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A litle problem

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Somethings wrong with Delilah will Julius be able to help her. One-shot, maybe a sesquel coming.

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Delilah's POV

I was staring at myself in the mirror after a particularlly mean comment from Ursula 'god your so ugly, your fat and you have no sence of style! No wonder you don't have a boyfriend' her words kept going over and over in my head. I decided right there and then I would start going on a diet.

1 week later

I was doing really well on my diet I hadn't eaten more then an apple a day, so far, although Julius was getting suspisious. I was in my room working out, when Julius came in, he sat on my bed and I continued to work out. I was doing push ups when I started to feel really light headed.

Julius POV

I was watching Delilah workout trying to figure out why she had been so wierd latley. I noticed she was panting alot and that she was looking a little thin. I was about to speak when she fel down and stopped moving, I quickly ran over

"de?de?" I started shaking her, when she didn't wake up I panicked and ran out and got Al. She was atken to the hospital wing.

I waited outside the hospital room, for hours, until Al came out. I raced up to him.

"Is she okay? can I see her?" I asked in a panick

"It's okay man, and yes you can" he said

"before I go what is wrong with her?" I asked

"she's annorxic, she hasn't eaten in over a week and she passed out because of lack of energy. She poushed herself to hard when she worked out and didn't eat" he said.

I raced out and into Delilah's room. I entered and there she was pale as a ghost and fast asleep. I walked over and took her hand, when I did she woke up.

"hey" she said smiling weakly

"hey" I said

"what happened?" she asked

"Delilah I need to know why you were dieting" I said

"well umm... Ursula said that I was fat and..." she started

"URSULA did this to you!" i said

"no she just started it" she said and started cying. I hugged her

"it's okay de" I said comforting her

"I'm so sorry Julius I just thought that I might get a guys attention if I looked pretty" She said

" Delilah you didn't need to do that to get a guys attention, your beautiful already" I said

"no I'm not,no guys like me" she said

"Yes they do" I said

"who likes me?" she asked curiously

"well I do" I said scratching the back of my neck.

"oh thank you Julius" she said hugging me

"no de I don't just like you I love you" I said

" I love you too Julius" She said and we leaned in until our lips met.


P.S. Delilah did get better and they hooked up, I might do a sequel.
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