so Taylor, and Brendon. Hows about we do some shopping today?" says Ryan. "Can't I have an interview. When your serious rock stars like us, especially when you're the lead singer, those kinds of things happen" says Brendon. "Ok, Taylor? You in?" says Ryan. "uh huh" she says. "good." Ryan replies.

"I actually have to jet, ghetto myself up for that interview. I'll see you two cool cats later" says Brendon, putting his empty plate in the dishwasher, grabbing a piece of bacon, and heading out. "That was nice of him" says Ryan. "Yeah, he's my bestiest friend." says Taylor, "Ok, so get dressed, because we are hitting the mall" says Ryan. "Ok!" says Taylor. She gets dressed in a pink clandestine tang top, and a pair of skinny jeans, with black and white converse. "wow, you look, stunning" says Ryan. "thanks" says Taylor. He takes her hand and leads her out to his car "oh, and by the way, this is all on me, so pick out anything you want." says Ryan with a smile "aww Ryan!" says Taylor, as she raps her arms around him and kisses him. "ryan, can I tell you something?" says Taylor. "yep, go for it" he says. "I write, but I figured I'd never compare with your work, so I was always afraid to tell you." she says. "TAYLOR! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Your showing me everything as soon as we get back" he says. "oh...ok" she says, scratching her neck. "Taylor, im sure it's great. I don't really like a lot of the stuff I write myself" he says. "but your work amazing" she says. "no, not really. But I bet yours is" he says. She simply smiles, and pecks him on the lips. "ok, lets jet" says Ryan as he pulls out, and drives her to the mall.

When they get there, Ryan pulls out a pair of sunglasses, and pulls his hood over his head, "can you tell it's me?" he says "well, I can since I watched you put that on, but other than that, nope." says Taylor. "ok, good. I want this to be a me and you day, not a me, you and the fans day." he says, Taylor smiles. He gets out of the car, and takes her hand, and they walk in. "so where to?" says Ryan. "Well, my favorite store is Hot Topic" says Taylor. "Then we shall go there, and we shall spend a lot of money." he says. They walk in, and Taylor picks out a few band tees, some thermals, and three pairs of jeans, plus a pink stud belt, and some new flats. "is that it baby?" says Ryan. "mhm" she says. Ryan pays, buying himself a pair of jeans as well, and they're off. They go to other small stores, and Taylor has a blast. "Hey Taylor, uh. I have to go get something quick, would you mind going off on your own for a while, here's some money. I'll call you when I'm done" he says. "sure, I'll see you later" she says, as she walks off, and looks through some more stores.

Suddenly she hears her "camisado" ring tone go off "Ryan?" she says "yeah baby, meet me at the food court" he says. "ok" she says, and closes her phone. She makes her way there, and sees him standing near a pretzel stand. "Ryan!" she says, running to him. "I got you something" he says. "really? You didn't have too!" he says. "Yeah, but I wanted too" he says. He pulls out a long box from a bag. She opens it and finds herself looking down at a gorgeous necklace, with a heart pendent, lined with 100 diamonds. "Ryan! This is too much!" she says. "no, its just enough" he says, kissing her. "do you like it?" he says. "like it? Why, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, let alone owned." she said, as he put it on her. He faced her. "it looks like it was made to dangle from your neck" he says. "oh Ryan." she says, wrapping him in a hug, and kissing him. "come on, lets get outa here" he says, taking her hand. "ok" she says.

He drops her off at home, leaving her with a small make out session, a trip to her room, a reading of her work, a Ryan in disbelief at how amazing everything she's written is, and a goodbye. She goes into her room, and looks at the clock. Only 3:00. She decides to take a trip to Brendon's. She knocks on the door. And soon Bren opens the door. "TAYTAY!" he says, in a five year old's voice. "BRENBREN!" she says back. "Come in Taylor" he says. They end up watching a stupid love movie, which Brendon and Taylor pick apart. Then at about 9:00 she goes home.

In the morning, Ryan calls her. "Hey baby" he says. "Hi" says Taylor. "Listen, I have to go to Chicago to visit my mom, can you handle yourself for a week without me?" he says, "mhm, I'll hang with Brendon" she says "ok baby. Well I have to catch this plane. Bye" he says "bye!" she says. Then she closes her phone. And collapses on her bed. Tired. She sleeps till 10:00am then she gets up, gets dressed, and goes to Brendon's. He comes to the door "hey bestie" he says, she steps in.

"Ryan's gone for a whole week. We're going to crush every movie you own" she says, sitting on the couch. "ok, I'll make some popcorn, and pop in a scary movie." he says. She sits on the couch, studying the place. Then he comes in with a bowl, and pops in the movie. He sits next to her, and puts the popcorn on his lap. "so, am I gonna be freaked out?" says Taylor. "Yep" says Brendon. She took a hand full of popcorn, and watched, as a man tore a girls arm off, the girl was very much alive, and Taylor almost puked. "ew, I hate this shit" says Taylor. "Would it made you feel better if I did this?" he said, putting his arm around her. "Yes." she said, as she dug her face into his armpit, which smelled nice, like expensive deodorant.
It's just cuddling, not anything big
She thinks as Ryan comes to mind.
20 minutes later, his tongue is half way down her throat, they knock the popcorn to the floor, as they thrash about, making out vividly. She thinks about how nice it feels to be doing this with Brendon, instead of taking it so slowly with Ryan. He takes a breath, as he rips off his shirt, and then goes back to making out with her, digging around her mouth with his tongue. Ryan doesn't even come to mind, as she rips her shirt off, and they roll off the couch, onto the floor. He puts his hands around her waist, and feels up, stopping at her bra, which he quickly unclips, and whips across the room. He rolls over, now on top of her, and takes his pants off, as she slides out of hers. He runs his hands down her waist and slips her panties off, and soon his boxers hit the wall as well, and he slides himself into her. They go at it for about 3 hours. Yeah, you heard me, I said 3 HOURS. They fall asleep on the floor, and finally Taylor wakes up, in Brendon's bed, next to him. "uhh. How did we get here?" she says, sleepily. "uh, I moved you when I realized how uncomfortable the floor was." he said, rising at the sound of her voice. "Taylor. I like you." he says. "I like you too Bren." she says. "BUT I would never steal you from my best friend. Therefore, we shall never speak of this. Got it punk?" he says with a smile. "got it. But Brendon?" she says. "yes m'dear?" he says. "wanna have sex again?" she says. "okay." says Brendon, his lips come crashing down on hers.

Do not fear my lovers, this is NOT the end of the drama. Fo' Sho.

Okay remind me never to do that, ever. Haha.
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