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It's Time For Us To Take A Chance

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guess who comes to visit????

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The week passes, and Taylor is home, waiting for Ryan to return. She had been thinking back to the past week, and how she had done Brendon 5 times. "im such a slut" she told herself. She promised herself to try to avoid temptations with Brendon. Suddenly Ryan burst threw the door "RYAN!" Taylor screamed as she jumped into his arms, kissing him passionately. "I have a surprise for you" he says, "what!?" she says. "I brought some people home from Chicago." he said, as he opened the door, revealing the surprise. "Oh. My. God." exclaims Taylor in a quiet voice.

"Taylor, this is Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Joe" says Ryan "Good to meet you Taylor" says Pete, walking in, and plopping down on the couch. "mhm" says Taylor. Pete looks around. "nice place" he says, as the other boys join Pete on the couch. Ryan and Taylor sit on the other couch, and they talk for hours. Then theres a knock on the door. "I'll get it." Taylor says, as she jumps up and walks into the next room. She opens the door, and feels Brendon's lips crash down on hers "Bren! Ryan and fall out boy are here!" she says, in a whisper. "oh...yeahh...Ryan came back today. Well, I love my fall out boys, so Im hanging out with you guys." he says. "Brendon's Here!" says Taylor. "Oh, when did you get here Urie" says Pete, getting up and hugging him. "nice to see you Wentz. I sort of live across the street." he says. "OH! So did you two party while Ryan was gone" joked Pete. Brendon scratched the back of his neck. "well...we hung out, if that's what you mean" he says. Pete can tell that something is wrong with him.

They talk and hang out. Pete, observing Taylor and Brendon the whole time. They acted...close. Too close, he thought. "Hey whose up for a game of "I never?" says Joe. Pete thought this was the perfect chance to get information out of Brendon & Taylor. "I'm first!" screamed Joe. "I never...puked in public" he said. Patrick took a drink. "Hehe, I remember that" laughs Andy. "Ok, my turn" says Patrick as he thinks. "I've never taken naked pictures of myself." he said, with a laugh. Everyone's eyes shifted to Pete. He took a drink.

"Ok, I've never slept with my best friend's girlfriend while he was gone." says Pete, looking at Brendon. "I...I have to go to the bathroom" Brendon announces. "mhm" says Pete, looking around for reactions. Nothing. Everyone was oblivious, Ryan laughed. "Pete, ask another question" he said. "actually I have to go to the bathroom" Pete says. "ok" says Taylor, knowing something's up. Pete gets up, and walks to the bathroom, and waits by the door as Brendon walks out. He sees Pete and shrieks. "Listen Bren. We need to talk, lets go upstairs." says Pete. "ok" says Brendon.

They get upstairs, and sit on Taylor's bed. "Ok, listen, im not stupid like Ryan is. What is going on with you and Taylor?" he says. "Pete. I can't tell you." he says, looking down. "Listen. I'll understand if anything happened, you guys we're probably drunk, and it was pure temptation." he says. "Pete, if I tell you. Will you tell Ryan?" he says. "no, I promise. Im cool remember?" says Pete. "ok. I slept with her, and I like her. But I realized something today." he says. "whats that?" says Pete. "I...I like Taylor...but..." he says looking down. "but what?" says pete. "I'm ashamed...I don't want you to think differently of me if I tell you Pete." he says. "I won't" says Pete. "Ok...I might have....slightly fallen in love with..." he starts. "Taylor?" says Pete. "No...Ryan."
Hehe, sorry it's so short. Next one will be super long, with super drama, promise. Now, whose going to send me skittles? Because I'm craving them. Oh, and every time you don't review, ryan ross throws up. Which is very sad =[ so review.
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